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idk it's just a server u can chill in and talk in uhh fuckin ig we have epic emotes too and this is like semi-active now
Welcome to the House of Vibe. We're a pretty chill and laid back server for anyone of any sorts.
You are welcome to do pretty much anything soo as long as you don't ruin others vibe. We're laid back but eager to meet new people and befriend you all. We're building a chill talkative community talking about all sorts of things such as music, games, artworks, and soo much many more topics. Alot of dark humor and or nsfw stuff may be posted soo please keep that in mind when joining.

This server includes:

✧ Self roles (May still add more)
✧ Emotes
✧ Music (this is a must have)
✧ Memes
✧ Shrek Shrine
✧ Artwork and photography
✧ Hentai / other NSFW
✧ Partnerships
✧ Friendly community
✧ Active staff
✧ Selfies
✧ Activities
✧ Many bots you could mess around with
✧ And more!

Well what are you waiting for? Come chill and vibe with us whether it be in the channels or vc, our admins won’t bite ya unless you want that.
゚*⭐*゚ ゜゚*✨*゚ ゜゚*⭐*゚ ゜゚*✨*゚
KappaU rarity Charecter giveaway! ends in 48hours and a zeta giveaway ends in 2days! from now! (waifubot) 30/3/20
╭ ╴╴╴╴╴ ↷
〔- ̗̀🍭Hi Hi! Welcome To Bubble Tea Paradise🍭 ̖́-〕
┆›⋆ All Weebs/Otakus are welcome! even if Your just vibin!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Join in and relax with some bubble tea!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Chill Server!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Non abusive mods!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ We also have over 195+ emotes! -Kawaii -comedy ones!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Friendly staff Members!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ We Do Partnerships!
⌦〔 What We Offer 〕
┆›🌸🍙⋆ we have over 20+ bots to play ┆with!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Pokecord/mudae bot!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Gaming/Music Vc!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ GiveAways
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Self/Roles! and mee6 Premium Ranking system!
┆›🌸🍙⋆Kawaii Nekogirl pics!!
┆›🌸🍙⋆Nitro Server!
┆›🌸🍙⋆NSFW/Hentai channel are hiddin.
┆›🌸🍙⋆ we have hiddin channels pick what you wanna see and use!
┆›🌸🍙⋆ We are seeking for New Customers!
┆›🌸🍙⋆Based on Waifubot
┆›🌸🍙⋆ Hope you enjoy ur stay UwU
┆›🌸🍙⋆ ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪
╰ ╴╴╴╴╴╴
Kick back, and chill in music voice channels. Enjoy over 100+ server emotes.
Music wise, the Ukiyo collective and a couple other collectives are often found here. Including a group called Kyoto Crew.
•─────────⋅⋅⊰∙!~┊꒰-🌺 HAVEN 🌺-꒱┊~!∙⊱⋅⋅─────────•

Welcome to HAVEN ! We are a wholesome soft
themed server for all to enjoy !We love making new friends
and making people happy !

•─────────⋅⋅⊰∙!~┊꒰-🌺 HAVEN 🌺-꒱┊~!∙⊱⋅⋅─────────•


ʚ🌺ɞ | NITRO for inviting people ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌸ɞ | 50+ Self assigned fun Roles ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌺ɞ | SFW Wholesome chats ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌸ɞ | Nice and Kind staff members ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌺ɞ | Cool Bots and a Leveling system ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌸ɞ | Plenty of channels to choose from ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌺ɞ | Nitro, art and role giveaways ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌸ɞ | LEVEL 3 BOOST SERVER ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌺ɞ | 250 Emotes ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆
ʚ🌸ɞ | Partnerships ! ∼ ・゚: .⋆


•─────────⋅⋅⊰∙!~┊꒰-🌺 HAVEN 🌺-꒱┊~!∙⊱⋅⋅─────────•

∼【 Join us today ! we're happy to see you ! 】∼
【 owner: ☁ Rin ☁#0002 】

•─────────⋅⋅⊰∙!~┊꒰-🌺 HAVEN 🌺-꒱┊~!∙⊱⋅⋅─────────•
⚠️- Chill chat & active discord server, talk to new people around the world, make friends and play with bots & other members!

( - 𝘽𝙪𝙮 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙢𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘾𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙢 𝙍𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝘽𝙊𝙏 𝙥𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙨!✨ )

- Roles, topic channels, females & males, games, anime, fun bots, custom bot, emotes and much more!

(Currently HIRING Staff.)

˚.༄| Welcome to Serendipity!¡


We are a chill Teen community server with active text and voice channels!


ˏˋ🍃 °•⁀➷ Anyone 21 and under welcome!
ˏˋ 🌳 °•⁀➷ easy going staff, not too strict
ˏˋ🍃 °•*⁀➷ Nitro giveaways!
ˏˋ 🌳 °•⁀➷ Max emotes! Counting on boosters!
ˏˋ🍃 °•⁀➷ verification process for safer selfie channels
ˏˋ 🌳 °•⁀➷ Partnering and hire partner managers
ˏˋ🍃 °•⁀➷ Organized channels
ˏˋ 🌳 °•⁀➷ Self-roles and colours
ˏˋ🍃 °•⁀➷ female and male staff!

