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The Hang Space is a super friendly, super cool LGBTQIA+ Server! We're accepting any age, any sexuality, any gender! We hope to see you soon! We are focused on making a safe space where all LGBTQIA people and allies can join and be safe together!

We value your opinion, and love when you contribute to help make this server better!

It's easy to apply to become a moderator, and all you have to do is fill out a form! No talking to real humans required!

We want you to join, come and have fun with this small server today!

Deutscher LGBT+ Server!
Self-Roles, Music Bot, etc.
Würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr joined, da wir sehr viel Arbeit in den Server gesteckt haben
Welcome to LGBTQIA+ nest! We are a friendly LGBTQIA server that's also poly-friendly, but we don't have a poly focus! We are an 18+ community.

❤️ Always active staff
🧡 Friendly community
💛 Lots of self assignable roles
💚 Active and joinable D&D campaign
💙 Multiple language chat
💜 Always open vent and support chats
🏳️‍🌈 This is an LGBTQ+ safe space. It's meant to be a place where you can make friends within the LGBTQ+ community.🏳️‍🌈

- Members of the LGBTQ+ community, including allies!
- Vent and rant channels available!
- Colour roles!
- Staff applications open!
- Two Rythm bots and voice channels!
- Daily Questions, Polls, and more!

We hope to see you there! 🏳️‍🌈
If your bored and at home from Coronavirus, this is a place you can be and make friends!
Chill server to talk to old friends and make new ones!
🌸friendly staff
🌸 bots (coming soon)
🌸lots of fun chat rooms
🌸lgbtqia friendly
🌸anyone is free to join
🌸 lgbtqia chat rooms
🌸anime chat room
We are small right now but we hope to grow over time
A Discord server for LGBT+ folks who love Animal Crossing! Primarily meant for making friends, sharing cool stuff regarding your gaming experience, and sharing friend/dodo codes to visit each-other’s islands!

Stuff we’ve got:

🍑┇ Color roles and pronoun roles

🍑┇ A proxy bot for systems

🍑┇ Channels for screenshots, designs, invites, and more!

🍑┇ Categories labeled after ACNH buildings, marked with fruit so it’s easier to read

🍑┇ Easy to read rules and blacklist

🍑┇ A category for Pocket Camp players, given via a self-assignable role

Stuff we don’t tolerate:

🍒┇ Rude people or harassment!

🍒┇ Exclusion! All LGBT+ people are allowed here!

🍒┇ Any sort of LGBT+phobia, ableism, racism, sexism, and so on!

Stuff to do when you join:

🍐┇ Make an intro! It’s how you get server access.

🍐┇ Read the rules and the directory!

🍐┇ Spread the server around! (If you want.)
Were just a normal LGBT server that supports everyone, except for if your a pedophile because pedophiles are disgusting. We have bots, channels and a nice staff (as long as you dont count Tom who's mean when people leave)! C'mon and join New LGBT Group!
Welcome to the Lands of Tiros, young adventurer! or are you a towns member? a blacksmith? You are whatever you want here! You choose to worship one of 3 gods here, each of which will grant you your desire! Here we enjoy just role playing together and enjoying a good time. All people are accepted! We are accepting of the LGBTQIA community and hope you enjoy your time here young adventurer! What are you again? Join us to find out!
A small server for all queers currently affected by social isolation and quarantine.
This place was especially made for people who are currently feeling the mental effects of losing an irl community, being stuck at home with cishet family and your favorite queer places all being closed. You're still welcome to join us if you're just a bit bored from quarantine tho, as long as you're queer you're welcome here.

