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Introducing, Satellite Farm! The Official Space Program of Bot Farm Corp.!

⟁ Dank Memer Premium (Fast Cooldowns!)
⟁ Active Pokecord spawn
⟁ Active Dank Memer trading channels
⟁ Weekly **Nitro** Contests/Competitions
⟁ 10+ Daily Dank Giveaways/Events/Heists
⟁ Heist / Rob Disabled (Join a Heist Event)
⟁ Growing list of Heist/Rob server links
⟁ Active Community chat in discord.gg/dank
⟁ Cool Satellites

Join now!
Join the *Call of Duty: Support* server if you need any help with any Call of Duty games.. also get notified by the latest news and updates of the Activision games. Be aware of whats going on in the Call of Duty world!

Stay Frosty!
Welcome to the Royal Palace of Anne!

We provide aesthetic home, house to all the queens and kings.

It’s extremely SFW and comfy!

We allow cross-trading, etc etc!

Join us, darlings! xoxo
Activos hasta las 4 de la mañana, diversiones todos los días y un poco de toxicidad
𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 ™ es un servidor de gaming y shitposting habla hispana en el cual te podrás encontrar con otros jugadores para formas squads, crear teams o solo pasar un rato jugando con gente random. También contamos con sorteos y un Staff amigable.
This server is a safe place for Playstation players to come find people to play some games with and or make some new friends and have some good chats together. we also have a very active staff so there will always be someone to talk too! So please join and enjoy your stay!
Another Day: Pathology is what used to be known as "Parasyte" and "Silent Machine", in previous iterations. In the current iteration, Another day features a "Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead" inspired crafting system- In which you can improvise if you do not have the optimal parts or components for items you'd like to piece together. As well as this, A home-brewed stat system has been placed, as well as many different story elements, Items, and features that are waiting to be explored. Go now, Stalker, and find your place- And live another day.
Brand new server. :)
A chill server where you can hangout, have fun and be yourself.
We have pokecord, and casino for some in server games
únete ya, si eres activo mucho mejor, podemos hablar en varios idiomas, el chiste es pasarla bien en cuarentena y poder jugar algunos juegos que cualquiera tenga
Bienvenido a este servidor , este servidor es para jugar entre todos y que vaya mejorando si os queréis unir os lo agradecemo. Un saludo
A Discord server based on the otome game Mystic Messenger! Here, you can roleplay with the game characters, send art, make friends, and discuss the game! The community is active and kind!

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

❈ you are invited! ❈
tara’s cafe ✧ rh trade hub

what we offer:

⟼ user friendly layout
⟼ active staff & members
⟼ contests
⟼ giveaways
⟼ various chat channels
⟼ 10+ fun bots!
⟼ tons of self roles
⟼ various trading
⟼ game & movie nights

*what are you waiting for?*
**do you accept the invitation?**
➫ yes
➫ no

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
The [Game] Library of Congress, named after the largest library in the world.

This is a server dedicated to everything and everything video games. Whether you're a casual fan, or a dedicated collector, this place has something for you.

- A large variety of channels dedicated to gaming and game collecting, including homebrew and emulation

- A growing selection of cosmetic roles

- Buy/sell/trade games with fellow members
COSMIK nation, it's an online community where we compete for the prize of Robux and the more active you are the higher you're rank is the higher you're privileges are and more engaged you'll get to the people.

❤ We have a really cool community and very active moderators

❤ Have you ever wanted a chance of getting a reward for just playing games and having fun? today is your day!

❤ We have a hierarchy where you start as a simple peasant and the longer you stay and attend events you'll rank up until finally becoming the Emperor!

❤ We have fun bots, and we're always trying to improve!

❤ Giveaways of you're favourite Roblox games and even more!

If you join I can assure you're going to have a nice time chilling and hanging out with us, we're waiting for you.
Hey! This is a very chill and active server with lots of cool people to meet.
This server was made for people to socialize and meet new people with common interests! We have a vc for almost any game you can think of! You name it, we got it! Enjoy your stay ! ! ! ! ! <3
🔸 Simțiți-vă liber să vă alăturați și să vă bucurați de joc cu oameni noi și, de asemenea, cu noi.
🔸 Ajutați-ne să construim o comunitate mai mare, păstrându-ne activi și jucându-ne.
🔸 Acceptăm pe ORICINE indiferent de varsta sau alte aspecte!
🔸 Avem membri staff foarte amabili și cu experiență pentru a vă ajuta cu toate nevoile. [Inca Recrutam]
🔸 Organizam giveaway uri cu diferite premii precum keys de among us pe steam, nitro, credite tatsumaki etc.

! Cautam oameni activ si sa aduca persoane pe voice sa joace ! Platim cu Nitro daca ne faceti activitate pe voice si aduceti persoane.

🏮 Intrati si o sa vedeti mai multe :D
A gamers paradise where we can all relax, chill, and play games together. As gamers, finding a tight group is important, and even more important are the long lasting friendships we gain along the way. You can even participate in weekly events, such as games nights and tourneys with prizes.

So hang out, chat, challenge some people. But have fun, even if you want to rage quit!
Welcome fellow Gamers, would you like your own place to meet up, game, stream, and chill at? Well, the Gaming Hangout Center is for you!!! Just join read the rules and you're in.
Hello, what are u guys looking in a server ? good members? , safe environment? , fun and chill?. we have everything you want. Join our discord server now for making new game friends and online buddies. our server is safest especially for girl gamers....
Salutations! Are you in search of a public gaming community that is more casual, plays a variety of games and chats more often? Then I present to you,

✪ The Archaic Union ✪

❏ Fairly active community of people playing online/offline/non-trending games!
┖ This includes but is not limited to: Minecraft, Warframe, Among Us, offline games, and even, Azur Lane! Discover old and new games too!

❏ A comfortable amount of channels (text/voice), mainly for chatting, media, memes, and news of free games!

❏ Bots for both utilities and games/fun!
┖ Yggdrasil, Tatsumaki, Dank Memer, AstolfoBot and more!

❏ A working economy system based around the Unbelievaboat!

❏ Also an auto ranking system based on your activity!

❏ Several channels for music bots like, Rythm 1&2, FredBoat, Mantaro, etc.

❏ And loads of emotes!

Appealing? Join right away!
A gaming community for Muslim Gamers interested in history, especially ottoman hisotry. Join our server and play several videogames with people from all around the world. We have a few special things like:
>give aways
>gaming events
>meme contests

This server is SFW and a gaming server or it could be really anything about it just follow the rules 😉