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You’ve heard of it before. A lone flyer you stumbled across, a pamphlet handed to you by some nondescript stranger, a story when you were young, or a footnote of a conversation. Perhaps you’d never known it existed, but now you’re here, and suddenly, memories seem to appear in your mind, though you could have sworn the name unfamiliar.

Some people seek out the manor, needing a place to stay, a place to hide, a place to relax. A place to call home. They all find it here, somehow right in front of them, right beneath their feet when it wasn’t there before.
And others? Sought after. It knew what they needed before they did. It draws people in, relentless. You don’t have to know where you need to be. It’s here.

*Wingwood Manor is set in a massive estate that exists between dimensions. It exists as a crossroads, for characters to come and go, be it as they please or not. The setup is to allow writers to use their original characters in a completely unmodified format, keeping their stories intact while still being able to interact with other characters. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical-- any type of OC is welcome!*

**Our features:**
-A SFW, 17+ server with NSFW channels and roles for the adults
-LGBTQ+ friendly environment!
-RP style, pace, and length driven solely by those involved
-OC questions for folks to answer and discuss
-50+ channels for 1-to-1 or group RPs, personalised spaces for your OCs, and two IC Tupperbox chatrooms
-An exclusively original content server to both avoid fandom-related confusion, and celebrate creativity and originality!
-Active mod team available to answer any questions
-Highly active roleplay community
-No activity checks, completely drop-in/drop-out
-Seasonal events and events that can be created and run by members - not just moderators!
The World as we know it is home to some of the most extraordinary people ever, some people have special talents such as singing, playing sports, dancing, acting, etcetera: but a very chosen few have been blessed with an ability known as a stand, a manifestation of the fighting spirit and the personality behind it. No one knows the origins of these strange abilities but the many users of said stands have extraordinary powers varying far and wide. The Manifestation of stands does not discriminate, the Purest Heart can get a stand as well as the darkest one but it seems only those with potential for a stand can get one. One thing is for certain, When these users meet things tend to get a bit... Bizarre.

How will your story fit into all of this? Join and find out!!!
𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 ~ The Chill Den~𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍
. ° ·      · . • °

.   ⋆     ˚  ✧ * .

. ˚ ✧  *    .   ° . .

.   . ° . .

⑅· ˚ ༘ ♡

★ Looking for a place to chill and meet new people? Well, you're just a link away from it! Server is both SFW and NSFW (with restriction on nsfw), for everyone to enjoy it. Freshly made server with growing community asking for some support, everyone is welcome! ★

༆ toxic-free community
༆ variety of topics 🖼
༆ self-assignable roles with colours
༆ voice and music channels ♫
༆ channels for everyone's needs ✔
༆ channels to express your artistic needs (drawings, photography, aesthetics and poetry channels) ᯾
༆ LGBT supportive
༆ xp leveling with MEE6 bot
༆ several bots including waifu and pokecord bot
༆ server boosters get exclusive perks!
༆ up for partnerships

︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ꨄ Take your seats and enjoy the atmosphereꨄ
Welcome one and all to the Pathism Sebra species! We are mostly located on a site called; "Pony town"! We love all of are newcomers and are open to new Ward Leaders, Kings and Queens, as well as Knights for our species! No need to ask to join! Just go ahead! :)
-Open to new Moderators
-Fairly new server
-LGBTQ+ Welcome!
-New roleplays and lore every week!
-All ages are welcome!
See you there!
Tu aime les animés, les séries, les mangas les jeux vidéos alors rejoins nous sur ANIME HORIZON!!
un serveur cool sans prise de tête avec :
✔un staff compétent !
✔des bots pour s'amuser !
✔un système de level rôles
✔un bots d'actu anime et manga
✔des salons d'images.
Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre L̸̟̏u̷͂̕n̷̊̋c̶̋̅h̶̽̈́~
This is a new server, me and my friend just made it today(1/20/2020).~
Here we talk about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(obviously), or just chat in general.
We have reaction roles, bots, memes, art channels, RP channels if you're into that kinda thing, and a few other things.
We don't have that much to offer right now but, we'll have more as our server grows! ^-^
~We hope to see you soon.~

