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= S e n r a n K a g u r a C r o s s o v e r V e r s u s =

Hello, and welcome to Senran Kagura Crossover Versus. We are an Anime-based roleplay server where you can be casual, and play as some characters from any universe or your own within the series or outside the series! There is a big storyline that takes place in the SK universe. Now you're probably wondering; "Yikes, why should I join yet another freakin' garbage roleplay server?!" That's a fair question, but maybe you should look at what we have!

In this server we offer:
-A place to put all of your memes
-A place to share your art
-Anime and Manga discussing
-A place to play talk about games, or even talk while playing a game
-And NSFW for all you naughty people!

That's just a sample of what we have, but you'll see much more when you join.

You sure have been on quite the journey, haven't you? Seen many battles? Done a whole lot of dimension travelling and running from monsters? Well we welcome you to a world of shinobi and a huge team that we are putting together! We hope you find a lot of good things in this world! Maybe a good battle for your future, or maybe a future love interest? Maybe you just wanna live a perfect future school life as a hero or villain all the while meeting people from other dimensions! So come on, give it a try! In Senran Kagura Crossover Versus! We look forward to seeing you enter!

~Signed こまつ & あすか
A fun server that I and my friend made. It does have an NSFW category and an RP section. We do giveaways like Dokken (japan) and global. Please come and join us mates.