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🩸🎃Lulu’s Loving Sanctuary🎃🩸
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🩸🎃Lulu’s Loving Sanctuary🎃🩸

This is an 18+ server and a place where people can chill, role play, play pokemon, make friends as much as they wish. We have things for unverified and verified members too.

We have:
- (till December 2020) Nitro give aways for verified members
- Places to unload your hentai and porn from you gallery and express kinks with like minded people
- A safe space for people to share and have fun
- Our very own Little Space🧸 channel
- Bots i.e Mewbot, boobbot, Mudae etc
- OC creation channels including a template to advertise your ERP character
- Friendly staff and Owner always available to help and welcome new members
- 100+ roles available for verified members (extra for server boosters)
-selectable roles for unverified members
-server VC game nights
-many different pic channels
-selectable rooms you would like to join or add to enabling to you to personalise your experience
-perks for regular/booster members

And many more lovely features as well as a place for you to suggest ways to make it even better 😈.

We cant wait to meet more of you kinky people😏 and hope to see you soon!👅🤤
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Hoithere Hoithere
pretty nice place
havent been here long but from what ive seen everyone is suuuuper nice and helpful. im glad i joined and i hope to see some of you soon!! ^^
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Mango Mango
Chill people and fun enviroment
Lots of fun bots, good staff, and good conversation at all hours. 100% recommend for anyone wanting to just talk and enjoy themselves, and even more for anyone who loves pokecord. Whole auction and trade rooms and our own home brewed competition series.
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