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Futa Nancy Futa Nancy
Randomly forced to verify myself after barely being active and then once standing up to a troll...
What in name of anything that is good did I do wrong now that I have to be verified?

I refuse to put my personal data out there on a greatly anonymous place. What is the occasion now that I have to veryfy without any explaination?
I have been on this server for almost a month now, and now out of the blue I have to PUT MY PERSONAL DATA OUT THERE TO VERIFY - after once standing up to a troll!

This was literally the only interaction I had on this server after joining it and picking up a few roles - .... to tell that one troll that they should stop bothering other people and uploading one artwork in the process. I strictly draw the line between these discord/erp servers and my real life. I see NO reason why I should verify myself and be pust in a position of pressure and exposure of my RL data! BIG yikes!
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lor lor
⊹ ₊˚ review ˚₊ ⊹
୨୧ ✦ Staff dont abuse their powers by banning/kicking/warning/etc without reason. ~
୨୧ ✧ Manyyyy channels of content ~
୨୧ ✧ An active community the chats are always active ~
୨୧ ✦ Good & easy verification to verify age ~
୨୧ ✧ The server doesnt have too many annoying trolls ~
୨୧ ✦ Nice people ~
୨୧ ✧ lgbtq accepting ~
୨୧ ✦ There is creeps (as expected in an nsfw server but still) ~
୨୧ ✧ A little overboard on needing to get verified, but its ok ~
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clau clau
Best hentai server around
Love it here. Lots of hentai, verified section, giveaways, but the best part is the people in this community, we're a big lewd family!
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ZeldaΘεοί ZeldaΘεοί
Amazing Server
I joined looking for a lewd community and truly found one here. Great large community, active chats all day, bot games, economy, events, giveaways. Growing every day. Its great
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