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Hello :D My name is Karyssa! Some people call me LiL Cumshot though ^-^ I am looking for more actives and friends to play with. This discord is all about movie nights and game nights! Lot of awesome gamers in chat to speak to and we play a lot of variety different games! I do stream and make videos as well!
🐺 German Insanity Gaming 🖤
Heii, wenn du Bock hast dich mit anderen Gamern auszutauschen denn schau doch einfach mal vorbei 😋

Was wir bieten;
•Reaction Roles
•Viele verschiedene Spiele Chats
•SFW Medien

Unser Server Team wünscht dir viel Spaß 🥰

Server Owner - Lucy aka. Aniii❤️
welcome to a really scary place
mean owner
silent co owner
simp admins
we be new and stuff and we like to vibe and listen to music and play random games
soon i have different events planned
hope some random pedos or sum join idrk
Ce serveur a été créé pour réunir la communauté de Gumiho, une streameuse que vous pouvez retrouver sur Twitch via :

Ce serveur est bien sûr régit par des règles pour conserver un tchat et une communauté qualitative et accueillante.

Sur ce bienvenue à toi dans la meute !
lala’s discord server is a fun community of people aged 13-18 who play video games, watch anime and more. we can be really toxic so if you can take banter this is the place for you :)
ich versuch meinen Discord bisschen zu erweitern.
Falls du öfter mal Leute zum zocken suchst, bist du hier genau richtig. Wir spielen alles mögliche, sind eine echt gut gelaunte Truppe und jeden Tag da.
Falls du Interesse hast und 16+ bist, join doch gerne und schau dir meinen Discord an!^^
Welcome to Gamer Girl Club! Heaven of the Gamer Girls - Yet we do also welcome all da dudes in because what would a party be without the guys?

We offer fun time, dope roles, advertising system, partnerships and more!
||🌸𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼?🌸||

This server is owned by Korniieee, a wholesome girl who loves gaming, offensive jokes and memes. She is creating a community of people who have a sense of humour and good taste in games. Ready for the ride? ;)

Got a good sense of humour and good taste in games? Impress us with them skills and join our Slavic family! We are a community that not only helps out with brightening your day, but we also don't hold back with memes and jokes! We bet you have that dank meme folder waiting to get sent out here, so lets see it!
🌸MUST be 16+
🌸Simps will be bullied lmao
🌸Not for pussies!
this server is a nice place where everyone can just chill and make friends and talk join to find out more
Welcome to Girls supporting girls, we got self assigned roles!
we welcome and support all girls we are trans friendly
this is an overwatch server made for female gamers, a safe place, a positive community we want to make this server a place where all females are accepted and don't get creepy messages from eboys!
although this is a girl only server we welcome couples!
we would like to try keep this 16+
Hello everyone! My name is Gracie and I have a fan/fun chat discord server. Come in and hangout with us. We play games together and this is where I post my streams.
My name is Vybe and welcome to my discord! This is a place to meet new friends, kick but in some games and laugh a little bit!
- We have 5 game channels ( Valorant, Overwatch, Animal Crossing, Fortnite and League of Legends)
- We have an active general chat
- We have people from all over the world
- and several voice channels!
Come hang out!!
Heya, am just an ordinary 20 yrs old finnish girl tryna study medicine~

Am pretty new to this sugaring thing but am also kinda broke so figured i'd try this out + i like getting spoiled even if i might say otherwise. Am very openminded as a person so feel free to express yourself and if anything, am good company chat-wise. On top of this i luv gamin n perhaps we could even play if u're into that :)

Please keep in mind that i do not send nudes!
burası çok tehkeli bir bölge !!!! bu gizli topluluğumuza sende katıl
aslında o kadarda gizli değil
up and coming twitch streamer @WhizDum🖤🖤🖤
join this server to chat with me and hear about upcoming streams
Hi! The Tiny Beasts server is a server catered to gamer girls. we keep the creeps out. so not that it’s “no boys allowed,” but we try to be a mainly girl group (sadly, boys have invaded.) we play all types of games, but we are mostly an apex legends server, on both pc and console (mainly pc). we have side channels for anime, hobbies, animals, memes, and a real-life/general chat to make friends :3 We are looking for staff! We're still a fairly new server
This is a server where we can all just chill. Don't mind the name, its a inside joke. Just keep to the rules and you'll be fine.
a minecraft discord server for minecrafts veterans alike join our server and join our minecraft realm too!!!
✧༺♥༻∞ 🌸 ✧༺♥༻∞
Gaming, movies, socialising and chill 💗 meet new people, reaction role and lots more ✨
Are you failing all your classes? Are you looking for something else to distract you from all those Fs? Are you just another lonely homeschooler looking for some friends? WELP COME IN HERE. It's new so I don't have much set up yet but idk if anyone gonna join but we will see, come hang wiff me !