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Camp Serrano

Camp Serrano

Welcome to Camp Serrano. This camp is a special place specifically for those with unique gifts super modified to be as strong as the Excalibur. This camp is located on an island called Perierusest Island. The name is a bit of a mouthful, but what fun if not? The island is isolated in the middle of the ocean, miles upon miles away from any main land. Camp Serrano will be your home for the rest of... well, forever. Nobody who enters the island leaves. Unless of course, you suffer the same fate as 50% of the universe.
This server includes
•119 channels in total, and growing!
•Active and kind staff members
•Semi-Literate roleplay
•a social media category
•Color roles
•Time bot
•A moderator request form
•Vast varieties of... bots.
•13+ Server. (Unless you wanna participate in erp I mean-)
•voice chats
•lenient rules...
•an awful lot more.

owner: fennel#7831
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