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5-8D Ascending Platform Of LightWarriors
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Spiritual Empowerment & Mentorship Frontlines. A Transcendental Platform For Ascension, Lucid Dreaming Hybrid Mindset Voyagers 24/7, INtellectual Light Warrior Empowerment, Transcendence, Starseeds, Otherkin, Mind Voyagers, Mediums & Psychics, Merkaba-Ascension-5D, Dimension-Jumpers, Shifters, Future Earth, Soular Empowerment

At the shift of ages, and the arrival of the age of Aquarius, golden age as we battle the last inner and outer demons of the Kali Yuga/age of Pisces. A powerful incentive, a leap of faith: Take the first step: make the Quantum Leap, The Interdimensional Shift and Enter The Lightning Grid

-Psychic tools, trainings, intent, purpose documentations, pantheon and mentorship/guidance for otherkin and humans alike: All-in-One.
→Free Speech, Absolute Tolerance for Mutual Respect and Natural Equality ( circles of responsibility but nonhierarchy).
→Diverse Environment, rapidly expanding, work in progress pantheon for the golden age with widest assortments of deities helping out. Friendly and Helpful staff whose best interest is to serve your growth and cooperate on creative works/your development.
→ Knowledge on esoteric/transcendental topics generally not discussed/shunned/overlooked/disregarded/labeled as forbidden or far-fetched knowledge by others (metaphysics-spirit science, free energy, universal law, light body process, central nervous system rewiring, DNA-upgrade, cosmic origin, obscure(d) truths, connected dots and converging rivers).
-"Convert"-friendly- encouraging ex-religious ones for the One-Source path of the truth-seeker lightwarriors/workers/starseeds/otherkin/enlightened human old or mature souls(motto: strength in unity, collaboration VS illusion of separation)
-Various high-quality reddit/youtube/no-nonsense channeling websites/ news/video post feeds ( of spiritual/esoteric/cosmic theme)
-Weavesilk avantgarde spirit-art. (Interactive generative art- subliminal, angelic/demonic/divine, spiritual source channeling
-Soul ScienceTechnology & Source Transmissions. Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius
-Soul technology/higher-self descent to physical vessel: Production of DMT internally without the use of physical substance and unlock spirit molecule
-Sections encouraging to showcase your work (media/documents/arts, personal photos)
-A place of unconditional love and growth for Starseeds, Indigos, Human Angels and Walk Ins' to reunite with their long lost Star Family and Soul Mates.
-Server voice chat option for those interested
-Server map for ease of access with descriptions and guidelines for each topic (accessibility)
Our own e-literature (growing library of PDF e-books and Links), videos, (multi)media and psychic tools, image-works not available anywhere else and written/crafted/made/authored exclusively by us.
-Logos God, Elohim, Doctor, Scientist, & Architect Of The Age Of Aquarius.
-Futuristic & Future-Oriented Community Dedicated To The Universal Law, Spirit Science, Soul Technologies and Extraterrestrial Soul Origins
-A joint planetwide effort for reconstructing the new pantheon for the golden age of Aquarius, fusing the ancient with the new influx past with the future to create the new present in the Now with the help of deities and entities of various origins.

We are highly focused and streamlined, yet loose and flexible (effortless effort being the motto). Our basic aim-quintessence is to harness all available energies to create an interdimensional rift/gate to haven that can propel us to 5th dimension and beyond while still connected to Earth but ultimately undergoing physical transfiguration, also fueled by the bowels of the earth likewise (as above so below)- which constructs a beastly cyclotron that irons out certain unwanted specific frequency-sets, diminishes their influence on the collective.
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PissedWitch PissedWitch
Remarks and belittling, lgbt slurs in voice chat
Full of white knights and girls who dish remarks to lgbtq woman, and when they lash back its ban worthy but when they ostracize you its fine. They are just bullshitting one another with spiritual ammo and its all cult status here.

Maybe you need a hard skin to be in here but really, what kind of love & peace is that. ~I would ignore and make a effort to be tolerant and more withheld but that's not much of a place to be if others abuse. Guess I won't go back or cant 👋 This was my experience not internet babble.
Yes it is I ( Her Enchantment#8275 ) I wont become a sjw because of rotten festering users in your server
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Me3e Me3e
Progressive server!
I found it to be one of the best servers I ever been in. They are very wonderful people who can educate anyone on esoteric matters. It's a very expansive community as well. My favorite part about this server is that you can join the NSFW channel without showing ID.
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Immortal Cholesterol Immortal Cholesterol
Nothing can compare
An excellent community that's endlessly growing until discord breaks! There are many people here to learn from. A great entry point for anyone looking to learn about spirituality of any kind.

Save the world!
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Trust Trust
The place you are looking for!
This is the only server of this kind you can find! There is no better, there is nothing that compares. It covers every area, has a wide community with people of many interpretations and views!

I have never seen such a well formed community anywhere else in my lifetime. I am very happy to have found this server and I'm sure most other people who come feel the same way.
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