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Hello everyone! Welcome to probably the worst server on discord! *insert lots of confetti here* from really weird roles, weird emojis, and even weird ppl (jk im prolly the only weird one) this server has anything u can wish for!

P.S. peanut butter cookies are god tier.
This is a server where different users and their friends can chat and hangout with. We have over 15 Channels, each with different purposes for users to interact and utilize, and of course, socialize! We hope to bring in wide variety of people including Gamers, Memers, Anime Fans, Artists etc. Please follow the rules and have fun!
Welcome to Connection 2!
A Reboot of the The Connection!

- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Varieties of VCs/Chats for all types of members.
- Giveaways
- Open for suggestions from all users.
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.

Come connect with us!
Welcome to the E-Tard Cafe, take a seat, get comfy.

This server is about memes, being social and all that good jazz.
☆memes up to the finest quality
☆the best type of people reside on this server
☆no hate! hate = bad
☆we accept everyone bb <3
☆oh yeah you can like Edate here or whatever

enjoy your time, leave a tip wont you.
Welcome to Mayro's Funky Land!
A server full of diverse and fun people to meet and talk to!

✧⫸ The server is mainly circulated around Nintendo, General gaming,memes, Arts, Anime and more!

✧⫸ We have easy to follow rules, and really friendly staff.

✧⫸ New roles are easy to gain and its loads of fun chatting with others here!

The Server is owned by Mario 123. A YouTuber who strives to make the best Quality Content for you! We Hope To See You There 😄
▸ A low moderated server with a chill staff, except one; He's horny.
▸ Self assignable roles. More will be added soon!
▸ Multiple game bots (Idle Miner, Pokecord, and Gambling bot).
▸ No rules.
▸ Giving out custom named roles for the first few members.
Welcome to Adorable Neko, a server for, by, and of cuties. This server is friendly for everyone but also abit toxic here and there. We have some bots but might need more 😅. We are still a work in progress, so please suggest something and 1 of our staff will help asap. Hope you'll like it here. Hope to see you cuties here soon! 👑😘
Hey, welcome to the server my name is Odin. first, off I don't want you to see me as an authority figure I wanna be all of your guy's friends. I want to make a community of broken, quite and misunderstood people like me EVERYONE IS EXCEPTED, From furries to emos. NO ONE IS LEFT OUT so come have fun and meet someone new or just have a laugh.
welcome to red's crackhouse. we chilling and waiting for other people to join us :) ! feel free to dm the plug for partner info and have a safe stay in the crackhouse.
A small community made for relaxing , hoping to grow. Friendly staff. Chat with new people, invite friends and make new ones. Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to peanuts, An active community server where our goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, our community is relaxed and chill; and we have plenty of awesome members in the server. Any new members are welcomed with open arms. We have dedicated chats to gaming, memes, and furry related chat, as well as many fun activities. Our server is 15+ and doesn't offer any nsfw chats, but mature jokes and content is allowed. Hope you join and have fun!!
♡♡♡♡♡♡° Welcome to Homework °♡♡♡♡♡♡

We are NSFW sever for:

We have:
-NSFW channels
-1200+ and growing community
Geek Pub is a community centered around Art, Anime/Manga, Games, Memes, and basically anything around the internet.
You looking for a server with an awesome community with a lot of things to do? Then join Alpha people now.
Hello, and welcome to "The Club House". we are a growing discord community seeking out new members. we offer a great and friendly community and a crap ton of memes, so don't miss out!
The Kingdom is a community Discord server. The Kingdom has been an active server for nearly two years, filled with welcoming fun-loving people, and more:
Level up rewards for Activity roles (Tatsumaki support!)
Giftcard and Nitro giveaways each month.
An interactive casino with special obtainable roles.
Active and fair staff/moderation.
Gamenights in which the server plays games such as Skribbl.io, Cards Against Humanity, and Jackbox Games.
Smash tournaments.
✧ Welcome to the " Goose Tree " ! ✧
✦In this server we have many chats available ! ✦
✮ These include: ✮
⋆ General chats ⋆
⋆NSFW chats⋆
⋆Meme chats⋆
✵ And so many more to talk in! ✵
♡ Please consider coming in for a stay!♡
♡ We'd love to show you what we have in store! ♡
Join my TikTok sever cause why not ;)
also my TikTok is adamdevito (btw got 36k followers)
and one last thing..... This will poSsIbLy have nsfw content ;)
"welcome to hell mutherfuckers u really fucked up this time, get ur sorry ass in here"
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕥𝕠!
Misato is a small server focused on anime and osu! We strive to maintain a nontoxic, properly managed server while also trying to keep each of our members feel a part of the group! As a result we treat each and every one of our members with respect.

────── 〔❤️ What We Offer ❤️ 〕──────
— Channels:
🌹ㅑ NSFW: A channel only for those who desire.
🌹ㅑ Anime: Various waifus and husbandos, we support all!
🌹ㅑ Gaming: Dedicated channels for games

— User Info:
🍚ㅑ Self Roles: Certain roles can be self assigned to your suiting
🍚ㅑ Bots: Many different bots to complete any of your tasks
🍚ㅑ Music: Play your favorite song in any of our voice channels!
🍚ㅑ Staff: Our staff is very active and will answer any questions!

— Additional:
🏳️‍🌈ㅑ We're LGBTQ+ friendly as well!~ You don't need to feel afraid to express yourself.
🔴ㅑ A server for osu! players, meet new people and start tapping circles!
🤝ㅑWe accept servers for partnerships, be sure to check the requirements!
No matter your interests, likes or dislikes, you will find your place in E-Girl inc.
Over 1,000 members!