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Celebrações! Junte-se a nós e venha se interagir em nosso server do Discord! Participe em nossa interação e garantia de tua liberdade para que possa se diverti-se e de acordo com a política do servidor.
Nós estamos dispostos a atender a expectativa de vossos amigos e integrantes!
If you're familiar with #BimbHypnoRP on Kik, this is the Discord equivalent.

If you like the idea of becoming a happy and silly bimbo, if you like to hypnotize or be hypnotized, or if you just want to have fun with everyone, then this group is right for you.


Ahegao is a selfie in which you cross and/or roll your eyes and stick out your tongue. It mainly happens in hentais, when a girl is cumming.
Ahegao Army is full of random and fun things, there's things to do here from every community equally! There's also a lot of fun games to play with the bots and only very few rules.
All the admins choose everyone equally and we don't pick favorites here.
Hey, I'm Reyn :3 Since I love eromanga and hentai, I decided to open this nsfw themed server! The server is open from 10/7/20, so we're still growing. If you're interested on stuff like that, what are you waiting for? Join, meet new people and have fun!
Love anime/hentai? Love ahegaos? Love real woman doing ahegao faces? Love Dating? Love Porn? Then you are in the right place. Welcome to Ahegao & Real Ahegao Girls - this is an 18+ only server where we focus on the niche called AHEGAO. We have all chatrooms for images, videos and GIFs featuring both REAL AHEGAO and Hentai/Anime AHEGAO.

We have the best ahegao, hentai, sexy girls, porn, nsfw, adult, dating, hentais, tentacles, real ahegaos, cartoons, gaming porn, nsfw and many more servers! Check us out.

Hello! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

We are fairly new but we are growing little by little! Join the AHEGAO's official discord server now and share, communicate and socialize with people with the same taste and find your favorite ahegaos here!

♔ Features ♔
Slur and hate free environment.
Whole channel focused on ahegao.
Gender roles.
Channels for all kinds of interests.
Channels for videos, images and GIFs.
Porn sharing channels.
Selfies of woman's AHEGAOs.
Auto-post all the best AHEGAO porn.
Social Media Porn
Dating channels

Must be 18+ to enter. Even though AHEGAO is not related to porn, some may contain nudity.
᪥𝓗𝓮𝓳 𝓦𝓼𝔃𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓴𝓲𝓶 ᪥
Serdecznie zapraszamy na nasz serwer!
Mile widziane są osoby zainteresowane tematyką serwera, ale jeśli przyszedłeś/przyszłaś tylko rozmawiać również ciepło cię przywitamy.
Miłej rozrywki na serwerze!
Ein Gaming und Anime Server kommt rein und tauscht euch aus, verabredet euch für Games und Sprecht oder Chatted über die verschiedensten Sachen.
Welcome to the Eye Roll Empire !
Tons of channels revolving around eye roll, ahegao, eye contact, mouths, tongues, and all eye roll queens for you !
Trans, Gay and Hentai channels included.
Welcome to Cum Camp!
💦 ┈┈┈┈ 💦 ┈┈┈┈ 💦

Our server includes:

•50+ custom emojis
•Active chat channels
•Wide variety of nsfw channels
•New daily nsfw images/videos
•Custom roles
•Meme channel
•Art channel
•Music channel
•Gaming channel
•Active members
•Custom and interactive bots
•And more!

Cum join Cum Camp for a variety of lively, active channels of social, and nsfw chats!
A Galeria de Imagens é um server focado na postagem de hentai e conteúdo pornografico de pessoas reais para todos os gostos e sexos
A server where weebs and otakus can shake their hands and talk their heats out by talking about anime. We have a special bot named BroBot which is created by me and can be used for finding plots and ratings of anime/manga/movies. Just type bro help for commands. Hope you have a great time in the server <3
This is a hardcore hentai server for all you Taimanin Asagi, Murakami, Kagami and Ahegao fans out there.

-Black Lilith-
All manga , ahegao , black and white emotes are here √ ( Free to use & we never @everyone/@here)
Hey Hey !
Tu cherches une commu de fans d'animes et mangas ?
Sois le/la bienvenue sur Ahegao Land le serveur de tous les fans d'animes de manga et un peu d'hentai 🥴
Viens trouver des amis et des weebs sur ce serv !
Un servidor espontáneo con el objetivo de trollear en el juego Pony Town. Risas, trolleo, persecuciones, eventos, espionaje a clanes serios, bromas, cachondeo. Vamos, muchas tardes de risas garantizadas. Echad un vistazo, it´s free xD
[Le développement du bot est terminer, la mise en fonction de celui-ci se feras dans la semaine.]

Salut ! Je suis le fondateur du serveur, je me présente : Bloody, je suis la pour veillé au bon fonctionnement du serveur et au calme de celui-ci 😄

Ici, vous trouverez une multitude de salons nsfw ranger dans 4 catégories de salons, « 🔞-DAILY HENTAI-🔞 », « 🔞-BOYS-🔞 », 🔞-GIRLS-🔞 » « 🔞-MIXED-🔞 », vous ne pourrez pas poster dans le Daily Hentai, mais vous le pourrez dans les 3 autres catégories de salons. Le principe de mon serveur est simple, il consiste en le fait de mettre en ligne tout les jours du Hentai, 1 images de chaque catégorie disponible, un bot programmer par mes soins se charge de cette mise en ligne quotidienne, je me charge en revanche de la recherche des images partager par celui-ci pour garantir une qualité d'image optimal.

Toutes les informations de mises à jour sont disponibles dans le salon « update » de la catégorie « 🔞-DAILY HENTAI-🔞 »

Toutes les information relative au serveur se trouve dans la catégorie de salons « 📡 INFORMATIONS 📡 », merci de bien vouloir lire toute cette section une fois que vous aurez confirmer via le Captcha que vous n'êtes un bot.

Si mon serveur vous intéresse, vous êtes le bienvenue.
Je vous demanderais d'être au moins un minimum actifs. Dernièrement, il serais préférable d'être aimable avec les autres membres du serveur afin d'éviter tout conflit.
Merci de votre compréhension 😁.
(Toutes personnes ne passant pas par la validation Captcha établie sur le serveur seront expulser sans avertissement pour évité l'invasion de faux profiles, il en seras de même pour les profils inactifs.)
We are a small, yet steadily growing community, with some of the best people you could possibly ever meet. We have so much channels, that provide you with numerous types of entertainment, such as:
Anime. (i.e. memes, irl anime stuff, pictures, and much more!)
Voice and text channels (SFW and NSFW allowed)
Lots of bots to have fun with
Active staff
Bot moderation
And much more.
We welcome partners
I hope your interested in joining.
Server for fellow thirsty weebs to unite and take over the normies. We gotchu fam.
✿ Ahegao Gang ✿
We are a friendly server with no judgments! We are here to have fun and talk about common interests. We're also here to gain more friends and companions! We have staff applications, announcements, suggestions, emoji suggestions and more! We also have a general channel, a place to share your art and memes, or just to talk to people or voice call! You can fulfill all of you needs right in this server!
-Rated T for Teens!
-Looking for Mods!
-Nsfw channels
-LGBTQ+ safe! We allow all sexualities :)
-Bot Count (6) (More will come in the future!)
-Voice Region (US East)
Have a lovely time in the server ♡
Welcome to the【💘𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓺𝓾É LOVE💘】 Discord an nsfw lewd discord.
Chat, Send lewds and show waifus. I'm hoping you enjoy this community and that it grows strong please follow the rules here and remember have a good time ;)