P.S. We love chocolate milk at this server.
✴️Zarys fabularny✴️

Nadeszły mroczne czasy. Republika upadła… Nad galaktyką zawisło widmo Imperium pod rządami Palpatina. Vader staje na czele inkwizycji mającej na celu usunięcie niedobitków z zakonu jedi. Senator Amidala przeżyła… Gdy dowiedziała się o „śmierci” swojego męża wraz z dziećmi zaczęła się ukrywać, by w przyszłości stanąć na czele tworzącej się siatki rebelianckiej. Właśnie do takiego świata wkraczasz graczu… Świata podzielonego między dwoma stronami konfliktu… Możesz stanąć po jednej ze stron… wesprzeć Imperium stając się potężnym inkwizytorem lub zasilić szeregi tworzącej się rebelii z Padme na czele. Historia jest tworzona przez ciebie i tylko ty decydujesz o przyszłości galaktyki

✴️o nas✴️

Jest to serwer osadzony obecnie w czach imperium. Tworzymy własną historie w kanonie star wars Obecnie mamy 17 BBY i powoli zmierzamy w kierunku 4BBY- okresu tworzenia rebelii. Obecnie czas leci dosyć szybko: 1 Tydzień w realnym życiu= 2 lata w RP... Jestes zainteresowany? Dołącz Na serwerze panuje przyjazna wręcz prawie rodzinna atmosfera, a administracja jest cały czas do waszej dyspozycji praktycznie 24/7

✴️Co oferujemy?✴️

❤️ Miłą Atmosferę ❤️
✔️ Częste odpowiedzi
Administracji ✔️
😛 Brak problematycznych
👌 Przyjemny dla oka Role Play 👌

✴️Czego wymagamy?✴️

✔️ Wybór do pisania (Styl Gwiazdkowy, Styl Książkowy) ✔️
🙂 Kulturę osobistą 🙂
👉 Szacunek do innych osób 👈

We're a group of friends who decided to start our own RP server after seeing the other ones we were apart of fail. We are striving to get a strong plot going that doesn't force everyone to RP and allows them to do other scenarios at the same time.
Hashirama killed Madara and set off the longest living war in Naruto history. The Senju formed the Hidden Tree Village as the Uchiha settled the Hidden Fire Village. The battle wages on in Naruto: Torn Leaf, which side will you choose?

🍃~ Choose between a democratic or dictatorship village!

🍃~ Join early and gain access to high ranking OC's!

🍃~ Character plot driven roleplay!

🍃~ Constant chances to combat roleplay!
No.7 of the seven mysteriesー Hanako-san of the toilet.

In the third stall from the end of the girl's bathroom on the third floor of the old building...

...You'll find Hanako-san.

She will grant one wish to anyone who summons her spirit.

But in exchange, that person will have to give up something precious.

To summon the ghost, you knock three times...

And thenー

"Hanako-san Hanako-san."

"Are you there?"



Welcome to one of the first Roleplaying servers dedicated to Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun!
We are a semi-literate to literate server and provide a fun and mature environment for fans of the manga (There will be spoilers-Anime Watchers be warned).
All characters (Aside from Kou and Tsukasa) are available at this moment! Searching for an active and literate Hanako-kun!

We are also accepting OCs!

We're quite casual, with an easy application process and are not currently following a plot but just looking for some fun interactions between characters! (And maybe some angst ;D).

Please, feel free to join us!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
Wait- you also know the anime Ouran highschool Host Club? Wonderful! What great timing for you to find us here. Hosts are waiting for you to join us and ready to serve your demands. We will make sure that you will have a great day with us and be there for you! Come on and join us before the other Guest already booked your favorite host!
This world of seven deadly sins has a new take on its new adventures, people and of a good story compared to other servers. There is even a new system that you would rarely ever see and you have more freedom. If all of these interests you join now! Put your imagination to the limit and have fun.
Greetings, everyone!

Welcome to the Freecreatures' Guild. That is, if you would like to be part of our community!
We are a general hangout/roleplay/chatting server, 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 that is a work in progress, custom canon and OC role applications, unique commands for each role, events, leveling, awesome members from all over the world from many different fandoms, and more!

No matter where you come from, what you like or how you look like, you are welcome here. Just make sure to be nice, and respect other people!

With our zero tolerance to toxicity, harassment and unnecessary hate or bullying, we have ensured a very healthy, safe and friendly environment, where every member can be themselves without any fear of judgement or hate for any reason, and are proud to be called by many, a "Second Family"!

"The darkness is not coming. It’s here.

The world has entered a dangerous era. Nationalism and industrialism are on the rise and ambitious Leaders are plotting wars to expand their power. The grip of the oppression is suffocating the populace, fragile peace is under threat, and the Spirit World feels further than ever. The age of strongmen has arrived and the world is completely out of balance.

