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Заходи на сервер, можешь найти новых друзей, играть с ними в разные игры, адекватные администраторы которые услышат тебя и многое другое ждёт вас на этом сервере!))
This server is based on our currently existing gaming community, which is "counter strike 1.6". If you are looking for some engaging FPS server, consider trying some of the servers out! However, this community isn't only about the game, we have numerous discussions about anything, including many inside or inappropriate jokes. The server is intended for fun, chatting, chilling and generally just having a good time.
Hey du.. ja genau du.. :) Wir sind eine kleine familiäre Servergruppe und freuen uns auf deinen Besuch! Wir spielen sehr viele unterschiedliche Spiele und heißen jeden Mitspieler Willkommen ^^ Schau doch mal gerne vorbei und helfe uns, unsere Community aufzubauen :) man sieht sich
Aw3‘s Communitygem

Hier könnt ihr
-Mitspieler für verschiedene Spiele finden
-Musik hören
-Casino Spielen
-Einfach Zeit im Chat mit netten Leuten verbringen
-Fortnite Rette die Welt Tradepartner / Mitspieler finden
-An Gewinnspielen teilnehmen
**Welcome to Butter Gaming!**

We are looking to make a friendly gaming community where you can meet new friends!

We offer...

**Self roles**
**Different game roles** and we are open to request to add whatever game you would like to see
**Friendly staff that is involved in the community**
**Active members that play a wide variety of games including R6 Siege, 7 days to die, Escape from Tarkov, and many more!**

If this sounds interesting feel free to check us out and become part of our family!
This is still a WIP, so many games have not been added to the roles.
brock's vibe room is a basic discord that has the purpose of bringing people together and making friends. this server is a community gaming bases server that doesnt have many rules and has laid back members. why not check it out and stop on by?
We are "Human Gaming" and we believe that we are all just humans gaming that want an easy way to connect with each other.

Looking to fill gaming slots for our dedicated servers! We have dedicated servers for the following games: The Forest, Unturned, & Minecraft. The more people that join, the more gaming servers we will be adding. ^_^
We here at Rogues Network are centered on providing a good, healthy, environment where everyone can join without feeling unsafe.

We offer:
Battlefield V community
CS:GO community
Flashing Lights community
GTA community
FiveM community
A Division 2 clan

Join us today to be part of a fun and friendly server!
❤ Идеальный сервер! Тут есть: 💙
🏕 Красивое и понятное оформление 🏞
🎮 Система комнат 🕹
💬 Чаты новостей, игроков или донатеров 💭
🎵 Музыкальный бот 🎶
💸 Система привилегий и отдельные чаты для випов 🎭
⚔ И многое другое 🌟
💬🎤🎧 Заходите в PosMan Chat! 🎧🎤💬
This is a csgo community, not any csgo community though, a community that brings together hvh players and cheaters, learn how to config, chat with the community, create cheat ideas, and even share configs with our config sharing channel.

Our server is designed to look like a country, it is under disguise to keep discord moderators from deleting. Please read #laws and keep to the rulebook. Don't use red words, use green words, thanks!

⌜Server About ⌟
Hello 👋, my server is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & I’m looking to grow it by asking for chill & active players to come play, chat, & join the community! All are welcome to join, hope to see you in the community soon!

⌜ Server Link ⌟

⌜ Server Owner ⌟

⌜ Server Features ⌟
🙌 Overall neat/fun server interface! (Well organized for easy access to all channels, with a nice look and feel.)

🥇 Rank up roles for active users! (As active users on the server rank up, new fun roles will get assigned.)

💬 Community text/voice channels! (Chill & chat with others from the community via text or voice.)

🎮 Gaming text/voice channels! (Find teammates to queue up with & play competitive CS: GO.)

👥 Trading text/voice channels! (You can send trade offers, post your items up for trade, etc.)

🎵 Music text/voice channels! (You want to listen to music & play at same time? I got you.)

🐸 Meme’s text channel! (Text channel for all the memers, post all kinds of memes here.)

🎬 Clips text channel! (Advertise Twitch stream clips, YouTube videos, etc. here.)

