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〚 My Hero Academia; Future and Past 〛

Quick introduction...

MHA; Future and Past is a role play group that focuses on the MHA universe a decade later. This roleplay has both canon and original characters, providing a unique mesh of fan fiction. If you are a fan of the My Hero Academia series, we encourage you to come and check us out.

We are new and looking to create an active community. Staff is needed. We also have a wide variety of unique and canon roles open.

Role Play and writing...

Writing is big in our community. The founder is currently working on several novels and hopes to be a published author one day. Therefore our community is centered around making an interesting story. Because of this, we do not use stat systems or rolling to determine who's stronger. We have literacy rules to ensure a uniform role-play environment. If you're looking for a very chill and laid back experience, with people who want to contribute together to make an interesting outcome, this is it.

Come make friends with similar interests!

We'd like to welcome you into our server with open arms. We focus on getting people integrated into the role play as soon as possible. Staff will work with you to help you get you set up and interacting with others in a short amount of time. Our focus is to be collaborative and make sure no one feels left out.


❧ Character database to easily find bios and information.

❧ Literate role play. Uniform post format and a nine sentence minimum standard.

❧ No roll or stat systems.

❧ Reaction roles and tupperbox for quality of life.

〘 Thank you for reading! We hope to see you on. 〙
Hello, traveler! Welcome to BNHA: A New Light!

We are a growing BNHA roleplay server, and we need people to help build the server up! This is a semi-literate to literate server is set in current time, moving with the anime. We are always looking for new members, admins, mods, or server helpers! We're all extremely friendly here!

Things we offer:
~ Self-roles!
~ Canon characters to claim, and OC's you can make!
~ An LGBTQ+ safe space!
~ Friendly staff and loving community!
~ Many roleplay channels!

We hope you choose us, and please enjoy your stay!

Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊

go beyond plus ultra in our literate and lovely mha roleplay server! with partnership opportunities available, an active community and an excess of events, there is always something for everybody to enjoy! boasting a laidback and kind team of moderators here to lend a hand building characters and answering questions.

heroes not your thing? nothing's stopping you from going the way of a criminal! vigilantes are just as welcome. nobody's talking about the character that's caught your eye? been there, done that! join us in discussion about the ones left ignored.

────── « ♕ ʚ♡ɞ ♕ » ──────

› pretty, clean layout and original locations
› supportive environment and guidance on your writing
› frequent parties
› canon, flexible slice-of-life plot set just after the first part of season 4!
› one-lining prohibited
› spoiler-free talk outside of respective channels
› a ban on mineta, endeavor and overhaul
› rules against disturbing content and a safe place to make friends
Far beyond the reach of the world that you know, lies Attoria, a land like no other. Here in this land, the people weave tales of justice, valor and sorrow. Woe to you weary traveler, for you have succeeded in crossing treacherous waters to reach this land, and now you must play your part in this intricate tale, with your fate hanging in the balance; will you join us?

Based on the Boku no Hero Academia manga/anime series, Kingdom’s Fall is an RP server that has both canon and original characters living in Attoria: a land brimming with magic and fraught with peril. A recent dispute has divided the kingdoms. No faction is truly safe from another's wrath. Alliances have been broken and trust has been lost. War’s gloomy clouds draws ever near in the horizon. In the midst of such discord, a new threat stirs in the shadows. Be wary, o child of Attoria. Your character must choose which side they belong to, if they choose at all, and prepare for the tribulations ahead.

♕══════ °• ♕ •° ══════♕
[What Kingdom's Fall brings to the MHA role-play community]

♖ Enriching, free-form lore that strives to create a story for every character -- OC & Canon!
♖A 17+ friendly, supportive, and active community that's geared towards having fun!
♖An immersive environment, where multi-paragraph and descriptive writing is the standard.
♖A plethora of factions, races, classes, and more to choose from!
♖A LGBTQ+ protected environment
♖A dedicated, caring staff team who are always willing to lend a hand!
♖A place for everyone to come together and enjoy the story we're planning to tell, even if you feel like just observing!

