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Weeb Unity!
Is a server that's dedicated to people who are into Anime, JRPG'S, other Japanese games in general, that is the theme we are aiming for. This server is for conversations about all those topics and people who have the same interest to meet and communicate with each other.
Interested in a roleplay server with its own unique system and a Custom Story Experience? Then this is the RP for you! We're a server that consists of a F2RP Sandbox-themed vibe. We legit have no script to follow. Here, You make your own story! It's that simple! Upon joining, You'll need to read the rules, then make your character sheet. Afterwards, @sayochii#0815 and she'll get back to you and help with your stat setup! Afterwards, the rest is up to you! Write your story!
Welcome to Proto RP! Join and become a part of a roleplaying community dedicated to the Expanded Shounen-Style World initially built around the Soul Eater Universe. Everything else is just fiction... or is it?

-Nigh endless possibility and potential

-Text and stats based roleplay with many different channels!

-The legend that dates back to the 12th Century thank you very much, FOOL. Hecc, even further. To the beginning.

-Supportive and a friendly community! 🌟

-Immersive Environment that can be changed through your actions.

-Embark on your journey to become the strongest! Never stop working hard to be the best!

-Many different classes and races that players can choose from!

-Helpful and active staff 💙

If you are interested in a fun role-playing experience involving an ever developing yet grounded universe, look no further! Join up, and get hunting, hope to see you there space cowboy!
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about "anime" and games? Join us!
The one true Neko and Kitsune religion! We have all kinds of channels for all types of hentai. Our community is very nontoxic. With 3 owners, there are checks and balances to ensure no corruption (something many servers suffer). Come and enjoy the Nekitsune religion.
Welcome to the lovely hideout!!! We are very wholesome people and would love for all of you to join. We are a new community and would to see you join! We accept all members! Join and find your partner!
ZA WARUDO! Time stopped, now listen;
Welcome to Made in Heaven!

We are a new server about Jojo,we have anime only fans plus manga too! and also talk all off topic stuffs too.

- This Server Includes -
-Jojo Poll
-Jojo movie nights
-Bot commands
-Friendly Admins and Mods
-room for improvements and feedback

What are you waiting for? Join now! And make yourself feel in heaven!
WRRYYYY, Time Resumed!
❥❯ join now, nudes, dating, lgbtq & more!

hiya, this is an 18+ cgl/bdsm based server & if u like sweet and positive things, come join us!~♡
we offer:
❥❯ active staff / looking for staff
❥❯ male to female ratios
❥❯ semi-active chat
❥❯ positive vibes
❥❯ 170+ members
❥❯ adorable emotes
❥❯ dating profiles
❥❯ cute role colours
❥❯ nudes channels & models
If you seem to enjoy all of that fun, you'll love every bit of pink palace, so what are you waiting for? join today to become one of pinky's cuties~♡
Witam wszystkich! Chciałbym z miłą chęcią zaprosić wszystkich zainteresowanych na serwer discord o nazwie OTAKU, serwer jest o tematyce anime, kultury japońskiej oraz gier. Zapraszam!
Hello, this is a new hentai server you can share your hentai in all the NSFW channels. Whatever you want and find new people!

we got
♡ a general channel
♡ hentai channels [hentai, furry, neko, pokemon, etc]
♡ spam channels
♡ uncensored channel
♡ censored channel
and more, so join us to become a part of our awesome family!
Welcome to Trixia, a fantasy country in the modern day. In the past, magic was abundant in the world and gave birth to all sorts of fantastic creatures and beasts, wizards and witches, and many more sentient races. Have fun exploring these lands and discovering all the new wonders hidden away, but watch out for things that were never meant to be found...
We're a genuinely fun and active server that just recently publicised!
In no means whatsoever are we an anime server - we just have a Naruto based ranking.
We have many bots such as Dank Memer, Miki, Mudae, WaifuBot, Pokecord, RickBot, NekoBot and many more!
So ...
Welcome to Our Hero Roleplay! A roleplay based server for Boku No Hero Academia. We are open to members of any age, race, gender, sexuality, etc. We do allow OCs and canon character claims! Come and join us!
Nep cord is a new server for anime mostly hyperdimension neptunia but even if u dont watch the anime still feel free to join we hope to grow to share our love with nep nep to the world and we hope you will join us as we grow bigger
AKA: Fairy Tail's New Generation :D

All the incredible mages that we have come to love have all disappeared 10 years ago, into the midst of history. A possibly stronger generation of mages and wizards rise up to take their places! However, don't forget that the evil can grow stronger as well...

The lore may get updated, as I am very un-creative ...
join n i’ll give u a mf kiss...
i need a mf e boy 😡
take a fucking joke lmao
pls be active 🥺✌🏻
we’re pretty laid back..or smth..
also we lowkey need more females in the server cus the ratio is completely fucked so 🐒🐒🐒🐒 yea..
join if ur coochie stank 🙈🙈🙈

hello! we're a literate my hero academia roleplay server, looking for active and (preferably) experienced literate roleplayers who enjoy my hero academia just as much as the rest of us!

ocs are allowed, but we're always looking for as many canon characters as we can get!

we're very nice and welcoming, feel free to come hang out and stay for awhile!
Are you an anime fan? Would you like to participate in a friendly community? Well, this is the place for you!
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
𝔸𝕜𝕚𝕠𝕊𝕠𝕣𝕒 From αεsтнεтιc εℓιтε has invited you into their DiscordServer!.
The server is all about.

Gaming Support all types of Games on all platforms. (Mainly Rainbow Six Siege PC)
Anime-Manga-Doujins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No need explanation yeah~?
Music hangout and chill or Karaoke Session.
Dating spot Get some lovey dovey action privately.
Pubs and Music Club Party like the weebs you are.
Dank Memes DAYUM!
Arts and Cosplay Post art/meme creativity either a picture a video, music and so on
Fun Bots with commands tutorial (NSFW and social bots included anime radio bot)

Anyone that plays games and are anime lovers will find new people to connect with. You can even make new friends in here~

Your participation into the server is really appreciated~

We need Anime Lord to join us to shine us the light of truth Lead us the way senpai~~

Friendly community and staff

Multiple roles and tags that can be obtain and request

Please come join us, we got cookies and we got some waifu/laifu~

╔═══┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ︽ ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄═══╗
Zehi sanka shite kudasai!
`Watashitachi wa anata o matte iru!
╚═══┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ︾ ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄═══╝
Fanzoned is a safe-space for all weebs! We have multiple channels for different animes and games to discuss current updates(or lack thereof) as well as a category dedicated to any roleplays you may wish to have. NSFW content is kept from the main channels however we do have a few side channels that you will be given access to if you request the NSFW role! MOVIE NIGHTS! we recently implemented movie nights which everyone who participates really enjoys.
Come and join us at Fanzoned! we would love to have you!
~ Cult leader and The Dark Lord
A friendly, accepting DDLC roleplay server!
Create an OC and join in! Sometimes the Dokis might RP with you!
Come on and have fun~!
Koneko is about socializing, and sharing your interest with everybody. Anime, Games, Arts, Memes and Cute pets~!!. It's also about meeting new people and having new friends.

We Offer you:
➯Leveling Bot (Mee 6)
➯NITRO Give Aways and more!!
➯Non-Toxic Server
➯Self Assignable Roles
➯Fun bots and games
➯Helpful Staff
➯Music Channel
➯We sponsor servers~!

⋆⋅ We are looking for more partner managers ⋅⋆
100% fewer 3D girls, 200% more moe ~~ CGI girls are welcome too. ^^ The only anime server where you can be the fruit of your choosing!