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Welcome to cheese world, a place for all cheesey fantasies and beyond! This is a friendly community including fun bots, a great community of people, friendly admins and great emotes. Join this server and socialize with other cheese enthusiasts!
We are a group of AUTH-Libertarians so we don't support communist or fascist. still a work in progress kinda

Hey, guys! We have a gift for you :

- Partnership open from 300 members !!
- Join for free Nudes and Nitro !!
- 2 Nitro every 100 members !!


THE CUM PARK PLAZA is a place where you can send nudes, date, make friends, and more ! We are a dedicated community server that is friendly in every way!

Channel Categories
Server Info - This category is a must for everyone to read to abide by the rules and keep updated on special events.
General - This Category is mainly for chatting.
Pokécord - We have pokécord available in this server for trainers like you to join us.

Features in our server
High Moderation - Our staff monitor the chat seriously and mute or ban those who break the rules!
Self promotion - Place where you can share anything ( even discord invite links)

Professional/Respectful Staff
Our staff are fair and will listen to every opinion before they take action. Of course, you have to provide evidence for us and we take every offense committed by you seriously.

And we have a lot fun bots to play around with, some funny, and fun emojis.
♤Music bot's♤
♤Game bots♤
♤Mee6 levels♤
♤Poll bot♤
♤Rank check's♤
♤Cool self role's♤
♤Also, Movie Night's♤
♤Game night's♤
♤Karaoke night's♤
♤Multiple plug's♤
♤Lots of discussion channels♤
♤Role play channels and a lot more!♤
Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to the Catalysts’ Arena, a sci-fi roleplay server set in Merida Mexico, 2195. Merida more resembles the present day than it does a futuristic city, and society is still trying to figure out how to deal with ‘mutants,’ people with abilities previously thought impossible, who have appeared in recent decades. There are secrets under the ground here (Literally and figuratively, some more obvious than others) and roleplayers are free to choose whatever role fits their roleplay style best. Be anything from a Citizen of Merida just minding their business (but inevitably caught up in the world of crime against mutants), to an Outlander, a free mutant trying to hide their ability from the rest of the world (or use it for more sinister intentions), to a Hunter, hired by Officials at the Arena to capture mutants. An over-arching plot connects the Arena and those trapped there to the rest of the partly-reimagined Merida while still allowing plenty of freedom to explore fascinating scenarios within the world provided. There are even more roles to choose from offering various different roleplay experiences. Our server is intended to optimize creativity, character and story development while providing a safe, friendly community to engage with out of character, and a realistic, immersive world to roleplay in.

In our server we have:

✤ Story-focused roleplay, with in-depth lore and plenty of locations to roleplay in
✤ An ever-changing overarching plot influenced and contributed to by every character’s decisions
✤ A creative and welcoming community of roleplayers
✤ Friendly and helpful staff and owner
✤ Varying roles for your characters, offering vastly different roleplay styles, be it the casual slice-of-life tone to the city of Merida, or the dark, oppressive theme of the Arena.

We’re always looking for new, active members to join our community, offer feedback, help us grow and become a better server. Join, stay, or don’t, the decision is yours. Regardless, thank you for your time and interest!
Hello! Come join us in this multigeneration roleplay server!!! All canons and OCs are allowed! You can RP as a Pokémon as well!! We only wish to give fun to those who wish to RP in the fun world of Pokémon! So come join the fun in The Universe of Pokémon! There is no lore but you'll need to follow the rules! Please always remember to.... HAVE FUN!!!
🌸~—Ouran Highschool Host Club—~🌸
This server is based off the anime, Ouran highschool host club!
Different types of hosts shall entertain their guests with different acts they do.
Hosts are based off different characteristics!
There will also be OC’S!
Some oc’s might be hosts, some might be guests/normal students!
If you join, our hosts might entertain you well~!
We’ll be waiting for you, Our princes/princesses~
Day in and Day out Time passed on a bland rock hurtling through space, Farmers, Lords, Villagers, All existed on the same planet, with no differentiation in power other than meaningless words, Coexisting with each other, Until one day two children were born into the world.

