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Welcome to Ba Sing Se, we are so lucky to have the walls to keep order.

I am Joo Dee and I welcome you to this roleplay and erotic roleplay server.

Here you can play 6 years before the avatar is found. General Iroh prepares his armies in the west, but that is okay because there is no war in Ba Sing Se

Play as a refugee, citizen, dai li agent, or even a fire nation spy

Enjoy a small close knit slice or life story mixed with espionage and drama with a bit of spice of erp

Be careful though as a run in with the Dai Li may leave you like me.

I'm Joo Dee and I'd love for you to join me in Lake Laogai

16+ Server with 18+ NSFW content
Oconia, the world with endless mysteries; with endless mysteries come endless possibilities. Come join this epic, fantasy-adventure RPG and fully explore Oconia with everything it has to offer. You may find out that there are some secrets better left uncovered...
> - What we offer:
> - In-depth lore for a more immersive experience
> - Soft character creation system that allows for creative freedom
> - Stat and XP progression through quests for your character to level up
> - Bot controlled currency system for a more immersive and realistic experience
> - Diverse country themes
> - Multiple background plots at a time to keep the story engaging and interesting
> - Hidden parts of the world you may uncover that weren't previously there...
> Delve into the unknown in the world of Oconia.
Sigil, the City of Doors is a Living World discord server set in Sigil, the hub of the multiverse!
Here you can go where ever you desire. We are mainly a play by chat server; meaning quest sessions are held over the space of a couple of hours.

With us, you will find:
- A bustling hub of Text RP channels.
- A place to buy and sell items,
- A place in which you can craft more exotic items and reskin others.
- A hunting ground, to practice and test your skills against beasts.
- An Arena to compete with other characters.

We like to think we are a living world server, a growing economy with coin transactions, We even have a home market coming soon.
That being said, feel free to join the server if this sounds like something interesting! we look forward to meeting you!
Dearest Student, We are everso pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

❤️ Tight-knit community with lots of love!
💗 Writers of all skill levels welcome from semi-literate to novel style!
🧡 120+ channels just for roleplay!
💛 Active, helpful, and experienced staff!
💚 Custom roles for pings so no @everyone spam!
💙 24/7 activity in RP and out of character!
💜 LGBT inclusive and supportive! (this server is the gay agenda)

Cast a fiery wall in charms class, read crystal balls in Divination, roam the forbidden forest, or repot some mandrakes in the greenhouse. The choice is yours!

**NEW!** Tri-wizarding tournament incoming!
**NEW!** Harvest festival ball and fest incoming!
Come join our server for raids, trades, battles, legit shiny pokemon giveaways, meet new friends, get access to shiny raids, and more!
We are a new custom RSPS with loooooads of content and a friendly community :) Hope you stop by to check us out and have a good time!
Best Described as a Modern Mythpunk or Supernatural Slice-of-Life, LoreFolk is a modern 18+ RP centered around the lives of American cryptids, fearsome critters, supernatural creatures, gifted humans, and other folk who stumble into the liminal city of Lore.

LoreFolk has no word count or species restrictions. We encourage plotting, collaboration, and creativity.

We are a small community of experienced players and we are excited to welcome you to Lore
Game Development | Creative Story Writing | World Building | Artistic Collaboration

Official Discord Server for Blued Umbrella Games.

Blued Umbrella Games is mainly a collaboration group that creates games and non-game Visual Novels. Projects worked on are under the principle of creating a DEMO, a demonstration of applied skills of the collaborators.
Has an Epic-Rpg game and takes suggestions from members. There will be new bots in the future and new games to play. Also, there are giveaways almost everyday. People who join will always be welcomed. Thank you!
A spin on the popular Doctor Who, where you are enabled to create your own Time Lord or companion. Unique lore and stories will make this a very interesting roleplay to partake in.
People of All ages can join.
Bienvenue à Poudlard !

1999. La bataille de Poudlard a pris fin, le camp de Harry Potter est vainqueur mais Lord Voldemort n'est toujours pas anéanti. Il a battu en retraite disparaissant, laissant sa vie fragile. Le Seigneur des Ténèbres emporta quelques fidèles acolytes tels que Bellatrix Lestrange, Antonin Dolohov, Narcissa Malefoy, et Lucius Malefoy ; Drago Malefoy étant revenu du bon côté, reniant sa famille. Poudlard est de nouveau là, réparé grâce à la puissante sorcellerie qui habite les lieux.