♕══════ °• ♕ •° ══════♕
So what are you waiting for, dear traveler? As the unrest within Attoria grows, we need all the help we can get!
The UA students are now in their 3rd year. The Paranormal Liberation Front was defeated, and the villains, put in a rehabilitation facility. Will they adapt and behave, or will chaos rule once again? And what about the soon-to-be pro heroes? How have they evolved, and how WILL they evolve? This is up to you to decide!

(Roleplay server, 3rd year AU, 18+ ONLY members AND muses, mostly text-based, friendly mods & members, LGBT-friendly, ocs NOT allowed yet for there are still a lot of characters available!)

What would happen if the darkness won against the light? What would happen if All Might finally lost his first battle? What would happen if the League of Villains actually managed to take control over society? These are all chilling thoughts. But unfortunately, they are no longer just thoughts. It is now the reality for our heroes

★彡A brand new server, many open slots for original characters AND canon characters

彡We do literate writing here! Multi-paragraph supportive as well. In this server, we offer the chance for creative writing. We are heavily plotted and follow a story - however, you pick how the story progresses! This is your own adventure!

彡Supportive of the LGBTQ+ community
彡Non-supportive of toxicity
彡Events, self roles, game nights, and more!

So, will you join us in the fight?



Join the ranks of U.A. and the world of My Hero Academia, who knows? Maybe you'll make new friends along the way! Are you going to be a hero that rises to the top? Or are you going to be a dangerous villain, risen from Stain's ideology, but derived from the true hatred and shackles society has on humanity, the choice is yours!
✿ What we offer! ✿
➣ Interactive, friendly, and helpful staff willing to work with you and any questions you may have. We are also very keen on encouraging creativity with quirks, and have many channels for character and quirk discussions.
➣ Immersive roleplay experience where paragraph and descriptive replies are the standard.
➣ Clear instructions on how to get started, and help provide in the READ FIRST section!
➣ Many ooc channels and friendly community willing to welcome you in to the group, come chat with us!
➣ Fun bots to enjoy!
➣OC Friendly! We are semi strict with quirks, so if you have questions, please don't be afraid to ask. We also have an easy to read/understand template!
✿ What are we looking for? ✿
➣ People who are willing to be active and grow with us!
➣ Competent/Active roleplayers, we do not accept one-liners. Literacy is to be expected.
➣We expect you to read the rules and the RP guidelines thoroughly!
Can't wait for you all to join us! I'd love to meet you all and make new friends.

-Kat <3
We are a brand new 18+ BNHA Omegaverse server!

If you are looking for a well established A/B/O Roleplay you've come to the right place. This roleplay not only focuses on the sexual aspects we all know so well, but actually dives deeper into the true root of omegaverse and explores pack dynamics as well as statuses and roles!

>Experienced Administration Team
>Brand new server
>Canon and Original Characters allowed
[[Y'all Might]] wanna join our server, because it's the chillest one around!

Set 2 years ahead of the current story. Play OCs, canon characters, heroes, villians, and so on!

The villains are getting more and more powerful, and heroes are starting to care less and less, as the structure begins to crumble. Villains begin to start outweighing the heroes, and UA is a shell of its former self.

All For One has returned, and trust in heroes is at an all time low.

Your actions will dictate how the story goes. Will you be part of the hero team to bring justice back to the streets? Or will you help rebuild society with the villains and help be the rulers of the new age?

We are light-hearted and very joking in OOC, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Hope to see you there!
This is a CANON ONLY Character Application server for the Boku no Hero Academia 18+ rp server, Ultra Academia !!


CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Fatgum, Thirteen, Chronostasis + more found inside !!

This application server hosts as a hub to learning about the events currently going on in the server, understanding what you can expect on entering and most importantly, giving access to a new form of application, different to our tumblr application.

Any other information you wish to access, if not in the server, can be found by either contacting someone of our mod team or finding more information at our corresponding tumblr website: !!

