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After the disbandment of the Phantom Thieves, new persona users arose from the shadows. These persona users are filled with potential, to make groups and more. With this server, we have an original storyline made by the staff team, and me.
Join us today, and your life will be changed in our amazing roleplay.

In this server, we allow EVERYONE the opportunity to have a persona, rather than limiting personas to "MCs".
In this server we use only OCs (original characters) and we even have our own story and lore we're working on. We take place a few years after Persona 5 and also take place in our own original location, Ana City.
Our combat system is very faithful to the actual games we're based off of. It's a turn based battle system and we use bot commands as the moves, each with their own unique description. We also allow the ability to create Custom Moves for your character, allowing freedom of expression in your fighting.
We have a very dedicated and hard working staff who are easy to approach and always fix problems quickly.

Jigoku is the new area of the metaverse that has replaced mementos. It's a distorted version of the real world and has multiple unique locations inside it. What exactly is Jigoku? Find out as our story slowly unravels it's mysteries.

We offer original teams IRP that you can join, and create formed by extremely dedicated people. We also have requirements for teams, and make sure every leader meets them before creation.

Join us in our roleplay, and your life will change!
A place where you can play D&D or just chill and talk about the campaign you're in! Come on in and discuss how cool your character is or learn how to make one! So join and enjoy the fun and thrill of DnD with others!
Along with all this, we only have two campaigns, and we need more admins on our team. You can also see who's a DM or not, by the roles we have set up, if you have either of the DM roles, you can mute people or voice people in VCs if needs be
Hey DU! 👋
Wir sind die Mäuuse! Mit 35+ Roleplay-Kanälen stellen wir dir ein einmaliges Roleplay-Erlebnis für dich und all deine Freunde bereit! 🌈 Langeweile? 😕 Kein Problem! 😄 Dann spiel doch ein Spiel mit einem unserer 12 Bots! 🤖 Denn bei uns ist jeder Willkommen! 🤗Unser Server, mit einer tollen, kleinen Community, kompetenten Teammitgliedern und vielen Chat- und Talkmöglichkeiten ✍️ freut sich schon auf dich! 💪
Blue Pines is a realistic wolf rpg set in present day Yellowstone, Wyoming. Over 100 years ago, a group of 8 wolves were brought down from Alberta, Canada to combat the increasing elk population. The wolves flourished in Yellowstone, eventually though, the humans began to push them in closer together, their territories becoming smaller and smaller each season. Finally, ranchers began to notice an uptick in their cattle falling to the wolves, of course this led to men taking actions into their own hands. With the virus stressing the two leggers more, and the wolf population divided what are they to do? Do they pass through the bordering mountain ridge, or stay within the park?
🌳𝐄𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲🌳
There is this great tree named Yggdrasil, which was created years ago as apart of a project; The Yggdrasil Project, in an attempt to rid of all the miasma in the world; pollution which had been created by our ancestors. The tree was successful in doing so, and it was praised for many years as the Tree Of Life. Seven other trees like it were planted all over the continent to keep the balance.

However, mankind didn't hold back on the pollution. They've built up more, not thinking of the consequences it may bring, until the trees became corrupted. The miasma it absorbed had become a monster. It was trapped inside of the Yggdrasil Trees, it doesn't pose an immediate threat, but a potential one.

So Historians looked into the situation quickly finding a way to stop the crisis. They discovered something deep inside the tree, that they dubbed a Yggdrasil Core. It was the monster that Yggdrasil had made and defeating it will allow Yggdrasil to continue its original function.

There was an Academy created in the beginning stages of The Yggdrasil Project. It was made by Lord York, who is the head researcher of the project. He created the Academy as a parade, to show his enemies just how rich and powerful he'd become over the years. Although it was created as a joke, he handled the Academy with great care, shifting his focus to educating the youngsters of the continents.

One faithful day, he'd gone to check on his project and realized that it failed. He had been attacked by the monster inside of the tree, The Yggdrasil Core. He had suffered major damage and his lab had been closed off ever since, and he had been holding classes inside the Academy's garden. He spread rumours about something called a Snatcher near the halls leading to the lab, to keep the students away, and to cover the mystery of his injury.