🖥 Screen share text/voice channels! (Easily share your screen with two clicks)

🤖 Server consists of multiple bots! (Music, updates, ranks, etc.)

➕ Server is still in the works! (More features coming soon.)
hola aca hago cualquier cosa, asegurate de leer las reglas cuando entres,
-tenemos buena staff.
-hacemos eventos para yt de vez en cuando.
-videos casi diarios.
*Don't know why it keep saying that we're only 8 members. We're 35 by now!* New and cosy Danish/English speaking friendly and open server. Looking for new gamer friends for all kinds of co-op and mmorpg games. ^^,
Also lots of dank memes and stuff.

Join if you're a nice nerd.
Members aged mainly 18-25.
CS:GO-[FR] est un serveur discord qui a pour vocation de regrouper des joueurs, joueuses et teams de tous niveaux pour jouer ensemble, s'entraîner, s'affronter en tournois.

CS:GO-[FR] regroupe aussi des joueurs de tous niveaux qui souhaitent créer une équipe ou en rejoindre une.

Nous accueillons également de nombreuses teams pour practices et tournois.

Ambiance friendly, rejoignez nous ;)
lien :

At Glory Gaming, we embrace the casual fun, the challenge and the competitiveness of multiplayer gaming. Be it survival games, sports games, shooters or button bashers; we aim to build a powerful community of like-minded gamers and gaming enthusiasts around the world - bringing together casual players and eSports competitors to represent a wider community to be proud of.

We will be holding monthly giveaways, competitions, fun events, hosting dedicated game servers and helping competitors burst into the eSports scene.

We hope you have fun, find new pals to enjoy your favourite titles with and enjoy being a part of the Glory Gaming community!
Заходи к нам на GAMING SERVER тут много общения и разных плюшек!Здесь можно найти новых друзей или пригласить старый и играть вместе!
˜”°•.˜”°• ℤ𝔸ℙℝ𝔸𝕊ℤ𝔸𝕄𝕐 ℕ𝔸 𝔾𝔸𝕄𝕀ℕ𝔾 𝔸ℝ𝔼ℕ𝔸 •°”˜.•°”˜

Serwer Gaming Arena zaprasza graczy każdej gry!
•Aktywny serwer
•Ciekawy Sklep
•Możliwość posiadania własnego kanału głosowego
•Wspólne granie
•Dużą ilość rang

Przekonaj się o reszcie dołączając na serwer!
Hello, vous cherchez un serveur gaming accès CSGO ? Ou juste un serveur communautaire ! la FloZon est faites pour toi ?
ici on va etre bref ;)
vous vennez pour geeker parler les gens seront au rendez vous ,
DES RECOMPENCES ? biensur , plus vous invitez des gens plus votre grade sera élevé et votre impacte au GIVEWAY sera élevé ,
un STAFF a l écoute et actif
des membres non toxic
alors qu attends tu ? RUSH B !
Whats poppin gamers welcome to the Gates of Hell! I know the name might be intimidating (and yes, there is slight toxicity) but once you get to know us you'll realize that were just a bunch of dumbass kids who like to meme around. Anyone can join and we welcome all people from all walks of life! Its pretty E p i c ; ]
Un serveur où tu peux enfin trouver des français de ton niveau qui jouent à CS:GO.
Tu peux choisir ton rank, et tes maps en peut-être tomber sur les personnes qui te correspondent !
Fini les croisements de doigts en lançant une game, priant de ne pas tomber sur des cancers.
Nous t'attendons afin d'étendre ce petit discord convivial avec un staff adorable et une communauté merveilleuse !
Welcome to my CSGO Community,
We talk about HvH here, we have source leaks, good configs and a lot of other useful tools for the HvH Servers
in questo server siamo quasi tutti italiani, cerchiamo team di giochi competitivi ed anche streamer. rispettate le 4 regole in #regolamento e vi auguro del puro e sano divertimento.
Всем привет people! У меня хорошая новость, на сервере проведётся розыгрышь авп гадюка (1-е место авп, 2-е место Fenix) Всё что нежно это актив на сервере и набрать 300 участников,так что приглашайте друзей и общайтесь в чатах.