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Welcome to Telenav! In this roleplay you will be living the life of a character in one of two cities. Telenav: The city ramped with thieves and monster attacks, and Glockna: The place that escaped from the rule of Telenav, focusing on pure democracy and will to survive. There's many options for you to be, maybe you'll be an orc running a small shop, or maybe you'll be a mage bounty hunter in over their head. Will you be a small peasant farmer just trying to live in a place where they're not respected or the one to change the lore? It only takes one tap/click to find out! If not for me, then for Telenav!
[16+] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly]
Research Site-41 is a discord-text based role play set within the expansive SCP Universe. Take up roles as the varying roles of Foundation Staff with OCs welcome. Character positions are as expansive as possible, with no set restrictions and adaptations available to fit creative ideas.

This roleplay is not set in any particular canon, location, or timeline. The contents of this roleplay group are not affiliated with the SCP Wiki in any official capacity, just for fun!
Welcome to the World of Light, a Smash Brothers RP based off of the events of Ultimate's story mode! We're a welcoming community and are up for any and all members! Hope you have fun staying here!
Welcome to Kanagawa Island's School!
You can enjoy some SFW and NSFW roleplay channels! We have plenty of channels and rooms for use to your heart's content!
Time Stamp: 13:09 Feb 11th 2020

Paradise Falls, Pennsylvania has always been a calm place that was never placed well on maps. But, ever since the falls that allowed the town to live up to their name appeared, people have been gaining new abilities called stands. Catching the eye of the Speedwagon Foundation, join the growing ranks of stand users in what should've been a quiet town.

Become a stand user, spin user, hamon user, or a new kind of fighting breed hybrids. Hybrids are people who have succumbed to the falls at the same time as animals, born anew due to the "restorative" power of the falls. But what else is the falls hiding exactly?

Here we have:
+ A kind staff setting who is looking for members
+ Acceptance off everyone! (religious, LGBTQ, etc.)
+ You can create an OC or be a non-deceased canon character!
+ Newly created server that ignores the ending of Stone Ocean (no matter how much I love that part)
+ Balancing act for the creation of stands and changes to any OP canon stands.

Come see the wonders of Paradise Falls and discover a new you.
Hello! Welcome to my server! Let me show you around!

∆ There's the chill area, where you can chat and make friends!
∆ There's a yiff channel where you can post your best yiff pictures. You can also use Sheri.
∆ ROLEPLAY! You can make your own oc in oc creation, and roleplay as them!
∆ The me and the staff are chill as long as you follow the rules!

That's the tour. We hope you have a wonderful time here! <3
After the first few months of an unknown disease spreading around America. The CDC had to be introduced to probably combat this infectious plague that was unknowingly taking out thousands of people by the minute. Most people don't know how this... Plague came to America at first, but started to speculate who could've released it. However, it wasn't solely a normal 'disease' or 'plague', it was far worse. Far far worse than anyone had expected. The ones that stayed dead? Wasn't actually dead, rather. They were in 'hibernation'. Most of the corpses of these 'dead' people started to grow in size, limbs retracting and extending at inhumane paces. It was basically DOOM at this point, but with more horror to it. The government issued multiple statements saying that they had it under control. But in reality, they didn't. They had tried bombing strikes, nerve gas, all of that shmuck to stop these monsters. But they kept expanding and growing in size, infected people began to convulse within seconds of being infected. Most didn't even get to see where they were bitten before being attacked by that infected person. It was brutal, unnatural, and horrifying to watch your loved one turn into some grotesque being that looked like something straight out of H.P Lovecraft or some mysterious TV show about demons. This world isn't the same as it was, it's different, gone, simply just.. Gone under the remnants of humanity's last stand. Those making a name for themselves are typically large groups and factions trying to survive in this nightmare. Not only that, but the scientists in the wasteland are doing their best to try and discover how such horrors came to life...but little did they know, bodies of the lifeless are not the only thing they need to study...
Admins needed!
This Is also an OC based server there will be no canon characters or relations to the main games :)

The screams of your beloved classmates echo throughout your mind, never leaving, always taunting your poor heart. What will you do? Stay hopeful and escape alongside your friends? Or fall into pure despair and suffer the consequences your classmates had experienced. Choose your path on this magnificent journey of blood, violence, mystery and despair.

Danganronpa: Slaughterhouse is a literate roleplay server for ages 13+, we also have another roleplay server connected to this one that has no despair just a normal school life.
Our server has:
-Helpful and kind staff
-a bunch of channels you can talk in
-fun bots you can play with
-Self-select roles and many more!

Come along and join the killing game while you can, many spots and talents are left come claim one and start your path, what will you choose? Despair or hope?
It has been almost a year since the recall, and Russia is falling. The threat of a second Omnic Crisis is pushing the world into a state of disarray. Human-omnic tension is growing, peaceful cities are under threat, and Katya Volskaya is getting desperate.

