Sunuculari memes-fun

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Sunucu1 - 6 gosterimi6
we have gaming and memes and Music and voice chat and reaction roles!!
owner youtube:
owner twitch:
Our server is focused on having fun and memes!
We have:

● Tons of fun channels you can chat and talk
t h i c c NSFW channels, memes and much more.

● 13+ fun and useful bots
Dank Memer, Pokecord, Rythm and Notsobot are some of the bots this server offers.

● Partnerships
DM a moderator to partner

•We're open to suggestions annd ideas! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

It's a server for people who play (mostly Roblox) and also other games (yes it does serve NSFW content lol) and it's also a fun community to hang out with people you have/haven't met before. And most importantly HAVE FUN!!