The world needs its Avatar to restore balance. But, the Avatar alone cannot solve the terminal illness of the world. They need friends and allies to help them to restore balance.

There are also people who are loyal to their Nations, patriots who serve their nations. But, the intent and righteousness of the governments using them are unclear.

Despite all this chaos, the lives of the common people still go on. They struggle to navigate and survive this increasingly dangerous world, but they must.

You could be the Avatar, part of Team Avatar, a Nation Leader, patriots, or just a citizen trying to get by. Life s full of uncertainty in this world and who knows what would happen?
Welcome to The Floof Place! An accepting community for furries and others alike! We've got:
-A multitude of art channels for different mediums!
-An ever-expanding category for fandoms, which are added on a request basis!
-A friendly, welcoming admin team!
-A category for other hobbies, such as fursuiting and cooking!
We hope to see you here!
Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
Hello! Welcome to the third expansion of Dang Its Dan's fnaf rp server saga!

This server incorporates some of the features from both the first and second servers, and so many other new things! For example..
A housing system!
More roleplay areas!
Animation channel!
Multiple co-owners!

Icon by ClassifiedPlague#1868
Welcome to DC:night of shadows a roleplay where you can have fun role-playing with your oc's and characters Join and serve justice.
🌌 Welcome to the Spiritual World! 🌌

Join the world of Argoll. Lands where People, Spirits and The Corrupted live. Lands where The Corrupted slowly but surely expand their domain throughout Argoll

So come and become one of Spirit Hunters, trying to protect the people from The Corrupted. Alternatively you become one of The Corrupted and try to expand The Corrupted Zone. And if neither of those suit you. You can always become a Civilian with jobs opportunities from Rune Maker to Mercenary, and even become Farmer! 
So come and seize the opportunity for your life in Argoll! 

♦️ __If you join you'll get:__ ♦️

🔷 Various Species. Each with their own Lore and Skills!

🔷 Become companion with a Spirit, Pure or Corrupted, in return they will lend you their Powers to your aid!

🔷 Runes derived from Spirit’s Power, improve your Combat and Daily Life!

🔷 Encounter Corrupted Spirits in the Wild. Will you encounter weak, easy to slay Spirit? Or one of the Legendary Spirits exists only in the Myths and Folklores!

🔷 Jobs and Powers limited only by your Imagination!

🔷 East Oriental Asian Culture!

🔷 Friendly and supportive community!

🔷 And many more to be explored within the RP!

So do not dally and come have a look.
❗And most importantly, Have Fun❗


Welcome to Fandom Emporium, a server where you can roleplay with other members, and make new friends! Here, we have many things to offer you, because not only we allow roleplay here, we also allow almost any character from any place.

We offer:
☆ Very fun and unique server events
☆ Many chatrooms to hang out in
☆ Roleplay
☆ Lots of fun roles to choose from
☆ Friendly staff team
We welcome you with open arms! :)
Hello, babes! I'd like to thank you firstly for taking your time and read about our place.
Slave Island is a master x slave, nsfw roleplay server, that has its attention on erp but also on the well-known relationship between a master and a slave. Here everyone is welcome, and each can create their own character just the way they wish. For a successful server we'd like our members to be as active as possible, otherwise the whole atmosphere will die and we don't want that. So if you consider you can't meet one simple task, please keep looking. We are seeking for both MASTERS/MISTRESSES as well as SLAVES, but we'd be more than happier to see some masters swaying their sexy butts around. !!!More masters needed!!!

So why don't you come over and give us a try? Our family will be more than happy to see all of you.

A group formed from kik as a Roleplay/NSFW group is now on Discord. We are an 18+ community that have known each other for years- wishing to see how we can grow in the Discord Community. 😊

This is what our group is about (includes):

*Staff that is passionate and dedicated to making you have a pleasurable experience.❤️

*NSFW channels that include Erotic, Clean and Fantasy Roleplay.😈

*Smash or Pass and Truth or Dare is also an included feature!🍑

*Voice Channels for Private Naughty time or for the more general themes such as; gaming, music, hanging out, etc.🎧

*Roles you may choose yourself instead of forcing you to have a specific one! (Great right?!)🤠

*We also have IRL channels for selfies +more stuff!😇

Eventhough we are a new group- that's fairly new to Discord, we can guarantee you that we are a supporting group of people whom will dedicate their time and effort to making this group a welcoming and growing community! 😊