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Four Clans, one home. BlazeClan, fierce and intelligent. GladeClan, free-spirited and wise. CreekClan, fun-loving and supportive. RidgeClan, honorable and kind. What conflicts might they face? What adventures might they go on? What are the secrets of their past?
Join us in the Forgotten Lands for a great roleplaying experience! We are not traditional Clans, we don't play by the rules. Explore the lore and drama and emotion that this roleplay can offer.

(This server is based on the Warriors books!)
Note: We have a verification channel, just before you can gain access to the main channels.

Hello everyone! We're a relatively big community server with 6 years under our belt and our very own bot called Beemo! Along with a Warframe clan that's also looking into creating alliances with other clans, if you're into Warframe, looking for a clan or looking to create alliances, join up! We currently have one alliance going and even a hub server where all clans can interact with each other!

Note: The clan is only on PC!

We're also a fun gaming oriented community with a broad scope of interests also included: anime (*Ahem* JoJo), community events, and more!

Bonjour Le serveur rôle play '' free city '' est un serveur réaliste, après une vague de séismes dans le monde entier les habitants se sont regrouper à des endroits stratégique, comme free city.

Le serveur à un systeme de clan : les rainbowz, les rebelles et les knives tous avec des caractéristique différente.

Le serveur est très libre vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez tant que c'est possible dans la vraie vie.
🌑🌲⛰️ Welcome to Warriors: Six Clans! 🌙🐟🌿

Long ago, six cats and their followers from the original clans, names long lost, followed the will of starclan, and went on a journey. They established their homes, and their clans.

**Boulderclan**, a strong and sturdy clan living near rocky part of the river. The cats of this clan are especially skilled at combat.

**Cypressclan**, an agile clan that hunts mostly birds and lives primarily in the more heavily wooded part of the forest. They often have a large amount of herbs at their disposal.

**Hillclan**, an often laid back and easygoing clan living near the base of the hills.

**Jaggedclan**, an often aggressive and sharp clawed clan living in the scraggly foliaged wastelands near the southern end of the forest. They’re frequently wary of and hostile towards the other clans.

**Minnowclan**, a clan skilled at fishing and swimming that lives next to a large lake. They’re lax on the rules, and allow medicine cats to have mates and kits, and the whole clan takes part in raising kits.

**Sloeclan**, a swift and long legged clan living in the mostly open fields at the northern edge of the forest. They seem to have a relaxed way of life.

Now, the descendants of these cats live in relative peace, for the most part. But now, trouble seems to be brewing...

♥️ plot has yet to begin.
♦️ Very LGBTQ+ friendly!
♣️ Basic grammar requirement only.
☆𝓣𝓱𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓷☆

The dawn of the tribes occurred once thy ancient felines inhabited the island, many centuries ago. These ancestors did not originate on the volcanic land, they traveled to the untouched domain due to a vision for their upcoming generations:
The arrival of the 'Ancients.'
Three cats created tribes based on their skills and name; Tribe of Lapping Tides, Tribe of Twisting Vines and the Tribe of Scorching Stones. Their disagreement caused bias and rage within the ranks of the tribes and brutal skirmishes continue to plague their battling borders.
Now, a new omen lingers ahead:
☆All will Hunger
Tribe against Tribe in a War for Quarry
Blood against Blood,
Kin versus Kin☆

⊱ ────── {☆What we offer☆} ────── ⊰

✧ Are LGBTQ+ friendly
✧ Semi-lit and Literate Roleplays
☆ Open High Ranks
☆ Fun Roleplays
☆ Creative Plots
☆ A Great Community
☆ Freedom To Explore The Island!

Join us!! :)
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

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Willkommen im Wald


Hier findest du ein tolles und neues Roleplay! Wir sind noch klein, aber wer sagt, dass sich das nicht ändern kann? Es kommen immer mehr Leute und so macht es richtig Spaß zu rpen <3


Dich erwartet
• Eine sehr übersichtliche Channel Auswahl
• Ein freundliches Team (welches noch Verstärkung braucht, wenn mehr Leute kommen!)
• drei schön gestaltete Clans, Wasserclan, Blütenclan und Blutclan.
Jeder Clan hat seine eigene Persönlichkeit
• Viele Rollen und Ränge, die Abgeleitet sind von der 》Warrior Cats《 Buch Reihe von Erin
• Ein Fan Roleplay der bekannten Buch Reihe 》Warrior Cats《

Also! Joine dem Server noch jetzt, um Teil unserer Familie zu werden und uns damit zu unterstützen. Der Spaß bleibt auch nicht zu kurz.