please note that this server is strictly sfw. we also have a 0 hate tolerance. be nice and respectful to each other or perish.
Welcome to Wynd!
~What is this server?!?!?!
Got the feeling "where in discord am i?,,,," hey, no need to be scared.
This server is a LGBTQ support server, we also are a general (lounge) server too!
We love aesthetics too, so our design is kind-of aesthetic.
So our LGBTQQIAA+ buddies exist in our server peacefully. Just make sure to be a little extra kind too them!
So, welcome to Wynd, a LGBT support and general server.
Love you, arko
Your homoromantic asexual server owner.
~Straight people are welcome too!
A neat server where you can share your love for Sanders Sides (and other fandoms!) We’re completely LGBTQ+ friendly and would love to have you here <3
Welcome to the Rainbow Tree house

This server has:
-Many assignable roles for sexuality
-Verification process to help keep trolls out
-Automoderation to help with spammers, raiders, etc.
-We are a supporting and chill community, we don't judge others(unless you've come to try to troll others)

Hopefully we'll see you there!
This is a MOGAI-safe, tucute-safe, system-safe, LGBTQIA+ safe server! This server is to discuss Star Wars along with LGBTQIA+ identities!

There is a verification process.

Absolutely no exclusionists, tru/meds, TERFS/SWERFS, or anti MOGAI may join. Please find or make your own server.
Heya this is just a check point to block bots and stuff if you join we will let you in just make sure to say a bit about yourself
Are you looking for a small friendly server to just hang out in?
We probably got it, thus 70% of the members are bots.
We got selfroles, polls and an active owner and we are not very picky with rules: that is not an invitation to be a dick tho.
13+, because we don't want any children children in here, 😎
Anime n shit, we gots it
anyway this description sucks, come check it out if you want daily frog pics 😎
I am currently working on this server, but Rainbow Ranch will be a server that you can find new friends, hang out with people and call people just like you! Our server is going to focus on mainly LGBTQIA+ members and ensuring they have the fun they deserve, (as you know these days, there are still homophobes in the world, and we forbid them as everyone is a human being and should enjoy life like everybody else.)
Hi. We are a LGBTQIA+ server which are recruiting gay people. You can connect with other people like you. (If you want to send NSFW do it in dms)
Meet people in the LGBT community! Get support if you need it, or support others. Meet more people in the LGBT community! We're a welcoming group and we accept everyone. No homophobes/transphobes, or anything of that sort. :)

-Head Admin of Gay Oasis
Welcome to the ❄️Frostbite❄️ discord server!
Do note the server isn't 100% finished but is very close to it so bare in mind all the roles aren't set up yet. More will come soon. It is almost done though!
What do we have to offer you might ask? Well let me tell ya!

🌈friendly staff/community

🌈3 step verification system to get rid of bots/trolls/raiders

🌈Mini games like uno, Pokecord, Akinator, tic tac toe, minesweeper, slots, and many more

🌈Level system to unlock new chat percs (WIP)


🌈Clubs to talk about different things (WIP)

🌈SFW server

🌈Over 20 discord bots to keep you entertained and to help run the server

🌈we have our own custom made bot!

So you might be asking yourself. What is this server about? Well let me tell you!

❄️Frostbite❄️ is a winter themed LGBTQ+ and ally community who welcomes all kind of people!

We hope you decide to join our wonderful server!

Permanent server link:
A pretty cool LGBTQ+ folks! We are an inclusionist run server, so please no exclusionists, TERFS, MAPS, TRANSMEDS, or TRUSCUM here please!
Come join the fun! Make new friends, share memes and art and become a member of our family.
Hey! What’s up? We’re here at Furries Unite, which is a great server with lots of potential. If you enjoy fun staff and lots of memes, and çøügh çøügh naughty things. You’ll love our server!

🤪 We’re silly!

🎲 We host events every so often

🤖 We have plenty of bots, you won’t get bored

🐺 We’re furries!!!

🥰 We’re loving to everyone, except raiders 😡

😇 Our staff is amazing and kind

What more could you ask for!?(Dm Ren it you do happen to thing of more) It’s a great place, we’re just lacking the members part. Help us grow bigger and better than before.

~ Ren, Co-Owner
We're a community of people in the LGBTQIA+ community who hold open arms to allies and other queer folks!