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Welcome to the Seductive Realm of Hypnosis server! We are a server for those who are not new to the community and are interested in Hypnosis. In this server we have:
🌸 Hypnosis
🌸 Active Staff
🌸 Server Advertisement Opportunities
🌸 Voice Channels
🌸 Selfie Rooms
🌸 An age verification process
And so much more!
We are LGBTQIA+ and Dissociative Identity Disorder friendly.
We are not a server for newbies.
This server is for like minded people who enjoy hypnosis and enjoy a close knit community.
So come join our lovely community today!
This is the server that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves.
If you're in need of a place to voice your opinion than this is the perfect server for you! Talk about topics of any kind, and suggestions are always welcome.
It’s a chill server with little rules. You might find friends and love here. We accept everyone and you can promote yourself
Server br relacionado a publico +18 que curte hentai.
Welcome to 0w0! Come join us and have lots of fun.

Meet new people , contribute to the sever, and help us grow!

What we have to offer:
✸Friendly staff
✸Art Events
✸NSFW channel
✸and more!
☁️Chill Server☁️
What we offer:
🤖Fun Bots 🤖
🌈Safe Environment☀️
👻Game/Meme discussion👨🏼‍💻
❌No NSFW content:octagonal_sign:
👂Suggestions for improvement:ear:
🗣️A relaxed but organized environment🥴
🎨 Art Showcase
This Server Is A Lounge Based Off Of Greek Gods/Demi Gods You Can Even Pick Your Own God/Demi God Role!
Selenar este un server dedicat românilor care vor să audă și altceva decât obscenități, țipete,"buna cf? bn u?", strategii pentru csgo etc etc, the usual. Nu suntem geniile României, dar dorim să avem discuții normale, calme, respectabile. Dorim oameni cu care sa putem conversa pe teme stiintifice, istorice, politice, despre jocuri, muzica, filme, orice este interesant.
Elo Academy is a Modern Roleplay, Elo is for the students who have that special ablity.. and are different from everyone, Its for the people who aren't normal. Elo is place where love is love.. and being able to explore that one passion you want to do.

- Chill staff
- Small server
- Anyone allowed

Promote Your Server!
Get More Members!
Or More Viewers!
Promote Whatever You Want!

DananaBanana's Self Promotion Place!
Salutations !

Je vous demande de m'accordez deux minutes afin de vous présenter Aenorys :

Aenorys, c'est un RP de fantasy vous plongeant dans la seule vaste cité des mortels.
L'Empereur, un homme aimé de son peuple malgré son aspect mystérieux, a bâti ce royaume il y a de cela des millions d'années afin d'offrir une chance à de nombreuses race de vivre une vie heureuse au milieu des terres écorchées : Des terres si hostiles que personne ne sais ce qu'il s'y cache.

Quêtes épiques, aventures mystérieuses, qui pourra deviner ce qui vous attendra au détour d'une ruelle ? Un chien errant ? Un culte démoniaque? (Nous on le sait :p) et si vous veniez le découvrir vous aussi?

Cliquez-ci dessous pour prendre le portail magique ! :D

❛ The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone with a dissociative disorder can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what
they like. Here, all systems are welcomed. But what is a system? A person with DID or OSDD. Everyone who
would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as it
Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› A Support Center ~✺
› Some self assignable roles~✺
› Specific channels for each alters : Littles, Middles, Protectors, Persecutors, Fictives and Gatekeepers ~⌲
› The pk bot with a channel where you will be able to learn how to set it up ~⌘
› A place to vent ~◑
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~❉
› Cool bots ~⌘
› Some custom emojis

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
This is a server for Left Hand Path practitioners to gather and be themselves around like minded individuals. We are accepting of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and orientations and we're even welcoming to those who are new or just curious.

We're small right now, but we have an active staff, who are happy to provide a safe place and be a friend.

Each of us is skilled in different things and always eager to both share what we know and learn new things.
**Welcome to The Wardrobe**

About us: We're a fashion related server, focused primary on helping and guiding users. We have many things to offer to people from across the multiverse. We're always looking for active users to join and give us company in our chats maybe even join us for some future giveaways.

**What we offer:**
➤ Giveaways
➤ Active Chat
➤ Help & Advice
➤ Memes
➤ High security, prevents raids and spam
➤ Apply for junior moderator
➤ Leveling up system
➤ And much much more!

Server Invitation: https://discord.gg/UznPFDq

This is a server for the new game Harry Potter Wizards unite. Welcome. This is for people who not only play the game but just love Harry potter general. Hope you have fun and make lots of new friends 😊
Cooties is a new Animal Jam Community server. The server is about all things Animal Jam and a place to just Talk/Hang out at. We have a friendly community <3

*Before you actually get in the server you need to verify, how to verify is in the server :)

We have:
-Art channels
-Color roles
-Reaction roles
-Suggest ideas
-And more!
・・・・・✼ | owo Emotes!:・゚✧ | ✼・・・・・
∘◦ミ────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────ミ◦∘
❃.✮:▹•Server for people with Nitro!◃:✮.❃
❃.✮:▹•Cute emotes! Emotes include :◃:✮.❃
❃.✮:▹•We hope you join!◃:✮.❃
∘◦ミ────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────ミ◦∘
・・・・・✼ | owo Emotes!:・゚✧ | ✼・・・・・
Hello can welcome to Chit Chat City! This server is full of fun things to do and also got some good people. So please come over and join and make this server even better!
personal group with people ranging from pure evil to pure wholesomeness
Toxicity to again pure wholesomeness
Yes there is a nsfw channel ;) welcome to hell
I know you won't read this but if you do you should join our server and check it out


SkyClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, and ShadowClan all joined together to create LionClan. They decided to set borders aside, and become one to survive better. But there are roles to chose from, or jobs. You can be a Tree-jumper, Moor-runner, Tunneler, Swimmer, Land-hunter, or Night-stalker. There's four councilmen that help lead LionClan alongside their leader, Leoardstar. This Clan has a voting system to keep them organized. For more information, join our server!! There's a lot you can read in #wordbuild once you join!
A cozy little place for writers, readers, and story tellers to unite! This server focuses heavily on reading stories of all kinds to one another over voice chat, as well as encourage people to create their own! Sit and listen to fantastical fables, or spin a yarn of your own. Who knows? You may make some friends along the way!