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aesthetic authenticity.
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aesthetic authenticity.

Vaeq Here, do you want to join a server were you can make friends and play games? well if that's what you are looking for then you should join my server
::- aesthetic authenticity.:
(Our server consist of everything shown below.)
:: - Freindly Server Members.
:: - Bots you can play with.
:: - Rewards you get from being active .
:: - Custome roles.
:: - And Much More!!
:: - Here are some rules if you do proceed to click join on the server link.
:: - No DM advertising.
:: - No account buying and or selling.
:: - No being rude to any staff members.
:: - No Bot spamming to earn levels.
:: - Do not try and attempt to start drama for no reason.
:: - No sending NSFW in any non NSFW text channel.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Great Server!
In the server, it is really easy to make new friends, and you can listen to music, talk in chat and even play with other people on your favorite games.