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Welcome to Requiem. We are an active and friendly community of people who are looking just to relax. We have server economy and several bots like pokecord, dank memer and waifubot. The environment is friendly and you'll feel right at home. See you there.
PokeAdventure is a Pokecord server for those looking for an active place to chat, battle, and complete challenges. The gyms and Elite 4 challenges increase in difficulty as you beat more of them. This is the perfect place for both beginners to the bot and those looking for challenges.
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸...
☆♡ 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓼𝓼𝓸𝓶 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓭𝓸𝓶♡☆

We are a small little community hoping to make people happy! Come join!

~We offer~

♡▪︎Completely sfw▪︎♡
♡▪︎100% Lgbtq+ welcome▪︎♡
♡▪︎We do QOTD▪︎♡
♡▪︎Headspace Chats▪︎♡
♡▪︎School assignments/ping▪︎♡
♡▪︎Staff is super nice!▪︎♡
♡▪︎Venting Channel/Ping▪︎♡
♡▪︎Hotlines for just about anything▪︎♡
♡▪︎Daily reminders that you're valid and loved▪︎♡
♡▪︎Babysitter/Little Ping▪︎♡
♡▪︎Storytime chat/vc▪︎♡
♡▪︎Safe for everyone▪︎♡
♡▪︎Self roles to get to know you▪︎♡
♡▪︎Many amazing bots (Pokecord,Mudae,Waifu,OwO,Dank memer)▪︎♡
♡▪︎Fun competitions▪︎♡
♡▪︎Cute color roles▪︎♡
Just a server made by a few friends for people who like anime! We just started so feel free to join in on the fun, we’re all very nice and inclusive here. :)
Hello! We're a growing Pokémon-based and Rowlet appreciation server ♫

What does the server have?

✧ A friendly community
✧ Pokécord, Mewbot, Toasty, Tatsumaki, Mudae, Waifubot
✧ A special Pokémon bot of our own
✧ Pokécord Giveaways
✧ Cute Rowlet Emotes
✧ Self-select roles
✧ Food, animal, art, photography, and meme sections

Everyone is welcome, even if you don't know much about Pokémon!
💚 Go Team Rowlet 💚
We are a pokecord playing community with other bots like wolfia to keep us company. We host regular giveaways and we have invite rewards. We have a working gym system and are hold many events! We also have friendly staff and a active community! Join us today!
There are a lot of servers out there that have the pokecord bot which allows you to catch pokemon all the time. We have that and so much more. We are a growing community trying to catch, trade, train, and battle all types of pokemon. We are slowly growing and learning and hopefully, we will soon reach the top of the charts and be one of the most popular servers so whenever possible, just join. We have a lot of events and try to keep everything as smooth a process as possible so if you want to just play some good pokecord fairly (without getting cheated or cheating/trolling) then join us.
*Pokecord çekilişi var!*
Merhaba, server şuan omega aşamasında ve düzenleniyor, düzenleme işleriyle ilgilenen arkadaşlarımız ve hızlıca pokemon düşüren efsanevi güçlerimiz var. Anime sohbeti yapabileceğiniz bir kanal, serveri kendinize göre kişiselleştirebilecek bir istek odası, 7/24 müzik dinleyeceğiniz bir ses odası... Eksik olan bir çok şey için bize yazın, hallederiz.
Dank Giveaways

╭━━━━━━━━ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰᴇʀɪɴɢ:━━━━━━━━╮
》Weekly Giveaways, Daily Giveaways and events, with awesome rewards!
》 Question Of the Day
》 Pokecord and dankmemer (Main bots) And MANY MORE*
》 Self Assignable Role
》 Robbing/ Heisting Disabled
》Meme of the week
》 Allowing user to ask what THEY want to add to our server.
》 And So Much MORE

So Join On In!
Hi there! Welcome to Pokedise, this is a server for all pokemon fans regardless of age, gender, ethnicity everyone is welcome.
This server is home to a friendly and active community of pokemon fans, so come in and say hi!
Features of the server:
-Various bots including pokecord, shadow lugia, dank memer, unbelievababot and more
-You can choose what colour you want your name to be and there is a role leveling system
-The server hosts multiple giveaways, including nitro and pokemon or redeems
-Channels where you can share your art or anything you have made or like
-Active and friendly owner
-LQBT+ and Furry friendly
-Functioning gym and daycare system for pokecord
Even if you aren't the biggest fan of pokemon or are new to it then come and say hi :)
This is a small pokecord server,with helpful staff and fun people.Its also got dank memer and a gym system!First giveaways starting!
Just your ordinary bot spamming server. There are a few social channels, as well. Enjoy.
»» ──────── ♡ ──────── ««
Ello ello there! This is the owner of the server currently speaking.
Darkrais dark lair is a small pokecord based server, it would mean a lot if you were to join. What does our server have? We have events, giveaways, catching events, and more. Our server has small ammount of people only so it would help if you also helped advertising our server. We have a lot of things to offer, like pokecord, pokemon, anime, and a little bit of NSFW (but keep it soft) ok, you might be busy right now so byeeee!
» ──────── ♡ ──────── ««
Congratulations, you’ve just managed to find our PokéDiscord League (PDL). The members of our server use a battle simulator called Pokémon Showdown, wherein we competitively/semi-competitively battle each other. We provide our very own league of Gym Leaders and Elite Four for you to fight. After beating them, you get to challenge the Champion. If you persevere, you yourself can become our next Champion!
Kaneki's Den is an anime discord server with various anime text channels consisting of different animes e.g. Tokyo-Ghoul, naruto, dragon ball, bleach etc..

We are a place to sit back and relax, we have various bots including a bot specialized just for music as well as Akinator and more to come in the future.
We are an anime discord server with various anime text channels, music, entertainment, a range of bots including pokecord, Yui and more.
Our server's features:
self-assignable roles
Big array of bots (Including Music, Pokecord etc)
Many anime sections
Memes :P
NSFW section
RP section
And others.

-- Our community is owned and ran by two individuals who grew up in a generation when their were only 151 Pokémon. Now the Pokémon world has vastly evolved, grown and taken over multiple generations and now, HUNDREDS MORE Pokémon to catch! With that being said, we accept and encourage members of all ages of the discord community that enjoy collecting, trading, training, buying and selling Pokémon to join us in our adventure to do just that!

-- You ever feel like that same role color has gotten boring to you? Well, we have a color role system which allows all members to make and apply their own color roles via Color Chan Bot! Simply type the command and boom! Different color!

· Always active giveaways
· Nice staff
· Events
· Accepting Partnerships
· Gyms
· Accepting donations for server giveaways
· Hiring staff
Ages 13+
Virtual Escape™️ is a Discord community full of things to do and new friends to meet, we’re a growing community looking for new people to meet and hopefully make long lasting relationships with. We like our members to be treated like they have the same influence on each other just as much as everyone else in the server to create a nice sense of equality and aesthetic to the server. Please do consider joining!