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Art Café
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Art Café

This is a 15+ years old only server.
Looking for FREE ART? You'll be kicked on the spot if that's why you join.Thank you for understanding.

AC houses a growing community of artists of all styles and skill levels, we strive to maintain a productive and friendly art focused environment for beginners and professionals alike.

Our feedback system ensures no one gets ignored or skipped when posting their art and staff is working constantly to maintain a constructive and practical atmosphere.
Not only that, we offer the opportunity for you to get free mentoring from verified professionals of the art field as well as the chance for you to become a mentor yourself ,while our art help channels are open for anyone to ask for assistance from our dedicated community.

Join in and take a look around 🌹
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Logna Logna
creepy mod
getting totally ignored by a male mod who only talks to girls. he passive aggressively attack any male person who joins his chatroom or ignores them completely.
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Ava Jane Ava Jane
Amazing!, you will not be disappointed!
I've been in this server for a while now and I can easily say its been really fun being here, you honestly will not be disappointed in joining, 100/10 would recommend if you are looking for a good art server
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Sound Froggo Sound Froggo
Great server!
The moderation In the server is fair and good. The extensive variety of channels for all kinds of art is a refreshing change from other servers focused on drawing and painting. It’s great seeing a ser focused on the discussion of art instead of just sharing it. Lots of games to play and places to advertise your commissions. Great server!
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~°Dead_angel15°~ ~°Dead_angel15°~
Awesome ❤❤
This server is amazing! I feel comfortable being around people how can support everyone in the server. They can help you with art skill or you help with their art skill. I can recommend to you try this server! ❤❤❤❤
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