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Welcome, new citizen to Kiretsu Kira Town!
Remember to be nice to others, and don't forget to have fun!
Now, let me tell you the story of Kiretsu Kira!
Once upon a time, three powerful fiends ruled over this land, they were known as Dystopia, Gorz and Kuriboh.
They ruled this nameless land for years, until the Rebellion of Light came up, and trapped these tree powerful fiends inside Stone Tablets.
But some little time ago, a powerful entity turned the Stone tablets into three Duel Monsters cards, and handed them to three powerful duelists in Kiretsu Kira Town, but no one knows who they are!
On the other hand, Kaiba Corp has financed a brand-new Duel Academy inside Kiretsu Kira! And now, most of the people come to the new Pandemonium Academy to earn themselves a place in the world of Duels!
So, anyways, have fun in Kiretsu Kira, but remember, be careful with the Duel Spirits....
a New server based around dueling book and custom cards, and a Free Expanse rp style. no pre-set story (unless you count lore as that which then shame on us.), you can make your own! we won't give many details here, you'll have to join for those ;).
This is a great server to participate in tournaments with custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or just to stay and chill and talk to people. You dont need to download anything, we use the desktop site DuelingBook. Most people here are nice and willing to chat, help and/or have a cassual duel. We not only have a banlist and official and unnofficial tournaments but also allow every user on the server to vote on how to improve the server, what cards should get hit and so much more. We like our users to feel heard. so definitely give it a try. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!
June 2020 we still rolling. Alisare Kingdom is a Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and RP server with a mildly dark plot and casual non meta decks to make for fun duels. Deep lore and well thought out plots included.
● Fair and decisive staff
● Custom cards accepted AND moderated in the RP
● Ability to freely use a custom character and evolve their personality and deck as we progress
● Tournaments at least once a week involving a range of different things such as pure attributes TCG meta and OCG meta

● Lore Sneakpeek: The world is divided into districts and cities. A pro league of duelists has been formed from these cities where these duelists are able to make insane amounts of money and gain prestige. In Alisare Cylite City there are three factions that rule the city currently alongside a mayor and a police force. The @Ancient Faction is the oldest faction and has been in a decline recently. They believe now in victory at all costs and using strategy over brute force. One of the newcomers the @Ikigai Faction believe in seeking duelists with a higher purpose and dueling with honor. The final faction, the @Magical Hats Faction, is a chaotic faction that believes in dueling for entertainment and being care free duelists.

Join now into one of these factions and fight for control of territories in order to boost your Faction into the ruling state of the city and hopefully: become a Pro League Duelist.
welcome to duel acadamy this server is cannon to the anime and it is after vrians here is what we offer
friendly staff
fun arcs
and custom cards
and so much more
i hope to see you soon
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Very active and friendly community, perfect for anyone. Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! We are not a roleplay server!
The last few weeks have been wierd, many people suddenly just vanish, as if they went on vacation... But no one has any idea where they are, even the news and police are confused. Who will you be? The one behind the vanishment? A police looking into the case? A curious minor who wants to be the hero? Or just a bystander? Whatever you will be, once you set in this city... Your life will not be normal any longer.

Heyo, we are a small but fun Server who offer Roleplaying about yugioh on the website Duelingbook. We dont have many members rn, but we hope you still give us a chance to prove ourselves! Everyone is welcome, no discrimination, no bullying, as long as you are a human being you are very welcome here ^w^ looking forwards to meet ya!
Hello there!
I am sure you might be looking for something new or more refreshing... That's our goal as well!
In this server, we aim to have fun using our Custom Cards (Yu-Gi-Oh! related) in a safe space without having others complaining about what we use or why we use them. That's the fun part of using Custom Cards! Creating without limits.
Also, have a good and safe environment where we can learn how to really create good stuff with people who can not just teach but share different types of ideas.
... What do you think it would look like if we were capable of actually dueling others with the possibility of them playing at your level? The whole point of this having this place is to learn, be better, have tournaments, official matches, intense duels with equal possibilities of winning and losing. Without OP Extreme duels OR Troll cards to deal with in every duel involving Custom Cards.
This is why we must be aware of what we create. Not to have wins every single game, but to have FUN!
Besides, having a community where we can share ideas, test together, play as freely as we can and have people that shares the same views as well. That's what matter the most.
I believe we can achieve this. Together.
Join us!
In this world a man named Aeon had taken over Kaiba Corp. and turned it into Timespace inc., with his new money and power he laid back and let duel gangs run wild in Neo Den City with nobody to stop them until a man with odd eyes came along and started his own gang that had the dream of taking down Aeon and putting Kaiba back to power, they eventually succeeded and the gang was disbanded, and all other gangs had disappeared, 20 years have passed and duel gangs are starting to come back with somebody pulling the strings behind all of them, this is the start of a new problem.
We are a Yugioh server that enjoys playing and making Custom cards for Yugioh. We hope you come join us and meet some new people or if you are just interested in Custom Cards