꒰‧⁺ Links꒱
FurryHaven is server made to meet new people and make new friends!
We're predominantly a community of Furries, (obviously), but everyone is welcome!

If you’re an artist of any kind, feel free to advertise your work in #advertising and share your art in #art!
Don’t be shy, we like to encourage our friends and see what everyone’s capable of!


I hope to see you there! <3~
゚。 blushie ♡
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .
.     ⁺ ⁺    ˚
a safe server for everyone
Welcome to blushie!
here’s an itty bit of information before joining our wonderful community ::
꒰🟆꒱ blushie is a growing hangout server for everyone!
꒰🟆꒱ blushie is 100% SFW, and is super cute
꒰🟆꒱ with over 500 lovely members in our community, we are really friendly and accepting of others!
other than that,
here’s a list of some things our server offers! ::
꒰🟆꒱ fun bots & games
꒰🟆꒱ partnerships & affiliates
꒰🟆꒱ a large variety of cute emotes & anime emotes
꒰🟆꒱ boost perks & level 1 boosted
꒰🟆꒱ giveaways & qotds
⏤ linkie ::
Come join! This server is made for fun and other stuffs like Bongo Cat emotes! It is still a bit quiet, but over time it will surely change! :3
˚・💗 Welcome to Strawberryville 💗・˚


We are a kind and a very loving community. Our server is a little magical place where you can be yourself, relax, and have fun! Here we have many things to offer and some of them are:

🎀 Self-assigned roles.
🌸 200+ adorable emotes.
🎀 Movie & Gaming nights.
🌸 Lots of bots you can use.
🎀 Lots of friendly & kind people.
🌸 Occasional giveaways & fun events.
🎀 Our own gaming clan you can join.

💗───────── & much more! 。:°.💗
A server for users with Nitro to access custom emojis.
The server itself has some miscellaneous emojis, but it also has links to several other servers;
Babber Emojis (2 servers), Better heart emojis (3 servers), Bugcat emojis, Cat emojis, Cute emojis (6 servers), Default Styled emojis, Dragon emojis, Egg emojis, Face emojis, Holiday emojis, Neon emojis (4 servers), NSFW emojis, Panda emojis, Pepe emojis, Pride emojis (3 servers), Recolored emojis (2 servers), Weird emojis (2 servers) & Word emojis
An emote server with all dancing letter emotes of the alphabet as well as numbers 0-9, plus other non-animated emotes as well
Chess is a brand-new safe for work CGL server that's open to anyone above the age of 16 who has manners! There are roles and emotes based around the game of chess and even offers custom roles! We have many different VC, text, and media channels, along with a suggestion box and all suggestions are considered. Got emote suggestions or requests? Just post the picture in suggestions! ♥
Juicy Emotes is a server for those who nitro and wants emojis.
We do 0 pings and have 70+ emojis!
This is the best server on this damn website tbh. We have a little bit of everything to have some variety in our several channels.
Wanna hang out? Epic! Wanna talk to epic people? Epic! Want to have access to epic emotes? Epic! Wanna date us? uh.. less epic, but still, Epic!
◦ Bunbun is a 200+ emote server of cute bunnies, and although we are an emote server we do have a chat lounge and bots♡
୨୧ - ̗̀ Our overview
-: ✧ :-゜・.︵︵︵ ⊰
`💌`‧₊˚ a small, angel themed aesthetic/neat server.
`🌼`‧₊˚ soft and loving staff.
`💌`‧₊˚ cute emotes.
`🌼`‧₊˚ many channels.
`💌`‧₊˚ comfy place for all.
`🌼`‧₊˚ sfw server.
`💌`‧₊˚ small & growing server.
`🌼`‧₊˚ self roles / pick your own color.
-: ✧ :-゜・.︵︵︵ ⊰
Nothing to see here, just emotes.

Join our main server "Hoes Mad"
/r/GabrielDropout is a tightly knit community of people who want to hang out with others as well as come together over emotes of our favorite characters from Gabriel Dropout! We're also the official server for the Gabriel Dropout subreddit!
Here you will find:
>Discussions of all sorts
>Events and occasional giveaways
>Great memes and community members
>Tons of other neat things
>People who run out of things to put on a list
Loli kanna ♡ is a cute themed server where you can get to know people from all over the world! this server has alot of cute emotes and places to show off your talent! you can also promote your social medias.
This server is made to share cute emotes around discord! We strive to keep the emotes as high quality and as clear as possible. This server is not meant to be a community so there are limited chats here
Cute emotes for the general public! Join in and have access to our large selection of emotes and gifs, and maybe make some friends along the way! (Full access to emotes for nitro users only)

More emotes have been recently added, so don't be afraid to show off your newest emotes and gifs to your friends, and share with others so you don't look lonely :p

(120 emotes and counting!)