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Elite Mystic High School

Elite Mystic High School

You've been accepted into one of the most prestigious schools herein RoseShore. Now, this school is for the rare. The magical. The supernatural. Where they can go to school in peace and not be harassed by those who call them 'freaks' and 'monsters.'

What we offer:
-Friendly staff
-Fun bots
-Flexible rules
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-An interesting plot
-And much more!

So come join us here at Elite Mystic High School and meet many people! (Keep in mind, we're just starting this server so please be nice >.<)

Ratings & Reviews

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Emilia~chan Emilia~chan
“Yeah, if you ask about this, you can have it.” “You know what, I change my mind. You can’t have it. In fact, just because you mentioned it, no one can have it.”
So, to make the story short, I read through the rules and saw that something was on the ban list, however, it was written in a way that it would be allowed in moderation. Not only did I attempt to do so and work with them on what I was doing, I was told no in the middle of talking to them about it. “No working on it, it’s outright banned.” No, no it wasn’t. It was implied that anyone could have it if they asked for it and they worked for it. Not only was I not given any suggestions to make it considered acceptable, the rule was literally edited to reword it to not be that. I was left out of the discussion and not allowed to respond to the concerns the owner had about what I submitted, but at least *someone* asked me. You’d think the owner would be the one to ask, but they refused to even say a single word to me. It wasn’t until after I confronted them for this shitty move, that they talked to me. I did come to an understanding of the problem with what I submitted (the first time someone actually explained the problem to me in a manner irrefutable), but the owner would not even allow a compromise for it to happen. No suggestions, nothing. Not even an,”I’m sorry.” Apparently, it was because I was arguing... when all I did was answer the questions they have asked in a clean and concise manner. I was actually playing nice! When this was brought up, the owner completely changed their response to,”The way you explained it made the concept of it entirely OP.” For one, no... It was only regarding the ability, the concept of it doesn’t matter... I even explained it to the owner. For two, that doesn’t change the fact that the owner singled me out, and the rule was changed because of me. The owner literally targeted me with a change of rules, because I gave a “vague” definition for my ability.

Suggestion: Changing rules because of one person is a huge yikes, and makes you seem like a dickhead. I can understand larger things, but this? This was completely unwarranted. If you go from,”Eh maybe,” to “Yeah, no. In fact, no one can have it because of you,” you lose a lot of creditability. I have a feeling that the way you review things usually goes the same way, so let me give some tips:
Suggestions, there needs to be some way to allow *some* things. If that is not met, you appear to be abusing your power and you lose credibility in future reviews and arguments. In fact, making suggestions can allow you to understand the ability’s mechanics further, and have an actual discussion to make things better. You get a lot more commitment from people when you allow them to have some of their way, and some of your way.