What you can expect to find after entering the main server is:
- a friendly and adaptable mod team ready to help you.
- a positive and encouraging environment, both rp-wise and IRL-wise.
- a mix of text, para and novella type role plays for options.
- interactive missions + events centered around the characters and the muns wishes.
- an NSFW system ready to give a range of options for preferred NSFW levels.
The first person to manifest a Quirk was a newborn baby in the city of Qingqing, who had the ability to emanate light from their body. After that incident, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of special abilities. While the cause of the Quirk phenomenon is unknown, it has been theorized that the spread of a virus carried by mice had brought about their development. Currently, around 80% of the world population possesses a Quirk.
But this isn’t Qingqing or Mustafu or even Japan. No, your story is set in the good ol’ USA.
In the states, there is two extremely strong and popular hero schools in New York, meant to train the next generation of heroes: Golden Lakes and ISAH, the International School for Aspiring Heroes. They help make way for America's greatest heroes to rise in the ranks and assist the community!
And you can be a part of it. In this server, we allow people to roleplay as students of either school and several departments, teachers, pro heroes, villains or civilians! There's many different roles to choose from. We have friendly staff and lots of channels to rp in.
Currently, there's tons of slots open! The server is brand new and could use more people to enjoy it with us :D
Hello,hello!We're a brand new My Hero Academia roleplaying server,with most of the canon characters still open!That of course does not mean that you can't make your very own OC,of course you can!We offer a lot of things,self-roles,usually nice staff,and much more!We're currently trying to get more,and new members.

Join,don't join,that's on you!
welcome to MHA : STARLIGHT !

( in a world of superpowers and superhumans, there are those who stay along the path of righteousness, and those who stray in the opposite direction, those who wish to bring harm to others and take down the hero society as a whole. do you believe heroes to be corrupted and useless, or do you admire them for their bravery and selflessness? perhaps you have no say in the matter and prefer to live your life normally and stay out of the spotlight. whatever your choice is, you can fulfill it here, take down heroes and be part of an organized crime group, or take down villains, for the safety of the world and the people in it, or perhaps just take down your homework because man you’ve let it pile up. Make friends, make enemies, perhaps find a lover! Whatever life it is you choose to lead, you can do it here. )

- a new, creative plot, differing from canon, created as we go!
- literate role play! one-liners aren’t tolerated
- kind and friendly members who are welcoming to all (unless you’re a nasty ;)) )
- diverse selection when it comes to character creation! ocs, canons, and characters from other fandoms are all allowed
- mineta is banned! i stepped on him oops.
- quick approval on auditions and submissions, and honest, constructive feedback!
- yo shindo fan club. pls i love him come love him with me
- a section to share your own writing!
- irp group chats and several different channels in which you can role play (requests are always open for new locations)
- a love for you! yes you! i love you! we love you ;))
15 years after the amazing hero Deku was pushed out into the spotlight, a new generation of heroes is attending UA High with the hopes of becoming just as amazing. A new type of hero. A new breed. Join this server to become one of these heros!
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Welcome to Seiai Academy! One of the most supreme hero schools in Japan. Seiai is mainly an all girls school, but boys are still accepted! We welcome all newcomers with open arms and dearly hope you enjoy your stay at Seiai Academy. Here we have a team of admins and mods that are ready to make sure your stay here at Seiai Academy is only the best.
We are a semi-literate to literate server, with no age preference. All are welcome here!
We have already begun our class arc, but anybody is allowed to join still!
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Sorry, but we are no longer accepting canon characters. We are only accepting OCs, but canon quirks are still allowed! OC forms must be submitted through google docs also.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
45 years ago, an entire generation of professional heroes and interns vanished off of the face of the earth. Since then, a new generation has risen up through the ranks to fill the empty places left behind. However, 15 years ago, UA was completely destroyed, preventing new students from entering. Now, with the old heroes gone, no new students available, and the Hero Commission gone, this new generation of heroes is going to have to find the missing heroes and figure out what is going on, while still keeping their cities safe.

Come join us in this new universe! We are a very friendly and open server, with a hardworking mod team and a couple positions still open for applications.
Hey. So here is my new server. You should give it a try before you leave. We have;

-Canon and OC friendly
-Short and sweet rules and lore
-LGBTQ+ friendly
..and many more that we are working on.
If you have any questions please DM me. Go beyond!