The different kingdoms in this RP are:
A humble place which lies near the ruins of Gladsheim, a place where many mysteries lie. The ruins are supposedly the cause of the earthquakes going on there.

Caledonia, the kingdom of which produces the Princesses who must complete a ritual every 100 years, accompanied by a special someone with the title of Fafnir Knight, a person able to transform into a powerful, otherworldly being. The two would travel to a ruin called Ginnungagap to restore the fertility of the land, though, ever since the failing of Yggdrasil, historians doubt that this ritual will still work.

High Lagaard, a small, elevated town with its Yggdrasil Tree right in the centre of town. Occasionally, they cut and trim the branches, as the tall tree is starting to block out sunlight from reaching. Recently, though, people have been afraid to go near the tree.

Midgaard, where most historians come from, and home to the Midgaard Library. The library sends special individuals out to gather information, and then they process this information, sending it out to the other continents.

Tharsis, a land with vast plains, it's Yggdrasil Tree lies much farther than the rest of the town. The people there always had an itch for adventure, but could never go investigate, the tree was much too far. Then a Skyship crashed in the town one day, and the people there started studying them, soon being able to build Skyships and travel towards the Yggdrasil tree.
Hello! Welcome to our Disboard page! This server is a medieval academy roleplay server based off off both Fire Emblem, and Etrian Odyssey! But the best part is, you do not have to know about either to join the server! All of the lore pieces we used are simplified and right there for you!!!

What our server has to offer:
Colour Roles!
A monthly calendar for in RP purposes!
A bunch of roles open for players to take!
Open staff positions!

So please join our server! It's very new and we want it to grow and get more members!!
We have over 400+ Addon Vehicles,Custom Scripts,Custom Uniforms and Peds weapons and more Come Join now we have an ever-growing community with Many departments. We need lot's of high command LEO's like Police Chief. So come on and help us make a great server. We are still in development and we need cops so if you want a high rank come to us. Please only sign up to LEO if you are 16 or older.
Welcome to the Eeveelution Squad RP server! You can become your own original character or have a chance to be one of the canon characters within the Eeveelution Squad Comic!
⚔ Welcome to Aerilon Clan! ⚔

≪ ≪ Join us, young demigod, and rise through the clan ranks to achieve greatness ≫ ≫

Aerilon is a place of warmth and solace. It offers refuge for all demigods descended from the mighty Ancient Egyptian gods. It was originally founded by a small group of demigods who fought hard to reclaim their land after it had been destroyed by Ra. Together, they are forming bonds with each other, pursuing their destinies, and discovering who they are along the way.

This is where your destiny awaits.

🌱 Please join our small, growing server! We encourage anyone who is interested in commitment, being active, and making friends join us and help Aerilon thrive!

✨ Everyone in this server strives to make this community a safe space for everyone, and we pride ourselves on being welcoming and inclusive to all!

📖 There are frequent plot updates that keep Aerilon vitalized and occupied!

💖 Our staff is always present and willing to help, anyone looking to troll or raid will be kicked.
Welcome to the Secret Service. We have plenty of Bots to help you enjoy your army enrollment. We are a Pokecord with a good level up grinder, gyms to challenge your skills, and the true spot of champion.

We also have Dank Memer, MarriageBot, Partner Bot, Dyno, Groovy, Pokedex, shadow Lugia, Yggdrasil, Nadeko, Tatsu, Digimon Universe, and Pokeverse.

So what do you say? Ready to join my army?
Welcome to Animal Crossing!
We offer:
~100+ members
~Kind community
~Active community
~Both ACNL and ACNH players
We hope to see you there <3
The year is 2034. An epidemic has spread through the United States, killing 70% of the population, the rest mostly joining violent groups or dying from them.

In this server, you can have your own home to manage. Fight the infected citizens, or hide out in a building. Your story, your rules. What path will you take?

Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a longform, literate roleplaying server following the events of Kingdom Hearts III. As such, we will be making note of spoiler-related plot lines.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, and ended the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, Sora journey is far from over as he seeks to find Kairi. As our other heroes attempt to return to normal lives, the Lost Masters rise once more....

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or choose from a wide range of characters never before seen in the series. Partake in missions that evolve with the storyline, including an original tale set in the world of VERUM REX!

* An evolving storyline based on events after Kingdom Hearts III
* Literate, long length RPs
* Plenty of roles available across franchises like Final Fantasy, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars!
Hello all! This server is for people interested in playing D&D and role-playing. It's a small server right now, but hopefully it will grow. See ya in the server!
This is where the plot is supposed to be, it’s not ready. But I will tell you what we offer for now.

-A no cursing server.
-NSFW. (Ask for the role to see NSFW.)
-Roleplay. (Not yet.)
-A possibly nice community.
-A new plot on Planet Earth Clashed with Mobius.
-You must have PTK (Permission to Kill) to kill someone, and if you die you have to wait 20 Minutes to use that character again.

If you join, don’t be toxic. Have a nice stay!
Once long ago, there was a world of gods. All of the gods were allies and played together in the sun. This was truly the golden age for the gods, but there was always one god who wasn't allowed to join. His name was Kakó. Unlike most of the other gods, he was a god of evil. He was known as the father of evil, although didn't act like it.
Kakó was known as the quiet type, never talking much. He was an outcast compared to the other gods. He wasn't allowed to join in any of their fun. Most didn't like the fact he was evil, but it's not like it was a choice.
One day while everyone was playing, Kakó snapped. He proceeded to destroy their beautiful world and turned it into a place where evil reigned supreme. That shy boy was taken over by his own power. Deep down, that quiet boy still remains, but is hidden by his own evil.
The god of good, live, and death faught hard, but was no match for the evil. Years of anger and hate built his powers. Most gods either faught, and were defeated, ran, or joined him. All of the evil gods joined Kakó and are ruling over the world by his side.
It is your job to defeat the evil inside of Kakó, and make him return to how he was before. If you don't, who knows what will happen to the old world you once called home.
●▬▬▬▬๑۩ ● ËTAYSA ● ۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●

¨°o.¨°o.※. CONTEXTE .※.o°¨.o°¨

Dans un monde où les dragons règnent sur les autres espèces, un monde où chaque peuple a sa particularité, un danger menace. Osix, un grand dragon fait d'os et de haine envers les vivants, est revenu d'entre les morts afin de se venger... Ses projets de destructions sont bien plus sophistiqués que de son vivant et prévoient l'apocalypse à Ëtaysa.
De quel côté serez-vous ? Quels mystères vous-attendent ? Ils sont nombreux, c'est certain...

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

L'histoire est basée sur un immense continent avec, au centre, une île perdue dans une mer.
9 clans se répartissent Ëtaysa :
- Les Dragons Lunaires, charmeurs et manipulateurs,
- Les Dragons Solaires, discrets et intelligents,
- Les Dragons Cycloniques, farceurs et légèrement "foufous"...
Ainsi que les Électriques, Empoisonnés, Aquatiques, Souterrains, Volcaniques et les légendaires Galactiques, disparus de toutes les mémoires...
Ces 9 clans sont alliés, neutres ou en guerre. La paix est-elle possible ?

●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸● ●¸.•¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨•.¸●

• Un staff à l'écoute ! 💎

• Un RP unique avec de nombreux dragons ! 🦋

• Un bestiaire bien rempli de fantastiques créatures. 🦄

• Des bots & salons pour le plaisir de chacun ! 🤖

• Des thèmes précis et un contexte bien organisé. 📚

• Un méchant de l'histoire RÉELLEMENT méchant... 👹

Et encore pleins d'autres choses ! Venez créer votre propre histoire !