-Weekly Custom Card or TCG Tournaments

-Card reviewers to review and give feedback on your decks

-Helpful staff and community for your custom card needs

-Custom Card decks that you are able to use

Hope you enjoy our server!
This is Ez (Slifer's Dorm)! A chill server where you can talk to randoms you've never met before, catch up with old friends and meet new people with similar interests. We have mostly a Yu-Gi-Oh! Community but have branched out to other communities such as Pokemon and MTG. We talk about many subjects including Games, Politics, Music and Sports. If you want to meet new people and have fun why not come along and add to an ever growing server? Everyone is welcome!
- 150+ Members
- Friendly and active atmosphere
- Current and past format tournaments
- Welcome innovation and changes
- Multiple Bots and Roles
- Multiple Nationalities
The Yugioh Custom Card Union (CCU) is aiming to be the foremost place for TCG-level Custom Card Design on Discord! Join other designers in making your own custom cards as though you were at Konami, balancing around the current format, and engaging in duels, and weekly tournaments on Duelingbook (given we have enough members to run those!). CCU's goals are to differentiate itself from other Custom Card Servers by having its banlist run concurrently to the Konami TCGs', so members are required to think like a real card designer, and balance around the ecosystem and years of cardboard Konami's produced already! So come on in, and get designing!
WITBAIDB? (or What is the best Archetype in Duelingbook?) is one hell of a journey to find the answer only half the people will care about. The link to the series can be found here ( If you want to help me along this maddening trip, then go ahead and join this server.
Welcome to the REALM. We specialize in designing and balancing custom cards, and building a community around that. We try to separate the diamonds from the rough, helping you figure out what is wrong with your custom cards, how it can be designed better, and how it can be balanced with the current game. We don't have any gimmicks: no custom F&L list, no custom mechanics, and no random rules. We use full TCG rules, and we use DuelingBook for card creation and dueling. And best of all, once you have a custom archetype all ready to be reviewed in the server, we have one of the fastest turnover times. Our reviewers will almost guaranteed look at your cards within 2-3 days and give you a rundown. No week-month long waits.

-Fun Community
-Solid Review Team
-Voice chat role
-Constant support for what you can do to make the best customs you can

Join us today!
Want to try something new? Interesting in seeing whats its like to duel without Konami cards? Have a knack for creating custom cards? Well your in luck! Ultimate Pure Custom Cards is live and activate and would love to see your wonderful face. Check us out on Discord and we hope to see you soon!
Would you be interested in delving into an unexplored part of Yu-Gi-Oh? Might I introduce, the Bootleg YGO Encyclopedia. A server where you can come delve into discussions about Bootleg (fake) YGO cards or just have a laugh at them. We have an index of all the discovered Bootleg cards. With more cards being discovered everyday, every visit brings something new to discover. If you would like to see an example of what these cards look like:
Join today!
In the splintered reality of Arc-V, the 4 dimensions, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Standard remain fractured, and yet peaceful in the current moment. While Fusion's tendrils of control and conquering might reach further still into Xyz, and the discontent of the Commons threaten the Synchro dimension, the worlds find themselves at a standstill.

And yet, from each dimension, duelists the worlds over seek their fortune and fame in tournaments, battle, or play, sharpening their dueling skills as the fate of the universe rests on the razor's edge. You are one of these fated duelists, about to realize how close to chaos each dimension truly is, when the Worlds Collide.

YU-GI-OH! ARC-V: WORLDS COLLIDE is a Duelingbook-based RP server set just before the Fusion dimension's invasion of Xyz, in the peace before the storm. While much of the plot of Arc-V is canon, the main characters of the traditional story are absent, leaving much of the overarching plot to concern you, the player, and your peers on the server.

If you like:
-Detailed, paragraph-level RP, set in a world of Yugioh, and mounting unrest
-Duelingbook, using canon cards (and custom versions of existing cards, like Links that would be otherwise unusable)
-A small, homely atmosphere in the server, where everyone knows everyone
-MR3 gameplay, with all the Roleplay Etiquette and panache of classic anime duels
-and more!
then YU-GI-OH! ARC-V: WORLDS COLLIDE might be the place for you!
Customs usually get the representation of being bad, but what if they were balanced? That's what JACCS (Just a Custom Card Server) is for.
We have tourneys every week with approved cards using our approval system. Our tournaments always have a 6 day dono prize for DB, and we also have other fun tournaments such as the random decks tournament where we have 50 random decks that we'll assign for you to play.
If you like making custom cards, getting help from them, or just shitposting, JACCS is the Place for you
(This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay server.)
────────── o ──────────
This message is intended for Rich Academy applicant.
────────── o ──────────
Dear applicant,

Hello, and thank you for applying for Rich Academy! We are a school dedicated to growing the minds of young duelists both through dueling and expanding their knowledge of the world around them!