This is a literate and selective Overwatch roleplay server with an admin-run plot. We allow up to four characters (2 OC, 2 Canon) and encourage a mature and tolerant environment.

Check out which characters are open here:
We do a bit of everything here whether you join for the emotes, roleplay, or just want to hangout in general we hope to see you there!

•Take in mind that although we do casual rp the server isn't centered around it so make sure to take that into consideration
꧁𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚕𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝙺𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚜𝚞 𝚗𝚘 𝚈𝚊𝚒𝚋𝚊꧂

Active roleplay server set in the world of KNY. We currently are following directly after the hashira arc in the story and are open to derive it in any way as more people join.

Claim a canon character to play or create your own character with our OC template and immerse yourself in our community!


Directly following the Hashira training Tanjiro, along with Inosuke and Zenitsu are still living in the butterfly estate. All is peaceful at the moment; however the demon slayer corps is still on the lookout for Muzan and his twelve demon moons. Days for now may be tranquil, but that can all change in an instant. Giyu has taken to training Tanjiro in further mastery of the breath of water and Rengoku to master the dance of the fire god.

Meanwhile, Muzan is plotting to send his demon moons to kill Tanjiro and the pillars, and slowly the pieces fall into place for him to do so. In a matter of days, all hell will break loose.

This storyline is our main plot, but we have other rooms you can use to do more one on one roleplay was well! We have multiple private roleplay rooms and many areas in the demon slayer world to interact with! Some of these include Mt. Sagiri, the butterfly estate, and Yoshiwara as well!

There is an out of character area for you to chat with other fans and discuss theories and manga chapters with as well! Join today! We hope to add you to our ranks.
Hey, Come join our new rp server!
✧ Indulge yourself in a world where children around the world are being born with peculiar skills that no normal human can possess. These so called ‘super-anthropoids’ are often extremely strong and therefore get hunted down for military experiments and services. And so this faculty was created to teach children, teens and young adults with special abilities to control and hide them, making them able to live in the human world without complications. Gigantic walls surround the campus shield them from the outside, breaking off any contact from the mortal realm, except the interwebs. Everything in this chat is on campus or ooc. .We have a lot to offer like multitudes of roles, about a hundred channels, memes, and kind people ✧
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.
This is a Roleplay Nation Server set in the current years, Modern Age.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, being an Ambassador to other Server Nations, or being an Army General!

Our welcoming community is now of 100+ members, with an active and helpful staff.

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
Welcome to Fragmented! A rwby rp server where you can go pretty much everywhere. Its set a few months after the end of volume 3 (so watching up to at least then is reccomended)
join a small group of ex-students while they try to figure out what is going on or start your own adventure! like i said before you can travel all over remnant.
- there are a few plot masters willing to help you create your own story
- the character creation process is pretty simple
- it's very table top escque, with turn based fights and the usage of dice
- we're open to partnering, just ask for one of the staff to get you started with the process
A nation RP server currently being made but if you want to join and choose a country early go ahead because time is of the essence. We are hoping for very good active members and no toxic guys or arguments in the server! When you join please be patient for we may be busy sometimes but be sure to expect a greeting! I hope you enjoy this adventurous RP where you will change the world with your actions and even a small detail will be a change!
Midnight City. Bustling super metropolis and interdimensional hub for every living and non-living being that can find its way to this city. Everyone is welcome with open arms and many more open doors. It harbors the highest levels of technology and magic making it possible for everyone to live a comfortable and carefree life. This massive sprawling city is the capital of its dimension in both culture, military and science.

Be careful of threading being, gods, powerful warriors, overloads, and crazy futa goddesses that lurk around every corner.

All people that join must be 18+ since this is an ERP server, which has its own areas for Profiles that must be approved, before they can be used.
We are an active community, filled with so many different people that everyone can find some people to play out their fetish. Be it that you wanted to be humiliated, have a soft and gentle experience with someone else, or just feel in charge when it comes to sex. Not only normal Humans await you in this thrilling city: Futanaris, Femboys, Monstergirls and more you can find in here.
Come join the fun and live your fetish in this City!
*Welcome to __Palureina__! The land filled with life from all over the globe, be it the from the tiny gnomes, to the biggest dragon. All races are allowed in this world, where your ancestors from 2 decades ago have fought hard to give, with their own sweat and blood. The ultimate sacrifice was paid for this peace, and it is your job to either keep it that way... or break it, bringing another war into the world. Be one of the higher ranks, whispering into the ears of the your leader, or a simple merchant, selling would be adventurers equipment to venture the world. You can be anything you want to be.*

*__What we offer!__*

:house: We have a channel specifically for you to have your own channel to call home! Just ping one of the Staff, ask him or her for your own home, and boom!

:heavy_plus_sign: **Unlimited OCs!** You can have an army of OC or one OC, it depends on you!

:busts_in_silhouette: Almost any race fits in this world, including custom races you might have made!

:grin: We have what every server gives, fun!!!

***Join now!!!***
In the futuristic Academy City, which is made up of 80% students, many of whom are espers possessing unique psychic powers.