📌 Lien :
Little School with amazing Teachers(Mostly Doms). All I have to say is *Come at your own risks*

Welcome to a server stocked full of monsters, hunters, and everything in between! We’re very laid back, we welcome OC’s and canon characters. If you’re not looking for a roleplay and just wanna fangirl/fanboy, go right ahead. Feel free to join if you’re looking to have some fun in the world of Supernatural
Come get lost in the Endless Dungeon, filled to the brim with beasties and baddies! Centuries of confinement will soon be no more when you come along! Unless, you choose confinement? Join us in this new adventure, newbies and veterans, young and old!
Blightville's new description is set to:

Welcome to Blightvile!
Back in the early three thousand the world was said to come to an end, called the day of the reckoning Blightville was covered in ash from an erupted volcano on one of its islands.

Coated in ever lasting darkness from the ash, Blightville started having dark visters, with pale skin, sunken blood red eyes, and drips of red blood permanently dripping down their face.

With Blightvilles humans killed off some kept hidden in places and others kept as pets, feed bags and slaves, the place slowly came to an end but groups of all sizes stay hidden "The resistance" as the dark ones call them.

The resistance battles and kills the vampires, losing lots of members in the process of the "war". Over a long ten years the resistance has killed a lot of vampires but more and more seemed to come to Blightville.

Humans started evolving in their own ways, some picking up magical abilities and some picking up physical abilities.

With the emergence of vampires, other creatures started to appear as well. Werewolves, ghouls, sirens… There seemed to be more supernatural beings by the day.

This server is based on many things.

What we have:
♡ A few too many places to roleplay.
♡ Friendly staff
♡ Places to rant
♡ Crazy humans (us) we are all friends here!
♡ Now with playable vampires, werewolves, ghouls, sirens, demons, harpies, angels, skinwalkers, kitsune and now I'm even allowing fantasy monsters and maybe just maybe half breeds of them! One must ask me first tho!
♡ Now with an insane asylum! You can either be a patient or a worker there!
♡ Now with a university for those with special powers and quirks, only those who pass the tough exams can get in!
♡the heaven arena! A place where you can quickly earn money!

Soon to come:
☆ More supernatual spaces with every 10 people who join!
☆You can suggest stuff you want added as well so don't be scared to!
「Clans of the Lake」

──Based on the bestselling series Warriors by Erin Hunter──

This server lets you have the ability to:

★ Choose the clan you think you belong in
★ Fight and hunt for your clan (through catching pokemon)
★ Compete against the other four clans of the lake

Not only that, but the winning clan will also receive a prize every week, join now!
Hi, this is an superhero RPG server focused on original characters. It's recently created so roleplaying has not yet begun. All I ask is that you spread the word so this server can grow.

The year is 2065, and super powered individuals are the norm. People with abilities, called Xeno-Humans, cover the Earth. Some are given governmental funding and become heroes to protect the people. Others use their abilites to cause chaos and destroy the government. Even though powered people are the majority, there are still people who don’t have powers. Those who are given powers artificially are known as Xenates.
Ayyyy! Willkommen in Amerika, aber halt! Bleibe bitte kurz da und lese es dir durch!

••••••••• Was sind wir überhaupt? •••••••••

Amerika RolePlay:
Ein Server, der über 15 Städte reicht, mit einem ausgebauten Schiff/- und Bus-Netz. Jede Stadt wurde detailliert nachgestellt, so findet man viele Merkmale oder Orte wieder. Wir haben Alaska und Amerika vereint! Jeder Ort besitzt andere Immobilien und es gibt viele Automarken, die sich in verschiedenen Autohäusern befinden. Viele Jobs, mit denen du auf jedenfall viel Abwechlung bekommst. Wir besitzen ebenfalls viele Waffen und Items ;)

••••••••• Zusammenfassung: •••••••••
∆ mehr als 15 Städte
∆ ein großes Bus und Schiff-Netz
∆ detaillierte, original getreue Städte
∆ viele Automarken
∆ viele, unterschiedliche Immobilien
∆ viele, unterschiedliche Jobs

!! Dieser Server hat ein paar FSK 18 Inhalte, wie das ERP in Bordellen oder sonstigem. Ein Alter ab 13 wird gewährt !!
Runescape Gambling server

Free Money for being active in chat
Daily give away
Growing server
Nice staff

Bonus cash on Joining

200,000 GP Bonus Per Referral