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Begin log… Introduction…


Welcome to our introduction and thank you for joining us at Site Zulu-9!


Secure. Contain. Protect. That's what we're tasked with. We are humanity's shield, serving to protect from the unknown. We work in the dark, to protect the light. We research daily and learn more about these strange anomalies. Our goal is to prevent a global apocalypse, that's why we do this. For the world. For your family. For you.

We are new SCP Foundation Roleplaying server, and we welcome anyone to join. We are in need of role players mainly as our members are limited to what they can do as of now. We are aiming to be a great community for many people to come, and possibly transfer our server onto a game for the real hard core RP’ers. This is our grand opening and hope to see this server grow and expand as much as we can thank you and we hope to see you there!


Here at roleplay Fantasy we accept anyone type roleplay we hope that you have fun and enjoy. And use your imagination.
We are a clop focused roleplay and erotic roleplay server that welcomes anyone who wants to join and have some fun!
We are a server that is open world, there are several kingdoms to join, as well as numerous species, can’t find a species you like? Talk to an admin and we may just accept it! Come role play with us in this upcoming server!
Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Legends!
Duel Academy has always been home to many wonderful and top tier duelists. It however was also home to some of the most historical events in duel monsters history namely a group of Shadow Riders who had tried to raise the Sacred Beasts and a fued between duelist and duel monster which nearly destroyed the school completely. It also is home to some of the best duelists such as Jaden Yuki and Zane Truesdale who had once both stood in the spotlight of their own stages. However all of that had past a long time ago and new duelists started signing up to the school from all over the world. With the new development of summoning methods such as Pendulum, Synchro and Xyz summoning, Duel Academy had started to bloom into a much brighter school as their new Principle, Aion Sheppard, the son of the previous owner of duel academy Chancellor Sheppard, now followed in his fathers footsteps and brought Duel Academy back from the ashes of his history.

The school successfully started to teach students the ways of playing Synchros, Xyz, and Fusion, along with the powerful force of Pendulum Summoning. By mixing these four techniques, they would be able to teach the students the important aspects of Dueling, and to inspire them to strive for greater goals with the Pro League Championships, which are yield every year to determine who the next King of Games would be. The new release of the vrains system introduces another important aspect to the world of Yu- Gi- Oh Hidden Legends signaling the birth of link monsters and a new virtual world for people to enjoy.

About server:
- Our server primarily plays on the Mr3 rule
- The release of link vrains introduces the Mr5 rule of playing with link monsters
-You can choose which rule you want to play
- The admins/mods are friendly and love to help their player base.
- We work of the TCG/OCG banlist however we make some alterations and exceptions to help with balancing.
- The server is active and always accepts opinions to improve
- The deck balancing is also done fairly and with good reason.
- The staff assist member with deck building as needed
-An exciting community
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚❀ ⋆。˚❃
┊ ┊ ┊ ✿
┊ ┊ ❁⋆ *Welcome To Hybrid Village!*
┊ ๑ ┊ *Come And Join Us!*
✾ ⋆ ┊. ˚.
*The hybrids used to be capture and enslaved by humans who wanted them for their selfish greeds. The Royals recued most of the hybrids and other species from humans.
Still, hybrids are still getting rescued to this day. They can finally live their normal lives.... Or does the darkside gets in the way..?*
・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・・・・・★・・・・★ ・・・・
*- 30+ RP channels!
- Cat themed roles!
-Caring Moggys! (Staff)
- Partnership!
- SFW friendly!
- 3rd Person view RP!
- We respect all types of RP: one-liner, semi-literature, and literature!*
Invite Link: https://discord.gg/kheHtvt
Banner: https://tenor.com/view/neko-gif-8296172
Enjoy a Rp based on Erin Hunters Warriors! We have admin spots open too! We have 4 clans not including StarClan or the darkforest. MoonClan, TroutClan, DoveClan, and MossClan! Which one will you choose? High ranks are open to anyone who joins! We accept LGBTQ+ characters and people! Though this is not a fictional rp. We are currently working on the lore, plot, and a prophecy. Prophecy cats are open and if you would like to help come up with the lore, plot, and a prophecy don’t be afraid to DM the owner!
Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need!

We are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other arbitrary category. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other type of discrimination have no place on our server.

Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Volunteer Counselors
➺LGBTQ+ inclusion
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺2,000+ members
➺Level 2 Nitro Boost and 150+ custom emotes
➺Love and support!
We are a new group that has came from kik do to the shut down. We are looking for new and active members to join our community. It is a new chat and we are learning how to use discord so we will improving and changing the group as time goes on. All futas and females that are looking for a home to have fun and relax are welcome.
We are Anime Palace,This server has no such thing as "rules".Isn't it the perfect place to enjoy? Come join us and have fun! Also Its not fully anime based, most of the things are off-topic.
OK so this is a Miraculous Ladybug roleplay server. But there's a twist! You know how the Guardians' temple burned down and only one miracle box was saved? In this universe, it was a different box that was saved, where the two main miraculouses are Darkness and Light, instead of Creation and Destruction. so ye!
~A_Human, Owner
Salut mon pote ! Alors voilà, le Crew Crème c'est un peu comme une belle et grande famille, on parle, on rigole, bref c'est vraiment super sympa :3

On a des supers modo qui sont trop gentils (surtout moi) et qui sont très à l'écoute (enfin, la plupart du temps), des fois ils insultent des mères mais ce n'est que de l'amour <3.

On parle de jeux vidéos, mais aussi de pop culture, on se raconte des anecdotes cocasses et pleins d'autres trucs sympa et on a même un channel nsfw pour les petits filous ;).

En plus on a un bot rien qu'à nous qui fait des blagues ! Que demander de plus ?

