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Buttery Buttery
It seems as though this place is a good place to role-play, although I agree. It seems to be quite too strict and not a place for people who just want to role-play and have fun. I would not join this role-play and I advise against any of my friends or simply average role-players to not come here.
AssuredArc AssuredArc
10/10 Would Recommend
Everyone on this server was so welcoming when I joined! I've made some great friends here and I would recommend it!
LotsOfWords LotsOfWords
Extremely Rude
Not only are you immediately kicked from the server should your first sample not be correct, you are then banned by the person that has messaged you that your sample hasn't been accepted which actually would have been fine and I would have been happy to write another sample however you are then blocked by said person and not given another chance. This place has an extremely rude moderator by the name of Lann.
Five stars
Great server!
Proton Proton
Pretty nice
Its in the title
wah_sabi wah_sabi
Active writers, good peeps
Active writers, artists, and editors. all around pretty solid social server too
lets blow up the chantry lets blow up the chantry
interesting characters
what I like so far is the very interesting ocs they already have on the server. The plot and backstory is also nice. Everything is well-described, there's a lot of "back-matter" that really adds to the setting that I don't find in other CHB servers.

However, the mods are very particular, the server feels "exclusive"? They really do look for good writers, and good attitudes. Not everyone can get in. But those who do, I think, really get a lot out of it. The mods do their best to give everyone in the rp their time to shine.
Shirin Shirin
Having a blast so far
I have yet to see a creator be so committed to deliver a storytelling experience in discord RP form as Nullheart, and he's backed by a dedicated and creative playerbase whom has been nothing but welcoming to me and my noobness in regards to discord RP ~ I am one of the more less active RP'ers on the server, but the community is large enough for you to find someone to write scenes with and can match your pace. However, as it is a mature server, the tone can be very harsh and may not be the easiest place to navigate socially since most interactions there are obviously text-based - just keep in mind most things are said in jest, even though slurs gets thrown left and right at times (Ahem, maybe my Europoor brain just don't get that American slang is what I am saying).

With the right people, this RP is perfect for long-term commitment, especially if you like stat-based roleplays.
[S4K]Mike [S4K]Mike
Great server, Cosplay, Neko, Loli, DDLG, Petplay, everything! Come join us!
Abusive admins
I was a really active member on this server for a long time, in fact it was one of my first servers, but about once a day the admins would mute me for no good reason sometimes they even banned me, this went for almost every admin on the server including the owner. I dont suggest joining this server if you want to have fun
Turkey-san2k Turkey-san2k
Great community, great place to hang out and talk
A nice place to just chill and talk to people, they have many roles to make you stand out from the rest, many bots to keep you entertained and ranks for those who talk alot, so they can stand out even more from others and the owner is nice and understanding.
3 1
mental breakdown mental breakdown
It’s neat
1 4
FrostTaco FrostTaco
Owned by someone who blackmails
One of the leaders is trying to kick me out of servers for no reason whatsoever for doing nothing.
4 1
Kosha/Blancy Kosha/Blancy
Best use of MarriageBot
I love this server. Hope to see more. Also... #Hall-of-no-context all day!!!
Banned for nothing
A long time ago I was banned for no reason I was active on the server yes but, one day I was banned without reason. I tried to talk to the owner but then found out she blocked me too this server used to be fun but I believe its lost its touch
Benjamin Benjamin
Fun Server... BUT
The Server is great! Fun people, makes me laugh! But.. that Owner girl? Clover Keston#2306 abused her sister and took away rolls from her for no reason. Made her cry. I will never be returning to this server until she is no longer admin...
Ivey Ivey
Abusive Owner!
The server is amazing and full of nice people, except for the owner @Clover Keston#2306. She abuses her power, even to the point of making her BLOOD SISTER cry and demote her for no reason whatsoever. I left the server, I was so sad that someone would do that to their own flesh and blood.
[]Kill me[] []Aaron Lee[] []Kill me[] []Aaron Lee[]
Dark Angel Community
Good Group
Mushu Mushu
This server has a Friendly Community and excellent Moderation. I recommand everyone that enjoys futurist roleplay.
Loki Loki
Discord de rencontre rp sur thème des vikings
Ce discord vient de voir le jour et son créateur n'en reste pas moins ambitieux et impatient de vous le partager.
丂ㄒ乇卂几ᗪ乇尺丂 丂ㄒ乇卂几ᗪ乇尺丂
Je suis le Fondateur,

Et je vous encourage vivement à voté pour ce Discord et je vous encourage aussi à le rejoindre pour faire des rencontres amicale comme amoureuse !
Tout est sécurisé ! C'est certes un peu long au début pour pouvoir avoir accès aux channel il en vaut pour le coût pour une sécurité maximale !

Cordialement ♛𝓙𝓪𝓻𝓵♛ 丂ㄒ乇卂几ᗪ乇尺丂
hxlie hxlie
You can learn so much in this server! The community is so friendly! Everyone respects the rules and each other! I’ve joined the server for 6 months already and all the community knows me and is so friendly. I can talk to them about anything and will be super supportive and give great advice! You can learn absolutely so much about astrology, before this I was taught by my friend who just gave me cherry picks of each signs, until i joined the server and I absolutely love this server, easy to learn, stress free.
The Director The Director
Xbox's most active server
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