These Children would twist the fate of the world forever into a new direction, Through the use of Chakra, These Children were Hamura and Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Children of the almighty Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki, Hagoromo and Hamura were Fraternal Brothers And The creators of the ninja world as it is now known to everyone

Hagoromo would spread teachings on how to communicate with other humans, through use of Ninshu, However as humans would, They weaponized Chakra Kneading it through their bodies and creating Ninjutsu, And so the shinobi world would begin.

Years would pass, Kaguya would be angered at her sons for having the same powers as herself, And an Epic clash occurred, Hagoromo And Hamura would go toe to Toe with Kaguya and The Ten-Tails as it thrashed and Ravaged the World with its immense power, With Hagaromo and Hamura eventually Stopping the beast in its tracks and eventually Sealing the beast within Hagoromo and sealing their mother,

After this Battle between Offspring and parent, Hagoromo would travel the lands, spreading chakra to everyone, and Teaching the way of Ninshu, Hagoromo would be Hailed as the Savior of the world, with his sole Goal being to make everlasting peace in the world, However knowing this would never be achieved, He entrusted his two Sons, Indra… And Asura, With fulfilling his legacy, Indra was a Prodigy, Growing ever powerful with no struggle, Leading to solitude, however, his younger son, Asura, would show no signs of being special at all, In fact, struggling most of the time to make his way through the world growing stronger through Friendship. Hagaromo acknowledged Asura's Chosen path, deciding to divide the ten tails into 9 tailed beasts, Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, And Kurama. Each tailed beasts were given these names, And their own personality, He explained that they would all be connected, and linked, And would meet again, before he sent them off to their temples, where they could live in peace.

Years pass once more as Hagaromo was on his deathbed, When asked who his successor was, He chose Asura to many peoples surprise, This sparked a bitterness within Indra, Who was being manipulated by Black Zetsu, a Manifestation of his grandmothers will, Indra and Asura would be at war for many years to come. From there, Everything is the same.

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju would still Clash in the Valley of the End, The leaf would be founded, And the timeline proceeds as the Same, Until Lord second, Tobirama Senjus death as well as the third and fourth death, Where We stand now in this new continuity, So many Possibilities, So many opportunities to join, Will you join us, In a World of Blood?

~~Friendly staff~~
~~Active owner~~
~~Lgtbq friendly~~
~~semi literature to literature~~
our server discord link:
The stars are stirring as soft voices quickly become intense. There's an argument brewing within Starclan. There are many unfortunate events waiting to unfold and they can't seem to come up with a proper solution.
"Ah! It's Hailstar and Zephyrstar! They're down at the Darkened Pillar cursing the souls of the living and corrupting their minds!" A small star pelted calico yowled as she dug her claws into the glowing soil below.
"Don't speak as if you didn't side with having one clan back then. The living are bound to make mistakes. We can't always help them. Let them figure it out on their own." A much larger and older starclan tom hissed back at the small she cat.
"If the living destroy themselves then we will no longer exist. We are only here because they believe in us, and we reward them for it. Those tricksters of the past are the ones that'll lead a change so fierce that it will eventually lead to our downfall."


Zephyrclan — Brave, strong; prideful and stubborn. These are the cats of storm. They dwell within the looming mountains that stretch towards starpelt above.

Hailclan — Intelligent, creative; sharp tongued and unsympathetic. Hailclan cats are the cats of snow and ice. They hide within the snowy forests and hills beyond Zephyrclan territory.

Fieldclan — Wise, selfless; gullible yet brave. These cats are those of the billowing winds. They reside in the sun touched hills nearby the neutral territory.

The Outsiders — Cunning, resourceful; sly and stealthy. The Outsiders, are not really a clan. These cats are the loners and rogues that wander the neutral territory, they are the cats of illusions and deception.


