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Welcome to the Kingdom of Alvina! We are a community of friendly people who like to have fun and roleplay together. We aim to be a safe roleplay community where you can grow, meet new people, have a good time, and create amazing ocs and stories. The land of Alvina is based in your stereotypical medieval times mixed with fantasy.

♔『A growing community of 300+ members』♔

♔『Friendly and helpful staff members』♔

♔『20+ roleplay channels to choose from』♔

♔『The ability to create and join guilds』♔

♔『Self assignable roles and colors』♔

♔『Nsfw channels and LGBTQ+ friendly』♔

♔『Weekly events and leveling systems』♔

♔『Pokemon, mini games, and anime channels』♔
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Rinilliiiiii Rinilliiiiii
Great staff, wonderful owner, pretty active community, and quality roleplay!
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Lucid Nightmare Lucid Nightmare
It's aight
Very active members, even more active staff from all over the globe.
So much cringe.
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Draco Draco
A new place to stay
Alvina is a great community. It has open and friendly staff along with fellow RPers to match. You can always find something new with daily events and more. Even if the events are not your style there is a ever growing that you can involve your charcter(s) in. All in all I have never seen a rp server better then this.
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TanukiScoot TanukiScoot
Fight me
No nut November is a scam by the government. I mean this is a good server ok bye I’m getting raided by the FBI
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