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・ °ₒ ✧ ─ Welcome to Rootclan! ─ ✧ ₒ° ・

"When we slip into the bushes, we are silent, we are agile, we are HOME."

This is a semi literate Warrior Cats roleplay server with lovely staff, and friendly members.
In this server we provide:

✧ A safe roleplay area!
✧ A variety of roleplay styles: Non-lit, Semi-lit, Literate
✧ A place to share your creativity and art
✧ Welcoming and friendly community
✧ Interesting plot and many roleplay events

Amongst the bushes of New Zealand, a group of cats named Rootclan resides beneath the ferns and massive looming trees. These agile cats stalk past the undergrowth stealthily and without a sound. Rootclan are a closely knit clan that makes great allies and is very loyal to their loved ones but beware; unwanted visitors will not make a safe passage through their territory.

So come on in! Join us and our Rootclan adventure

OsirisGaming es un servidor de Discord hispanohablante creado hace más de dos años, dedicado única y exclusivamente al entretenimiento y bienestar de los usuarios.

Actualizaciones cada pequeños periodos de tiempo.

Disponemos de un mecanismo automático en el que todos podrán crear su propio clan para poder estar tranquilamente con sus amigos, sin molestias ni interrupciones, en una sala privada en donde se puede escuchar música, hablar, jugar, ver películas/series/anime juntos.

Si tu intención es conocer gente, este es tu sitio.

『Hello, and welcome to (Fans) Out Boy!』

❤️ We are a fan server based around the Pop Punk band Fall Out Boy! ❤️

We have lots to offer here! Some things include:
★Channels for different eras (including solo work)
★Many different bots
★Different events we plan on hosting in the future
★A safe place for people in LGBTQ+ community
★Lots of different roles for the albums you like! (WE NEED TO WORK ON THIS COWARDS)
★A bunch of 𝓮𝓹𝓲𝓬 emotes

Hope to see you around ❤️
🎉Hola! ¿Qué esperas para entrar en el server? Aqui te espera una gran cantidad de diversión 🎈 Staff Activo y amigable, Salas especialmente para gaming🎮 Go Go Go!!!📣
♥--Mer7ba Bikom 3ndna --♥
〔✞〕───ABOUT US
LSD 💊 BETA is a new active community server, we are looking for members who would be active and participate in the server giveaways, events and activities.

╭◢◤+1000 members (new server growing)
|◢◤+100 roles and free assignable roles
|◢◤+200 emojis
|◢◤hunderds emotes and +31 nitro emotes
|◢◤active voice and text chats
|◢◤There is no ban on our server
|◢◤Active Staffs
|◢◤giveaways and fun events
|◢◤level and invites rewarding system (credits and more ...)
|◢◤Different movies, tv shows and animes proposals and gaming
|◢◤Different games voice rooms
╰◢◤Help us to reach our goals
Um server simples de comunidade RP com membros de vários tipos, especializado em divulgação principalmente e também temos um mini-rp de tema livre para a diversão.
18+ We are a friendly community that supports interracial Asian and Black friendships, relationships and culture intermingling. All are welcome!

We offer ...

- A welcoming, laid-back environment that is filled with interesting, funny, attractive people who are worth getting to know!

- Regular events such as movies, gaming, team games, trivia, anime, karaoke.

- Chill voice chat hang outs, relationship advice, mental health and support group sessions, optional serious topic discussions.

... and so much more!

We are always looking to expand with more great people, so please join us to interact, make friends and have fun!
+ • ⇜ Friendos :> ⇝ • +

A funky little server with lots of things to do!

~We have~

- Among us ping, chat, and vc
- System only areas
- Friendly staff
- Traumagenic systems only
- Open to singlets
- Lots of roles
- Lots of color roles
- Opt in channels
- Blacklist

We're a little server but we're growing!
Join for the fun, stay for the community :>

+ • ⇜ Friendos :> ⇝ • +
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İsterseniz cüzi miktarlarda onları kiralayadabilirsiniz :)
Just a furry server, rather basic and what-not. If you join you can stay or leave. I don't mind because everyone has their own tastes. :)
Not specifically a NSFW server, only one portion that you may not even get access to.
The Furry Refuge
The official home of Paw Bot.

What we offer
🤖. Paw Bot support
Paw Bot beta access
📢. Friendly staff and support
Open applications
🗣️. Active community
Make new friends
🎉. Reaction roles
Species roles
🐾. Artists & commissions
Cute and floofy emojis
💎. Roleplay channels
⚡. Events
Movie, Karaoke and Game Night
📜. Recruiting staff
Recruiting translators
Welcome to CandyLand, a cute aesthetic SFW server that needs someone as gorgeous as youu

We have 100+ members and a level 2 boost (boost us uwu)! We offer: a cute roles shop, 50+ adorable emojis (kanna too!!), lots of fun text channels, many bots, and more!!

we'd love a qt like you to join our little server!
Unan Sen a este servidor para jugar o hablar con jente y conocer jente nueva soy muy activo asepto sugerencias para el servidor disponible para todos y todas entren siles gusta se pueden quedar si no pues no hay problema los esperamos con una gran bienvenida
Hello, welcome to The Music Box! We are a fnaf community full of friendly members and nice staff! Here's what we have!

