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Introducing the Shitpost Factory!
We are a server that is dedicated to only shitposting!

We have a range of different channels:

➸ 2 shitposing channels

➸ NSFW channels

➸ Pokecord

➸ Auto memes and cursed images

➸ 24/7 Radio

So join today and shitpost whenever and whatever you want!
We are a small group of friends hoping to expand this server into a welcoming community, we offer, ShitPost memes channel, up to 3 general voice and text chats, Music section!, NSFW with a nsfw bot, and Staff that will NOT ignore you, they'll treat you as everyone else, (e.g even if someone has an important role and you have just joined ), so what do 'ya think? Care to join 🐉Dragon Gaming🐉 ?