This is a semi literate (3+ sentences) roleplay server for those ages 14+ loosely based around Erin Hunter's warrior cats series. Here is what we have to offer:

🌸 Cats with magical abilities of ice, wind, storms, and illusions
🌸 New Terrian with images.
🌸 Interesting lore and back story.
🌸 Plot and prophecy that your cat can join in on.
🌸 An Adoptable cat page.
🌸 Deputy positions still open, though not first come first serve.

The members of our staff are friendly and willing to offer a helping hand to those who need help throughout your process of joining us!
- a sfw server
- be active!
- chat!
- make friends
- staff applications
- nitro giveaways!
- cute emotes
- cdt timezone (might be dead sometimes)
- frequent events!
This is a pokecord server that has gyms(you can apply if their is space ) and a elite four(you have to beat all the gyms to apply if their is space) and if we get enough people a champion but I hope you join and have fun(:
❯ Join = 2 subs + likes
❯ Best Invite Rewards!
❯ Gen at 2 invites!
❯ Best Gen -
Nord vpn
Call of Duty
❯ High Stock!
❯ Daily Restock!
❯ Daily Events and Giveaways!
❯ Get the Gen at Least Invites!
❯ Level rewards!
Invite Link -
★...-// TEAM WOLF :3 -...★
■■↑ Servidor de reciente creación uwu ↓■■
Estamos esperando personas que quieran apoyar a este
Servidor solo con unirse.
Iremos implementando nuevas cosas y bots conforme
a que el servidor crezca
¬¬ Si buscas conocer personas, podrás encontrarlas aquí
¬¬ Canal para música?? Obvio que tenemos
¬¬ Podrás compartir tus experiencias aquí uwu
¬¬ Problemas? Pos no tenemos psicólogos pero te podemos
ayudar en lo que podemos Uwu
UnEtE A eStE sErViDoR Uwu y te damos galletas ;v
┌───・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.───┐
* ˚ ✦ starlight garden ! スターライトガーデン
a simple starry-celestial themed server with lots to do and lots to be with <3

。゚・ ☆ simple starry night theme
。゚・ ☆ community of fun people to make friends with
。゚・ ☆ roleplay channels
。゚・ ☆ active staff team - looking for more!!
。゚・ ☆ stardust xingchen as our server mascot
。゚・ ☆ we try to keep the server sfw and non toxic :]
。゚・ ☆ multifandom server
。゚・ ☆ looking for partner/affilate servers :heart:

join us today and access everything we have to offer!!
✩ (make sure to read the rules and verify to access the rest of the server)
└───・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.───┘
🍧 all pink emote server
🌸 easy to find & use
🌷 ping & no ping partnerships
🩰 always hiring pms
゚。 r1p

★ alt & edgy
☆ semi to fully toxic
✮ self roles & colors

;; don’t join if you’re basic
nitro giveaway happening rn !!!
Hello there! r/IGCSE is perhaps the biggest CAIE and Edexcel IGCSE community on Discord. There are various roles - ranging from helpers, moderators, subjects you are taking and the year you are writing the exam. Remember to read the rules and of course, have fun on the journey!
Welcome.. My Undertale au rp.
Yes we may be incredibly new but that
Also gives massive advantages!
Love being a helper and staff member? Try and audition to be one and more.
Here we provide:
*Free spots to take as au characters
*nice staff
*higher and more valuable spaces
*a neat and semi-lit to lit rp!
And more so come and check us out ;3
Humans have covered the globe and discovered everything there is to discover. Or so we thought, in an unknown area of the world, there lie a Island, forever lost to time itself. You were on a yatch, what you were doing there is known only to yourself. Whatever the reason whatever the purpose your here now and your trapped, with monsters unknown to science and ruins of a bygone civilization. Everyday drives another man or woman insane with either anger or fear, how long will you last, it's a question I'm sure you will ask yourself everyday or maybe you won't. We'll see
Welcome to Animation Meme Haven! The newest animation meme server. In the server we have channels for animation memes, art, and many general chats to talk about whatever you want. Thanks for your time, and we hope that you join us!