You may notice, as you walk around the premises, that there may be quite a few students who are interacting and talking with duel spirits! This is one of the many schools that encourages the students to interact with their card spirits, as they are great companions and they know things that we, as humans, couldn't possibly comprehend.

You may be wondering, and yes, you're correct, we do have tournaments with various prizes, including premium-released cards, given by Seto Kaiba himself, or simply the prize of knowing after all of your success, you managed to defeat every duelist who stood in your way, and made it to the top!

I hope you enjoy your time here at Rich Academy. When you arrive, please come to my office to retrieve your dorm uniform, and you may ask any questions you have.

With safe regards,
Jack Feurstein
Headmaster of Rich Academy

────────── o ──────────
If you received this letter by mistake, please send it back to the shipping address on the back of the envelope.
────────── o ──────────
Yugioh: Forge Your Path is a slice of life rp where you may be headmaster, a teacher you name it. Remember to have fun and please when you make your character add a deck picture. Though this server takes place at Meteor City and a Duel Academy. Here we use Dueling Nexus and Duelingbook sometimes.
It is the year 2050 and we have had many technological advancements however sadly the world ended up breaking into apocalypse as people found the need to fight for resources. Now a baran wasteland the world was left in chaos but one place emerged from the ashes. Hextopia. Hextopia promised to be a massive utopia which would allow everyone to escape from the violence and death of the outside world but due to the corruption of the place it ended up being an inescapable hell hole. Now the corrupt government oppreses those who came here for safety and a chance at a second life. There is a lot of conflict between individuals and it is mainly solved through dueling. Who will survive and who will be king of the rubble when all is said and done? Get your deck and duel disk ready to find out.
V.I.S.I.O.N an acronym for Video Imagery Support Intelligence Operations Network. Is a city only very new? Nobody seems to know about its origins or where it came from, one day it just suddenly seemed to exist! Despite its origins being mostly secret, many people were taken to this city (most against their will) where they would spend the rest of their lives never able to get into contact with anywhere outside of this strange city. After a few weeks, a society formed around the city with brand new social structures as the people quickly realized there was no escape and that the entire city was surrounded by ocean. Not much is known about the individuals who run the city or their motivations for doing this but they run the city and control the citizens through highly sophisticated robots which will duel and eliminate anybody who steps out of line. Cards in this city are readily available and Duel Monsters seems to be the number one hobby everyone seems to turn to after entering the city. New people who enter the city are referred to as EYEs by the general public and are deemed that until a full year of living in the city. New individuals who arrive at the city due to malicious kidnapping are drugged and find themselves waking up in strange pods where they are given a mobile phone like device called transmitters and a Duel Disk.
This server is a sever for RP. If you don't like to rp you are still welcome here.
This server takes place in the town of Halo. A town where dueling is a way of life. People have a chance to join one of the most prestigious dueling schools in the world and become dueling pros.
We hope to see you here at Nebula Academy.
Welcome to Yugioh: Cross Fate!

Insignia City, it is the city in which duelists have come to strive for. It is also the bane of any duelist who can not earn DP. In Insignia City being a duelist isn't just a hobby it's a way of life. Duelists gain and lose DP everyday. Any other job stopped paying normal currency, so that duelists wouldn't have to take up a job. Of course there are Pro Duelists, these duelists gain double DP and only lose half DP.

However, in this city there are those wanting to gain DP illegally and use it to make illegal cards and duel disks; these individuals are known as the Black Diamonds. The Black Diamonds are a group of thieves, hitmen, and just overall criminals, they will do whatever it takes to earn DP. Duelists are warned to not challenge any of these individuals and if they are challenged, call Security immediately.

Security for the most part does their job, but at the end of the day, majority of Security has 3rd rate duelists, who only want the special technology which keeps their DP from getting stolen. Why doesn't Insignia know about this technology? Simple, the Head of Security wants to keep it to himself rather than spend DP to mass produce the technology for other duelists.

In the background of the city there are those who wish to stop the Black Diamonds, these Vigilantes work outside the law, while still abiding by the law for the most part. Most Vigilantes however, do not take up a name such as normal heroes, they simply just stay hidden and attack the Black Diamonds directly where none can witness their deeds
On the lighter side of Insignia aspiring duelists work all the way up to Ascension Academy, this Academy is for students who have finished Duel School, and wish to be a Pro Duelist. Ascension Academy is not an easy academy to get into, most applicants can't pass the entrance exam. However those who do enter Ascension have an easy life, they have their own dorm, which is filled with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a bath shower, a livingroom and a full size kitchen. On top of the high-class dorms, they serve top-quality food in the cafeteria to match almost any taste. There are no classes, duelists simply challenge each other to "Grading Duels" these duels award duelists GP instead of DP; GP is used to graduate from Ascension, however, once students reach 0 GP they are expelled, it takes 100000 GP to graduate from Ascension Academy. Most students give up, but those who persevere become amazing Pro Duelists.