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This is a indie horror game server with IGS chat and categories and all that, make sure you read the rules and collect some roles to unlock the categories
Hi, welcome to Gamer's Market! Here we are all a 100% legit Buy, Sell, and Trade (BST) group for Gaming Accounts.
A Server to talk about all sorts of things, hopefully grow my Twitch and YouTube channels and some 18+ stuff. If we reach 50 active people we plan to start art and story competitions.
IP: MC.Phew.Network
Version: 1.16.1

Phew Network is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be fun for all kinds of players. Always constantly adding new ideas!

Currently we have
- Wholesome Survival
/Fly, Free cosmetics, Marriage, Emotes & Keepinventory.

- Ruthless Survival
Custom coded mobs, 3D modeled GUNS & Death = 1 hour ban.
Welcome to Girl Gamers

We're a fun, cozy gaming and loving community here for anybody looking to get away from the noise. Please wipe your feet before stepping in!

Welcome to Team Riptide's Discord, we are a Fortnite Team. We're currently recruiting players from NAE and NAW and OCE and EU, willing to add other regions in the future. You would like to join? Our current leaders are Thatchyy, Zyfe, and Legiit. Our players consist of pro players, editors, GFX designers, trickshotters, and content creators. Please check our socials and join the discord for more information. Thanks, and please Enjoy!
HEY YOU. if you’re bored out of your mind and looking for a chill place to hang and literally vibe,


might be the server for you :)
we offer:
- channels + vcs for chilling, ranting, spamming, or epic memes 🤪
- an aesthetic layout so your eyes dont feel like they’ve been dipped in acid 😌
- channels dedicated to games such as:
🧡 Splatoon 2
💛 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
💚 Minecraft
💙 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
- hella cool roles for all your vibing needs 🤩
- bots for when youre so bored you could die. we have groovy bot 🎧, dank memer 🐸, and many more!
- we’re open to partnerships 🤠
- special events, such as giveaways, in-game events, bdays, and game nights! 😤
- and a rly cool owner who will become friends with literally anyone from her boredom 😳(pls join I’m practically groveling at the feet)

we’re accepting everyone and anyone, like shit, you can join if you’re a microwave with a fat ass idfk

keep in mind this server is a wip but as more people join, a lot more things will be added :))))

so if youre bored as me, dont be afraid to join the server and start vibing 😚🥰😘
Доброго времени суток! Искал крутой сервер, в котором все самое лучшее? Тогда считай ты его нашел!
Здесь ты сможешь пообщаться на разные темы,
найти новых друзей, также тут очень интересно и весело! Присоидиняйся!

Привелегии нашего сервера:
🗣️ Хороший актив присутствует на сервере
🆙 Сервер постоянно обновляется
🔖 Приятное и красивое оформление
👋 Приветливая и адекватная администрация
🔣 На сервере можно матерится
🎟 Розыгрыши, голосования, викторины
💸 Экономика
🎬 Роли для ютуберов и твитчеров
🎶 Имеется три вида музыкального бота
🎭 Интересные и забавные эмодзи
💢 Роли по нажатию, можно украсить свой профиль
🎮 Крутые игрульки уже на сервере
♻️ Можно использовать гиф эмодзи БЕСПЛАТНО!
🔋 Присутствует радио 24/7
Welcome to Galar Elite, this is a chill, fun amazing server full of surprises awaits for you to find out! we welcome all games, we help others, we are chill! and we have FOUR amazing SYSBOTS that runs 24/7 non stop for those poke fans out there! We also have development helps, if u are having problem building bots/making servers... you come to the right place!
join or die >:3 were chill and fun. If you leave we will hack yer account. come for drugs
Server ispirato su un mondo alternativo in cui il gabibbo è il capo supremo e indiscusso
- bot personale in arrivo!
- server nato da poco e con molte possibilità!
- staff attivo e competente!
- rp basato sulla scelta della propria razza (Velina o Paladino a seconda del proprio sesso)!
🔴Entra nel New Destiny🌌
The Nerd Corner is looking for new members!

⚜Spoiler Chat
⚜The Weeb Hub
⚜Bots (Mudae, Eli, Pokecord, etc.)
⚜Mini Games
⚜Voice Channels
⚜Twitch/YouTube Streams and Videos
Toreda juhtkonnaga chill server, kus saab juttu rääkida, teistega mängida ja niisama olla. Hetke momendil on server natuke pooleli, aga me tegeleme sellega. Tule ja naudi!
In Papas server you will be accustomed to:

Daily Giveaways 🎉
Trading 🤝
General chats 🌍
A Small community 🙌
Middlemen 😃
Memes 😜
Reputation system 📙
Active owner 👑
Lots of custom emojis ✅
£10 xbox, ps4 giftcard giveaways 💎
And plenty more

This is a active server for the amount of members so if you are looking for active giveaways and members. Join up!! It will be highly appreciated 🙌
LG es una comunidad de Gaming para que todos podamos compartir,jugar,hacer amigos.etc
Los creadores de contenido podran darse a conocer.
Los usuarios que deseen buscar alguien para jugar o charlar,ver una pelicula y un sin fin de cosas mas podran hacerlo.
A nice little server to talk about gaming and look for a co-op in almost any game you'd like.
A TES themed gaming / micronation (more gaming than micronation...ing...)

This server is pretty active since its been created due to advertising the server on instagram and reaching on average 20,000 people daily. (However very few of those join.)

✴ created May 11th 2020

✴Join multiple guilds or falcons to suit your personality

✴ Be active and respectful and you may work your way up to becoming a daedra. (Partial admin)

✴ Work hard enough, and do eight by everyone and you may even get the privelage of becoming an aedra, (full admin)

All ethnicities, sexualities, blah blah anyones welcome. So have fun.
Birbirlerine son derece saygılı ve herkesin tartışmadan hem fikir olabildiği bir oyun sunucusu arıyorsanız kesinlikle YANLIŞ adrestesiniz

Fakat fikir ayrılıklarına rağmen bir arada kalabilen ve he türlü farkı oyun deneyimine açık insanlarla tanışmak istiyorsanız sanırım size birşeyler sunabiliriz
we're a friendly roblox community! with robux giveaways, etc!
friendly staff who are willing to help u every time! u can even apply to be staff to!
everyone is welcome, no bullying and racism, everyone is perfect here!
Hello there! Here's a reason why you should join:
--> we have the funny
--> we have n-word channel
--> it's not like you have anything better to do
Join now and I will literally give you O2
hi welcome to legion we are a small but growing server of artists gamers and everything else we'd love to have you. we offer roles leveling up and and bots such as waifu and dank meme