-Friendly members and staff as I just stated

-Plenty of fun bots!

-Giveaways for custom roles and more some day

-Roleplay channels for those who are into that stuff.

-A theory channel for theories!

We're currently looking for more active members, why don't you join and have a good time?
We are a LGBTQ+ community server, we have a wide variety of NSFW channels, for not only LGBTQ+ people, but also allies! We welcome everyone LGBTQ+ or not! We accept everyone in our comminity!
Hello and Welcome to The Role-Play Bubble!

The Role-Play Bubble was created by Role-Players for All Role-Players!

Our goal is to make sure that you have the Best Possible Role-Play Experience on Discord!

Are you looking for a new RP server to join? Are you looking for a new RP partner?
Do you need somewhere to advertise your RP server?

The Role-Play Bubble let's you advertise your server and search for new servers and partners!

We not only let you advertise your Role-Plays, we let you Role-Play in the server in our RP Rooms for All Role-Players of All Kinds!
We also let you create your own RP Room and have fun will other Role-Players in the server!

The-Role-Play Bubble has so much to offer to the Role-Play community and we hope that you'll join and find your next Role-Play or just hangout and Role-Play with others.

---Server Details---

-Welcoming Community! (Furries, LGBTQ+, Any RP Level are Welcome!)

-New and Improving!

-Bots Like Tupperbox to Enhance Role-Play Experience

-Active Owner

There's so much that The Role-Play Bubble has to offer! Join the fun and Role-Play with other Role-Players!
Welcome to The World of Warriors. We're a semi-literate role-play server where you can experience your very own Warrior cat adventures in the lake territories. Join your favorite Clan, make new friends, and role-play to your heart's content!

Other than dramatic plots and events planned, we also have other fun features!
🌟 Minigame bots like IdleRPG, Pokémon, Littlecloud (cat collecting)
🌟 Chill zones and music vibing channel, channels for artwork and nerd talk!!!
Welcome to Shiny Crossing! If you play acnh you'll find this server very usefull!
This is a SWF community for everyone!
What can you find in this server? Many giveaways, Partnerships, Staff that are always ready to help you, Many trading channels, Polls, LGBTQ+ friendly and we support blm! What are you waiting for? Come join the shiny nation!
This is an online community where students can help out other students with school work. We try our best to help others and we act as one big family. So join us and check out what we are all about.

Konichiwa~ Welcome to the SUSHI ❥ FAMILY

In this server, the members are more than just a member-- they're Sushi Family! Every new Sushi Fam is accepted with open arms; whether you are a California roll, Spicy Tuna roll, or even a Rainbow roll. What I'm trying to say is: we accept anyone and everyone.

─── ・ 。|♡: .(✿◠‿◠) . :♡|。・ ───

What we offer:
❥ Open-minded and Friendly Staff
❥ Dope Asf Emotes
❥ Roleplay Channels
❥ A Very Wholesome and Chill Atmosphere
❥ Lewd Channels
❥ Game Nights!!!!
❥ Lots of Awesome Bots
❥ Pokemon Friendly Server
❥ Plenty of Amicable Members

─── ・ 。|♡: .(✿◠‿◠) . :♡|。・ ───

We know how much people long for a place to be themselves and make new friends without fear of judgement or rejection. Adopt and join the SUSHI ❥ FAMILY and you won't ever have to worry about that.
└───────── °∘▪★~(◠‿◕✿)▪∘° ─────────┘
꒰ 🍑 ⁀➷𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘞𝘢𝘬𝘢𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘶

🌈 Вы когда-нибудь хотели подружиться с людьми, которым нравятся такие милые и мягкие вещи, как и вам? В Waka очень добрая и любящая семья, которая встретит вас с распростертыми объятиями!

❥ Что мы предлагаем:
₊˚. ꒰ ❄ ꒱ сладкий и заботливый персонал.♡
₊˚. ꒰ 🌸 ꒱ мягкая и милая серверная тема с множеством очаровательных эмодзи, каналов и ролей.♡
₊˚. ꒰ 🎄 ꒱ клубная система, которая поможет вам найти людей, которым нравятся те же вещи, что и вам.♡
₊˚. ꒰ ☀️ ꒱ разного рода мероприятия и розыгрыши.♡
₊˚. ꒰ ⛄ ꒱ добрые участники, которые всегда вас выслушают и датут поддержку.♡

☁️ Если бы ты решил присоединиться к нашей семье, я бы очень обрадовалась, ты не пожалеешь об этом ฅ ^ • ﻌ • ^ ฅ!
♕ Autism™ ♕ O server mais ativo de Portugal! ☆ Active Voice Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Fun Bots ☆ Events! ☆
Lux is a gaming community promoting mental health awareness and contains very mature content. 18+