Des mesures de sécurité sont prises, les élèves sont désormais formés pour la défense et le combat car le Maître des Mangemorts pourrait revenir à tout moment. C'est pourquoi une nouvelle année est instaurée à l'école. L'année de perfectionnement, autrement appelée "dernière" année. Elle certifie qu'un sorcier est assez puissant pour se débrouiller seule
Vous voilà immerger dans le monde des sorciers, qui représentez vous ? Le ministère ? Un professeur ? Un mangemort ? Un élève ?
Hello This is OSRP Police/Fire/EMS departments discord: This is the discord for all the departments at OSRP. TO Join OSRP Please Visit our main discord https://discord.gg/GA29sGq
🌓Looking for more members!🌗

🌒Once ago, Blackclan and Leafclan destroyed Dark forest,
it no longer existed.🌘

|| After that moon a twoleg politican pandemic started. ||
|| Humans left the land and only cats remain. ||
|| Leafclan soonly died because there were no owners. ||
|| The city died and rascals took over the place from the lost-city. ||

// Can Blackclan convice them to join? //
// Or will they defeat the only clan? //
// May Starclan decide their fate. //

-Chat! 🗨💬
-Create art! ✏🗞📷
-Get help and help eachother!✔✔
-Partnership open!😊😊

🌒Things not much server has🌘

-As soon we get enough members, there will be **mod slots** open!
**-Create your own Rascal or Scavenger group!**
**-City like places!**
** -Create outsider!**
-3 character slots!
**-Map, rarity genetics, prey rarity!**
Vampire eyes sold here.

When you think of a unicorn, you often think about their majestic, elegant manes or their stunning horns. Few would think to crush up their bones and snort them to get high. Similarly, you wouldn’t think that fairies would be a delicacy in some countries, giving the consumer a temporary boost to their mood and luck. Or that’s what they tell you at the Market. All of these creatures can’t feel pain, they’re just monsters. “Vampires drink our blood, so what’s wrong with eating their eyes to get night vision?”. Fantasy creatures, otherwise known as unusual, are hunted down and sold for their unique abilities in the prospect that you gain a temporary sort of godly ability. To stop the sudden massacre of mythical creatures, the governments joined together (most of them at least) creating the U.M.S.A or the Unusual/Mythical Safety Act.

┈ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ┈

Welcome to Back Alley Magic, a Roleplay based around the idea of destroying your childhood interpretations of the world with magical creatures!
➳ We have fun lore and easy reading journals.
➳ A small open friendly community
➳ You can be just about anything you want/ yes literally anything.
➳ A unique roleplay experience.
➳ Choose your own roles.
➳ Custom quests made for the rp available.

Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ

La légende dit que l'univers que nous connaissons fût créé à partir d'un œuf de dragon. Quand cet œuf eu éclos, deux dragons en sorti. L'un tout de noir se nommait Oros et détenait le pouvoir de la destruction. Il offrit son corps comme sacrifice pour son ultime dessin, l'espace, cet endroit où rien ne vie, où le temps n'existe et que personne ne peut voir, sentir ou toucher. L'autre tout de blanc se nommait Soro, il possédait quand à lui le pouvoir de la création. Il offrit donc son corps comme sacrifice et créa la vie. Quand il explosa chaque particules de son corps formèrent les étoiles, certaines petites et d'autres grandes, certaines brûlantes et d'autres congelées, certaines pouvant abriter la vie et d'autres désertiques.

La légende dit aussi que chacune des écailles de Soro étaient de petites runes, et qu'au moment ou il explosa chacune d'elles s'éparpillèrent dans l'immensité de l'univers.

Notre terre fût nommé Draco-Rune en l'honneur de Soro, car elle dispose de 3 des écailles de ce dragon Ancestral, et ce que nous pouvons voir briller dans le ciel de nuit, n'est rien d'autres que les milliers d'écailles de celui ci...
■ Welcome to PMD: Eterna Forest! ■

In a world inhabited only by Pokémon, the island of Eterna has slowly been populated through the years. Near the southern coast, Anville Town stands proud as the island's link with the rest of the world. A feeble one, yes, but a link nevertheless - an explorer from overseas has taken charge of Anville's Explorer Guild.
With it, their new task is to reconnect the island. However, something else looms within...

It started with an odd storm in the desert one night. As mon turned against mon, an ancient, unknown chaos was touched...

We are a Pokémon role-playing server!
We have a very friendly staff team and many areas to role-play in, as well as an easy to understand template for those who are new and want to make a character.

Open to the public, our tight-knit community will make you feel right at home! Have fun with our many bots!

Don't miss out on this amazing tale of friendship, intrigue, beauty and suspense!
In the beginning, the nine circles of damnation were ruled by the all powerful Demon King. However the Demons and all other races went against the powerful tyrant, they overthrew the Demon King. Now, Hell is in a new era. An era of change and development. Will you be a Demon experiencing this time of change and conflict, or will you be some poor lost soul who ended up in this world filled with horror? Welcome to Hell.

-Fantasy RP Server
-Medieval Era
-A ton of races
-Active 24/7
-Active Staff

Dans cette contrée baignée par les vagues, le temps ne s’arrête jamais. Séparée en deux grandes parties, l’une récoltant des siècles de décennies et les restes de nombreuses civilisations, l’autre en voie vers l’avenir et centre de prouesses technologiques et sociales, la région est un centre technologique et culturel mondial. La ligue de cette région est l’une des plus prisée des jeunes dresseurs car cette dernière est réputée pour être longue et complexe. Rare sont ceux qui ont réussit à se faire une place dans le panthéon de la Ligue de Médatéré. Nombreux sont ceux qui ont abandonné ce rêve depuis bien longtemps.