Quick! Don't read this! Ha, you fell for our cunning scheme. Now you have been enticed by the enigmatic nature of our opening sentence....***just as planned***

**What is this server about?**
It's a RolePlay server Based on My Hero Academia (MHA) or Boku No Hero Academia (BNHA) Lore although focusing on our own unique Adventure

**What are the amazing things we possess**

💠 An Array Of Channels For You to RolePlay In
💬 ``Because who needs quality when you've got quantity?``

💠 A very large character amount for everyone!
💬 ``For all you creative freaks out there``||``Who don't know when yo quit``||

💠 In RolePlay Chat Channels For You To Text People In Roleplay Or Chat In A Group Chat!
💬 ``Because that's totally something an RP server needs to advertise. "Hey, come on down to our new store- we've got Things for you to buy in exchange for money. I know, we're so unique!"``

💠 Overall Friendly Staff Team And Members!
Do you have a hero oc? Would you like to play a hero oc? Well join right up at your own hero academia! It's not based on cannon MHA/BNHA plot so you dont even have to watch or read the anime and manga to play.
In this server humans are evolved to hone super human abilities known as Quirks. The most popular and high paying field of work is being a Hero. Therefore hero schools are established for those only with powerful quirks. 

This is common information for any MHA roleplayer yet what makes this server different is we offer a chance to play not only as students not only as heroes, but as any character you please.

The city of Sherdale is full of people with abilities and has many shops and business places. The city also houses all of the people who live within as well as the most prestigious hero school in america, Northview Hero Academy. NHA is a school for the best of the best, during its three-year course your character will learn how to be the greatest hero around, maybe even one day be no.1

Don't want to play a hero student you say? Well good thing there is a school for the many who can become heroes. The city of Sherdale has an elementary school to teach children what their quirks can do, a Jr. High to teach them about how things came to be as well as a high school to prepare them for their future in this society.

No matter what character you play there will always be a place in Sherdale for them to work, learn or grow. Whether it be Student, Villain, hero, or Civilian, there is no character limit except your imagination! 

The server has:
• Fun community.
• Freindly staff!
• Plenty of answers for your questions.
• Self assignable roles.
• All genre rp.
• Rp events!
• LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance.
• Nontoxic environment.
• Staff openings.

Banner link:
Invite link:
this is a PENDING SERVER!! this means that you enter this one to send me auditions for the characters you want to play before gaining access to the real server!!
read the rules before entering:

1. no nasties allowed. ie bkdks, krmns, kmjrs, kndmnms, endevwhores, overwhores, pro shippers/anti-antis, etc etc. you get the deal
2. age range is 13-25 PERIOD . its an issue of comfort among rpers
3. respect the blacklist
4. respect ppl's headcanons/ships even if u dont like them/agree with them- obvs doesnt apply to gross things but if you wanna do a ship with som1 and they dont wanna do it then like. dont make a big deal out of it pls
5. you can have 3 characters, but try not to take 2 characters in the same class/2 highly wanted characters, to make it fair. everyone should get a chance to play the characters they like
6. ocs are allowed
7. be nice to ppl or im gonna steal all ur left socks
hello! Welcome to the Mha roleplay server! Here you can talk and roleplay with other people that are interested in the anime My Hero Academia.

Some of the things we have are-
-a channel to promote your own server
-a channel for server ideas
-a channel for plot ideas
-an aizawa cult
-gaming chat
ミ✲BNHA Tupper Server ✲彡

ミ✲ A server for BNHA “Roleplay”, via Tupperbox!
*Note: I’m using the word loosely, as I’m not too worried on duplicates, personality accuracy, and there are/will be multiple other channels for discussion and friend making, and other things. (Currently only a music bot and a color setting bot, aside from Tupper and Dyno, but more bots will be added upon the popularity of the request for the bots!)

ミ✲Current channels are:
Suggestion Channel! - suggest things to make my server better (emojis, bots, etc)
Vent and Rant Channels! - Feel free to use them as needed!
Music Bot Channel! - listen to all of your favorite music, if it isn’t being used!
There’s currently only one channel for roleplaying, but I’ll add more as I see fit and as requested, as long as I’m not busy at the time!
My Hero: Altered is a roleplay server that follows the canon timeline, with Canon Characters and OC's side by side!

Who knows what differences that'll make!
We are a very friendly and welcoming server! Come join us in our crazy shenanigans! 😁
-only canon charachers no ocs
-16+ server
-tons of rp channels
-fun bots to mess around with
-very active
-lit/semi-literate rp
-lots of charachers still available!
We look forward to talking to you! 😄💕