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3D Lock [Hacking & Programming]
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3D Lock [Hacking & Programming]

Discussion your favorite domain here!
A 100% server dedicated in helping others and supporting them with anything related to ---> Ethical hacking, Programming(Python, Java, Js, C, Golang, Html and css), Linux security!
And also a hangout category!
- 😄 A Great staff team and respectful members that are willing to help. You can come here and share your knowledge or learn from others and how to do a team work!
😁 we hope to have you soon at the server!
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Xuluion Xuluion
Great and good server!
i have learned a lot from here, the most best thing is i didnt find any toxic people like i find in some others servers i really enjoy this place and i recommend this place for people who like coding and hacking they also do networking and that cool
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Sir muffin Sir muffin
great server!
the server is great, really nice staff and people. you can learn a lot about ethical hacking and coding in this server and also make new freinds
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DaGeeKhalid DaGeeKhalid
The GentleMan Speech
You know this server is the best i've ever seen the Owner is active a lot and helps out unlike most other servers i've seen across discord and i haven't forgot about the mods and the head admin they are legends to RESPECT to all of them
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Dtomper Dtomper
My experience
I enjoyed the stay since day 1, I learned so much stuff, members were friendly and helpful. I would really recommend this server to everyone no matter of how experienced they are in hacking !
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