Il vous en faudra de la détermination, de la force et du courage pour parvenir au bout de cette épopée. De la hauteur de Dynamiville au profondeurs de Nyxoir, du froid intense de Frimacombe au chaleurs ardentes de Pyroscence, du calme d’Illusiâme à la violence de Bourg-Féroce, la route sera longue et semée d’embûches. Mais un tel voyage est formateur, et mérite d’être vécu. Qui n’a jamais désiré partir sur les routes inconnues pour rencontrer les étrangers ayant le même objectif que vous afin d’en faire les meilleurs de vos amis ? Parmi les 27 villes de la région, vous trouverez sûrement votre bonheur.

D’autres problèmes règnent dans la région. Outre la Ligue, la région est menacée par ses propres leaders. Les deux maîtres s’opposent pour des conflits idéologiques, laissant Médatéré en situation de nage politique. La révolte gronde, il faudra choisir l’un des camps. Et puis, il faut également découvrir les intentions d’une nouvelle brigade clandestine, nommée Team Dagger, dont les objectifs restent obscurs. Et aucun des légendaires ne se manifeste pour rétablir l’ordre en ce monde où le combat règne. Alors ? Participerez-vous au rétablissement de la Région et ferez-vous une place au sein du panthéon le plus prestigieux de ce monde ?

Voici quelques autres points pouvant vous intéresser :

>>> Légendaires Exclusifs : Les légendaires de la région sont totalement inventés et exclusif à cette région.
>>> Grand nombres de lieux : Notre Rp contient 37 lieux différents, dont 27 villes et 18 arènes différentes.
>>> Développement : Nous cherchons toujours créer des personnages intéressants d’un point de vue mental même si l’univers peut paraître enfantin. Les actions seront également décrites de façon correct afin de ne pas bloquer le roleplay.
>>> Events : Les events essayeront d’être régulier et intéressants.
>>> Ecoute : Le Staff sera toujours disponible pour les questions et les suggestions des Rôlistes et sera le plus sympathique possible afin de rendre votre expérience de RP agréable.
This is the New Gwyn Discord RP server. We form a small yet dedicated community in our fantasy-medieval rp. With custom lore, custom kingdoms and the ability to fully engage with the world, there sure is a place for you!

We offer:
- An intriguing and in-depth player-built world,
- Serverwide story-driven rp events,
- Opportunities for people to join the fun almost immediately,
- Meticulously crafted lore,
- Medieval Fantasy elements in DnD style
- Freedom to do whatever you want without too many rules to bog your creative spirit down
- Smaller, but very much active community with bidaily posts at least
- The possibility of more open Staff positions if the server grows enough

Everyone is welcome. Join now, and create your own story!
A fun Hogwarts RP server with a friendly community.

🔮Fun roles, and you can even make your own custom role, that everyone can have and enjoy🔮
🔮Lots of RP channels and people to RP with🔮
🔮Fun bots to play with🔮
🔮Family friendly community🔮
🔮A bunch of people who have read and enjoy Harry Potter🔮
This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition one-shot server.
This city is a hot spot for adventurers. Other cities and places send quest notices here to hire brave people to help them out. Jobs as simple as bodyguarding someone and as difficult as saving entire worlds from destruction! We hope you enjoy your stay and find whatever you seek.

- Create your character from official sources, UA, and homebrew.
- Roleplay with other characters in the server.
- Become an adventurer and level up as join different quests.
- Build your own guild and buy your own settlements.
- Enjoy a well known setting from the game and revisit famous cities.
- Unlimited character slots.
- We welcome new players and veterans alike.
- Join quests in any format: Roll20, voice chat, text.
- We are looking forward to make new partnerships.

We are looking for more active DMs! DMs get benefits like XP for their character when they run a quest.

Disclaimer: This server may contain adult themes at times. By joining, you are acknowledging that you may run into said themes and are mature enough to handle them.
Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! 🥢✨
Vous n'avez toujours pas reçu votre lettre d'admission à Poudlard alors lisez ce qui suit ! 😍

Je vous présente mon serveur Discord axé sur l'univers d'Harry Potter, que vous soyez un(e) très grand(e) fan ou juste un connaisseur je vous conseille vraiment de venir, le serveur a pour but de reprendre l'univers de Poudlard dans sa conception, vous serez bien guidés avec notre personnel de l'école, faites gagner votre maison par le biais de votre activité et de vos bonnes réponses aux événements organisés par notre personnel scolaire !
Des événements en tous genres seront proposés quiz, blind-tests, jeux, etc.
Nous voulons un serveur actif et attractif pour chacun, donc tous les évènements ne seront pas forcément sur Harry Potter.
Si vous arrivez à faire gagner votre maison vous posséderez un rôle spécial.
Si vous arrivez à être celui avec le plus de points vous vous verrez offrir d'un mois de Discord Nitro, alors n'hésitez pas à venir et à vous battre pour votre maison !
Une catégorie RP vous sera proposée pour ceux qui veulent s'immerger dans un personnage !

Alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez-nous ! 🔥