Wir sehen uns!
Welcome to the Clans Unraveled!
These 5 clans will be the future…
🌹Roseclan, the kindest of the clans. They are welcoming to all cats, the most likely to take in kittypets from the nearby Twolegplace
🔥Flameclan, a clan as fierce as the flames it was named after. They are loyal above all things, to their clan and to the code.
☁️Mistclan, an air of elegance and grace to each one of its members. They seem to appear out of nowhere, stalking in as quietly as the mist.
🌲Treeclan, are the proudest of the clans, and the loudest to boot. They are strong willed and hard headed, never backing down from a challenge.
💨Breezeclan, the quickest of the clans. They live on the rolling hills, and are as mysterious as they are witty.

These clans make up the future of the warrior cats, they must deal with illness, wars, wild animals, and much more. But with pain comes happiness, kits, love, and joy. Come help us create the future in Clans Unraveled!
~Welcoming community~
~Friendly and helpful staff~
~LGBT+ friendly~
~Looking for partners~
Come and join us on your adventures!
Owner: Dizzy#5348
Warriors: Hidden Shadows

In the forest, mountain and on the island three Clans many moons ago build their camps becoming PetalClan, BerryClan and DoveClan, living in peace for many generations and for many generations to come they hope. Maybe they aren't aware of the danger that is threatening the existence of the Clans.

It has been peace in the forest for many generations. Maybe it is a bit too peaceful? The cats of the dead is lurking in the shadows, growing strong where no one is seeing. The places where no one has been before. The place where the cats more evil than in the dark forest go. Banished from the land in StarClan and The Place Of No Stars. The dead is rising...

Now it's up to you. Which path will you choose? Who's side will you pick?

• Open for partnerships
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Nice members
The Universal Union's Earth city of City 52. Originally Manila, Philippines. Offers Combine aesthetic not seen anymore. Need people!
Schon seit ewigen Zeiten leben Clans in diesem Gebiet. Der SturmClan, der LichtClan, der NebelClan und der KristallClan. Lange Zeiten herrschte Frieden zwischen ihnen, bis schließlich ein riesiger Krieg seinen Anfang nahm.
4 Blattwechsel lang tobten Schlachten zwischen den 4 Clans. Die Katzen wechselten zwischen den Clans hin und her, starben oder überlebten. Erst vor 2 Monden kehrte der Friede zurück.
Doch aus den 4 Clans waren 5 geworden: der MoorClan hatte sich gebildet.
Endlich herrschte wieder Frieden - doch dieser war schon wieder bedroht. Denn eine Streunergruppe hatte sich gegründet. Der DunkelClan war geboren - eine Gruppe Katzen mit dem Ziel, die anderen Clans zu vernichten.

Sei auch du ein Teil dieser Welt! Lebe dein Leben als Clankatze, als Streuner oder Hauskatze! Was wirst du erleben? Liebe, Trauer, Hass? Alles steht dir offen! Komm zu uns und bestimme über dein Leben!
C'est un serveur Discord avec pour thème les dessins animés (manga) puis avec une communauté très petite cependant très actif!

Une communauté petite mais plûtot actif et énergique!
Tu as à faire un choix entre deux clans : les anges ou les démons
perso je suis démon. Écris ton choix avec un @ dans le salon clans!

Des salons partages, publicités ou même juste pour parler!
Tu as le droit de te faire de la pub, tu peux me MP Uchiro#9128.
Des rôles hors du communs!

Voici ton laissé passé :

Gavetas Gaming was founded as a Portuguese organization focused on the community aspect of mobile gaming. With our international expansion we want to be home for every mobile gamers all around the world, wether if they are causal or competitive players.
In our Discord server we keep in close contact with all the players in our clans, as well as with any outsiders just looking for playing mates, create relationships that become so strong they can be life changing.
We provide a safeguard environment, embedded in positivity and where toxicity is forbidden.
Join us and be part of the GG - Gavetas Gaming family.
Things started to turn horribly wrong in the old territories, an avalanche destroyed most to all of the camps and territory. An invasion from the Coven and the Sisterhood seemed certain to occur, two horrible cult like groups. In order to save the clans it was decided that those who wish to leave will search for better and... hopefully more peaceful lands.

Falconclan - The loyal and resilient cats led by Falconstar, the founder of Falconclan.

Hollyclan - The kind and more peaceful of the clans, led by Hollystar, however it seems that she has gone missing.

Sootclan - The more aggressive and cold cats, led by Blackstar.

However, things are not all well as the clans find the new territories, as a new band of cats, The Tribe of Creeping Shadows, poses a new threat for the clans.

