🔮 Welcome to AZERTY SOCIETY ! 🔮

We are a community built to welcome many people, from fandom sharing original content to offering a safe space to minorities (LGBTQIPA+, esoterism, etc...)

We have many things !!


- Entirely SFW and non-toxic 🌸
- Tons of roles that can be self-assigned 🎭
- Fandom and media channels 💻
- Spiritual category dedicated to religions, witchcraft, paganism and such 🌌
- A category to share your art and original/fan work 🖌
- Fun bots 🤖, including Mudae, ServerStats, leveling system, music players + more
- M E M E S 👀
- A feedback/suggestion channel for all your needs 🌟
- Currently looking for graphic designers, managers and partners 🙏

Feel free to join us~ 🔥