This uses the same lore as the anime version

But here is the catch, There is no Mikoto Mikasa, All of the main cast were killed in a raid to get some persons out of the observatory after it was secretly set into self-destruct mode.

Now you wonder so if we are following the same timeline how will some of the events start right? Well You are the main cast at this point and the things that happened in each arc will happen to you.
We’re a new danganronpa rp server! We have plenty of rp channels, music, mudae, and nsfw/sfw channels. We also allow Nsfw and sfw rp, plus ocs and canons!!
9k+ Users. Rushy's Kingdom is designed with fun, freedom, and diversity in mind. Whoever and whatever you are, Rushy's Kingdom encourages you to show your true colors and be yourself! Enter the kingdom and become a part of this welcoming family of interesting characters. We strive to maintain an active community with thousands of fluffy friends to meet! With planned community events every week such as games, movies, and contests, we work hard to ensure every single member gets a chance to be involved and have fun. All of us at Rushy's Kingdom encourage you to join us and make some awesome and interesting memories along the way!

- Custom bots with fursona commands, interaction commands, currency systems and much more.
- NSFW and SFW channels.
- Lots of new furrs to make friends with.
- RP Channels.
- Self Assignable Roles.
- Media channels for geeks, anime lovers, gamers and much more!
🎊 Apex Roleplay 🎊

A New & Unique ESX Based FiveM Server, We love the ideology of Roleplay and wanted to make an experience worth adventuring, The Community & Its Management have done their absolute best to create an Appealing & unique adventure with every scenario that you encounter and will have you enjoying yourself for hours, Whether you take the straight and narrow law enforcement path or the dark and depth route of a criminal, We have systems in place to create a jaw jarring experience for everyone and anyone, no matter your life journey.

As of 2020/03/21 We have Officially Launched our server and are ready for new members to join & enjoy our city!


Features & Qualities: 📝

▶ Realistic & Fluctuating Economy

▶ Multi-Character Support

▶ Custom EUP Options

▶ Custom Facial Hair, Hair & Tattoo Options

▶ Whitelisted LEO & EMS

▶ Whitelisted Gangs

▶ Custom Civilian & Criminal Jobs

▶ Realistic Vehicle Damage & Handling

▶ Active Development & Staff Team

▶ Custom Features for EMS & LEO

▶ Custom Import Vehicles

▶ Carrying Other Players

▶ Ability to Hide in Trunk

In-Depth LEO Features: 👮‍♂️

▶ Custom MDT

▶ Custom Police Vehicles & Liveries

▶ Custom Police Station /w Many offices & Rooms

▶ Custom Radar Gun & Plate Reader

▶ Custom EUP Uniforms (Includes Custom Subdivision Uniforms)

▶ Custom Arrest Animations

▶ Blood Samples & Testing Kit

▶ Bullet Samples & Testing Kit

▶ Gunshot Residue & Testing Kit

In-Depth EMS Features: 👨‍⚕️

▶ Custom Pillbox Hospital

▶ Custom EMS Vehicle Fleet & Liveries

▶ Custom EMS Male & Female EUP Options

▶ EMS Subdivisions (Med Evaq, Search & Rescue, etc)

▶ Custom Health & Healing System

▶ Custom Revival Animations

▶ Custom Medical Report System (Similar to a MDT)

▶ Medical Marijuana Use Cards

In-Depth Criminal Features: 🕴

▶ Ability to rob NPC Houses

▶ Custom Drug System

▶ Custom Bank Robberies

▶ Custom Jewelry Store Robbery

▶ Illegal Street Racing System

▶ Illegal Vehicle Upgrades & Mods

▶ Custom Gang Hideouts

▶ Ability to Rob/Search Other Players


As stated above, Apex Roleplay is a community where rules & guidelines are strict but still have enough wiggle room to create fun & new roleplay experience, The Strictness of our rules stem in such a way to improve quality of roleplay and ensure everyone has a fun adventure, We have little to no gratitude to those who soul purpose is to adventure out to ruin and trash others roleplay, We do not take these types of actions lightly and will not hesitate to remove a member from the community if found doing such things.

Thank you for taking the time to read & review what Apex Roleplay has to offer, We hope to see you in the discord & soon enough, The city itself.

-Hodder // Apex Roleplay Managment.
Lush Gardens is a laid-back 18 + server with a light focus on BDSM. Come and enjoy the relaxing chats and relax amongst nature, with the mod staff and owner constantly striving for fairness an improvement of the server. We're new server but we're always looking for partners as we try to grow and expand the community. Additionally we have:
• Active voice chats
• Plenty of nsfw tags
• Weekly game nights
• An owner and mod staff dedicated to keeping a relaxed atmosphere for everyone
• Always looking for new servers to partner with
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King

We offer 14 Races and still counting! With numerous new systems and constant updates coming Bi-Weekly (Or a little later, because we like flavor) we constantly look to bring joy and happiness to our players!