And to the tribe these new cats are invading their lands. Preventing them from living their peaceful nomadic lifestyle. They don’t wish to cause any trouble- but as The season of Running Rabbits come to a close the nomads are forced to decided. Fight for their traditions and life or be forced to change everything they know.

How will you decide these cats fate? Will you side with the tribe that calls these lands their home- or perhaps the clans migrating from the north in search of a better home.

This is a Semiliterate-literate group that is current in transfer from its parent group. High ranks are open!
Greetings! To you, you must be bored and looking for a new roleplay server for you.
Enter the four clans Maple, Jagged, Wisp and Lucent. Lurking in the dark is Cryptclan...
Leading from all four clan's knowing is a lake called Corruption's Lake, the lake is known for multiple cats disappearing and never returning. All pathways have been blocked off, although Crypt will open it again letting the forest leading into the lake. The Confusing Willows have been released and the Dark forest is ready to convince cats to join them and head to corruption lake. While Starclan is struggling to control the four clan's tension as Crypt destroys the peace and their bonds. Will you save the clans or waste away into the Corruption of the Cursed lake...
Mapleclan - The biggest clan although have plenty of flaws of being too kind and laid back. They live in a beautiful maple forest and don't train often...
Jaggedclan - In the mountains, enormous cats and thick pelts, Jagged is the most powerful up-close fighting.
Wispclan - As fast as the wind swiftly breezing by their open fields territory. The fastest clan out of the four...
Lucentclan - The most intelligent & stealth clan, they are known for ambushes and strategies.
Cryptclan - ???
Want to know more about all clans come on in!
This server offers
-Many high ranks as we are new!
-Staff roles
-Five different and diverse clans
-Starclan & Dark forest cats are playable
-An interesting and never stopping plot
-3 OC spots upon joining and unlock up to 8 by leveling up
-A fun family!
We are aiming for the comfort of everyone, as well as providing one of the best warrior cats servers out there. If interested please give us a try!
Hello! Welcome to Warrior Cats - Lost in Shadows

You're probably wondering why you would want to join our server but trust me I'll tell you all about it!

We have fun bots, all five clans, friendly staff and a laid back atmosphere.

We've also made sure that we have all of the right channels to guarantee that you have great experience but also have a suggestions channel,

And our story will progress even more than it already has! We always have some sort of plot going!

Come on and join the fun!
Come and Join us if you want to Promote your / clans.
You can also PROMOTE your YOUTUBE videos and your CONTENT.
We are Sweet and Kind... (Well some of us i guess)... and we are pros (half are pros). you can swear but don't swear too much, we are a nonNSFW server we all think that stuff are gross and for boomers. HAVE FUN!!!!!
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Team Incline, org, clan. A gaming team. We recruit Fortnite Pros, content creators, GFX Designers, VFX Designers and so much more... So join Now And get a chance to our Team...
it’s best server for people who have kinky interests and everyone have a safe place to express who they are or their roles. This server is known as safe haven where people can become a family. Also this server mostly role play but it also got amazing social people. Besides this server got ur back.

Roleplay with others users!

Chat with other members and make your very own character!

SFW, NSFW, Fighting , and Dark Roleplay are available! Chose what you want to start your journey!

:Want to join a clan with some of your friends? Or you want to join a clan to battle other clans?

Welcome to "A Branches Shadow!" We hope you have a wonderful time here! We are currently waiting on more people to join as we are just starting out, but we will be happy to have you in our server if you join! Our Clans are PoppyClan, FrostClan, ReedClan, and BreezeClan (Learn more about them in the server!) And soon enough I will be opening up staff applications, so stay tuned for that!

"'Dive in to an island that is home to a massive valley- discover the hidden world of the elemental clan cats, and why they stay seperated from life outside the valley...."

A literate warriors rp with a twist of elemental bending! Their world is a massive island that houses a valley full of powerful life, four different clans and four differently attractive territories! Enchanting history, and upcoming kick off plot that need rank spots to be filled!

:Our clans involve:
- Beachclan's fire benders🔥
- Treeclan's air benders 🌪️
- Cliffclan's earth benders☄️
- Islandclan's water benders 🌊

...and a number of hidden rogue elements 🌱

Join us today!

Willkommen in der Herde


Wir sind ein kleines Wiloferd Roleplay. Wir existieren noch nicht lange und freuen uns immer wieder über neue Mitglieder. Es gibt drei Clans, Der Mondclan, der Wasserclan und der Naturclan. Trete noch jetzt bei um Teil unserer kleinen Familie zu werden.
Spaß und freundliche Leute garantiert <3