Bref on t'attends, viens on est bien...
Olá vc que curte Roleplay, Jogar com amigos , e Logico sem frescura pra zuera HAHAHHA esse é o lugar para vc SEU FILHO DA PUTA!!! seja bem vindo, Só vai com calma com Gore!
Chuuuttt... Ne fais pas trop de bruit on est dans une salle de cinéma quand même. Allez installes toi que je t'explique comment ça se passe. Bon je te pose le pavé, ici tu peux parler d'audiovisuel (photos / vidéos / son) fin tout ce qui touche à l'audiovisuel donc, que tu sois un professionnel dans la matière ou bien un néophyte tu peux tout à fait rejoindre notre salle de cinéma. Ils nous arrivent de regarder des films en Streaming tous ensemble ou bien de participer aux événements proposer ici tu peux également aller faire tes streams avec des salles proposées juste à côté, proposer des débats sur "argentique vs numérique" si ça te plait et tu peux même parler de matériel avec nous. Viens tous nous partager, vidéos, photos, films, ton YouTube, ton Twitch... enfin si tu veux découvrir notre communauté tu peux cliquer sur "nous rejoindre" en bas. On se fera un plaisir de t’accueillir. Sur ce ne fait pas trop de bruit le film n'est pas finit.

PS : ce n'est pas un serveur pour partager du contenu de jeux-vidéos types gameplay, compilation best-of etc...
Dating server for Teenager this is the best dating servers
-Active Chats
-Active Voice Lounges
-Active & Friendly Staff
A Witch Hole is, obviously, a hole for witches to discuss and learn different practices. We offer classes, fun duels, a bunch of drunk witches and much more!

We have some rude bots to cater to your needs, Magick currency, plenty of chat hubs, different server exclusive emotes and a fat load of crickets!

Basically, we are a bunch of witches that kinda just gather. Chill. Vibe.

Blessed be.
🤗 Bonjour a tous ! 🤗

📋) Renseignements Serveur :
[Nom :](Utopie)
[Créateur :](PatmanIG#7936)
[Catégorie :](divertissement)
[Date de Création :](28/09/2018)
[Objectif :](200 membres)

🚸) Présentation :
🚧→ Dès votre arrivé ! vous devez effectuer une "demande de Vérification" pour pouvoir accéder au serveur.
☎️→ Si vraiment vous y arrivez pas vous pouvez contacter le "Support"
🎮→ Accès a des channels : Des salons partages, publicités, débats et encore pleins d'autre !
🗿→ Un système de bot unique et disponible que sur ce serveur !
》 Annonce des Actualités IRL / Horoscope
🎲→ Pleins de Jeux/Animations :
》 Animation BalanceTonOpinion avec PatmanIG
- Nous débattons sur tout type de sujet (IRL, IG, ...) Donner son avis par rapport aux sujets choisit tout en restant respectueux,
tout cela Organisé par [PatmanIG#7936]

👮→ Staff a l'écoute de nos membres, pour répondre à vos questions
📩→ Echange de pub disponible ! [Contacter PatmanIG]
🍉→ Des rôles hors du communs !

🌈→ Pleins de Nouveautés !!
🔊→ Vous pouvez désormais, Créer votre propre channel vocal (Public/Privé),
🌍→ Suivre l'actualité du monde & la météo grâce a nos bots généré par PatmanIG#7936,
📜→ Accès aux nouveaux rôles renseignement,
🌐→ Gagner des grades grâce a votre activité a l'écris &/ou si vous généré votre propre lien d'invitation et inviter des gens.

📦→ Recrutement !!
》 👮‍ - Modérateur : ✅
》 🤝 - Partenariats : ✅
》 🎭 - Animateurs/trices : ✅

🎁 》 Nous sommes impatients de vous voir parmi nous !
🌍 》 Un Serveur en pleine évolution/amélioration constante

# ✵▬▬✵》『 https://discord.gg/6WQ5N2w 』《✵▬▬✵ #

This is a server for my YouTube Channel. If you want to check it out, it is Lego_Stikbot. I mostly use Legos and Stikbots. On my server, we can talk about anything, from gaming to memes. If you want to interact with others and talk about your interests, this is the place to do so. I hope you enjoy my server!
We are chads, its in our duty to serve the giga chad. In this server you can find : chads, bros, hoes, and toes. If ur a raider, and ur reading this, i hope you didnt go easy on us :)
WiN jest rozbudowanym serwerem community z różnymi zabawami. Posiada kanały NSFW i różne gierki. Serwer jest rozbudowywany więc mogą występować błędy które będziemy sie starać załatać. Nie będe już przymulał i zapraszam do dołączenia na WiN.
Welcome to the Dapper Kip. A Pokémon community meant for all your Pokémon needs! Additionally, is the main hub to a Pokémon roleplay server!

Not only do we have Pokémon here, but you will also find many other channels for various games and animes! Your other fandom sharing needs will be satisfied here along with your Pokémon needs. If you don’t see a game or anime you’re a fan of listed, suggest it and we’ll take it into consideration!

We are a very welcoming and supportive community! Our staff is always here to help.

🌅- Roleplay channels- (in secondary server)
⚔-Elite 4 and gyms!
🤣-custom emojis!
🗺-Custom Pokemon region!
🎠-Fun bots and so much more!
------hello.welcome to kawasancho school of heroes------

We offer many different things that may interest you.

We offer:
Clubs (dnd club, art club, detective club, and writing club)
A currency bot
A friendly non judgemental environment
Monthly giveaways
Every 10 members there will also be a giveaway
And lots of roleplay opportunities!

You can explore many character possibilities and relationships with other characters.

An active server full of friendly people.

Many different events that take place in roleplay and out of roleplay.

You can ask any questions you wish and whoever is available at the time will answer.

-i hope you give our lovely little server a chance! See you on the flip side.-