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The Union of Discord Nations is the bridge for all discord nations, here discord nations big and small can prosper. All members of the Union of Discord Nations get their very own channel where they can post
whatever they want about their server.
This server is a server of the mapper "Chinese Mapping". Here you can chat, view the progress of his series, look at maps and countryballs and more!
Welcome to Geodise, a paradise for all things geography, vexilology, and mapping. We have friendly staff, trivia bots, dedicated channels for videos, politics, history, architecture, and so much more! We hope to see you there!
Na naszym Uniwersum będziesz mógł:
🔹 Zrobić własne państwo!
🔹To co się dzieje na świecie!
🔹Zakładać sojusze i frakcje!
🔹Wasalizować państwa!
🔹Podbijać i kolonizować!
Hub of various artists and modders alike and the home of Chief Smokey's maps for Doom, amongst other content. All craftsmen welcome!
╚═══════════════» 🇹🇷 ๑۩๑ O T T O M A N E M P I R E ๑۩๑ 🇹🇷 «═══════════════╝

🔹 🔶
Welcome to the __Ottoman Empire__ , a peaceful and stable nation server out there!


🚩 | And this is not only a Discord Nation but also an Active & Nice Community!.

💠 | You will have a good time there especially when it does have quiz,server events,cool bots, self roles, a nice and active staff, it's own description and Map of it, and much more! It's a lot of fun and if you'll be active down there, you'll be guarenteed value in it for sure! We hope you will enjoy your stay!

🔗 | Link : https://discord.gg/VqsTYJS
Welcome to BlueStar’s Mapping server!

Hello newcomers! You might know me as BlueStar Mapping/BlueStar.
The server you have encountered on your stroll through Discord is purely dedicated to the time consuming and effort inducing Hobby known as mapping! As a server we want to make a safe environment for all kinds of people, just plain everyone in general.
If you are caught discriminating against these people whether it be the following, Doxing information publicly, Shaming on Social media, Naming people using Racist words and just anything that isn’t socially acceptable. You will be immediately banned.
**Also having a good understanding of geography and history is recommended to have the full experience on this server
Bots Include:


Rhythm ½ (Prefixes: R1, ! | R2, > )


This may change overtime.
Hello there, Traveler! I'm here to make an offer you won't be able to deny!

Join The Commonwealth today!

We've got a lot of fun stuff!

-A lot of fun bots, with even a special bot for this server only!
-Channels For Any Eventuality!
-Kind and Active Staff Members!
-A Fair Ranking System!
-Fun And Interesting Minigames!
-Exciting Elections!
-Frequent competitions of various type!
-A complex UnbelievaBoat-based economy system!

Join us today, you'll have lots of fun!
This server is a fun and exciting server on which you are able to create and play as a nation and decide the future of the world.
This server takes place now in the far future due to the server being around for quiet sometime now, however it is still a great server to participate in and to have fun.
With our growing player base be sure to come and hop in.
The Mapping Santorum is a mapping community and roleplay server. You can advertise your server or YouTube channel here with our premium advertising section where every advertisement you have gets an @everyone ping.

This server is LGBT friendly and does not tolerate discrimination, racism, or religious blasphemy. You can advertise your artworks and speak in your local language in our Global Chat section. Just follow the rules and you'll be safe. Have fun and join!
Welcome to the State of Osmania!

The State of Osmania is a community server where we introduce and provide for all of our members a great time in Osmania. The server was constructed after the collapse of Osmania and the Osman Clique, in hopes of restoring the old glory the community once had, for Osmania.

Our server includes many different fun features, such as economy bots, polling, gambling, music, and a variety of events from gaming to mapping!
Of course, we have many political aspects of the server, to help efficiently run it, such as a written constitution, an assembly for legislation, executive positions and of course, party creation.

Join Osmania, take part in our welcoming community, and help us make this the best Osmania ever!
Сайн байна уу? | Greetings!

We are the Mongol Empire. This server has been built around the original empire built by the greatest conquerer of all time, Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan). We are primarily English speakers, but some of us speak other languages like Mongolian and Russian. The leader of the Mongol Empire, the Great Khaan has promised that we would be a fair server. All those that obey, are treated like equals, while hose that explode with violence will be prosecuted by the Mongol Court.

“The Eternal Blue Sky 🌌 is our god, as it watches over the earth.”

With the blood clot in his hand, Genghis Khaan was meant to rule the world by prophecy. Here, we celebrate this and we honor this by this server. Join if you want to celebrate and honor the Great Khaan.

Upon joining and verifying, the Mongol Empire will protect you and your friends among the mock empire discord servers! With your current Khaan, being one with mongol skills, language, and crafts, you will be unstoppable with your brothers in arms!
This is a passion project story of mine, join if you want. I made a community storyline, as where I pick some of the best community made stuff into its own separate story. Join if you would like to see the alt story, want to help, or just hate on me.
Welcome to the World History's brand new Map Game.

Each nation will start with its own bonuses and disadvantages based on the idea of having a bigger dice roll to win. An example of a advantage would be: +1 dice value against mountain provinces and an example of a disadvantage is -2 die value in rebellious territory. Basically I will work with a team of developers to make this idea flaw proof by editing and working together on a board game mechanics to make this effective to launch for the world history to have a game to play. Base on the success of the server once it is fully 100% make in its 1.0 state we can add different modes developed by developers such as a political election, Infection Survival, fictional custom religion wars, and more that would come.
Hello you, yes you! Do you like politics? What about the constant political intrigue that comes with being in a government position? What about enforcing the law of a nation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading, as I know of a place that is perfect for you. The Second Kasteynian Federation. The Second Kasteynian Federation is a discord nation where you can be just an ordinary voter, a senator, law enforcement, a member of the Presidents' Cabinet, or the President. While we are a little different from your usual server, our main draw is our unique governmental structure, which basically copies that of the United States.
**Other than that, we also boast:**
- A debates channel, where we can debate on all topics, controversial, or mundane.
- A channel where you can meme to your hearts content.
- K.A.O.S (Kasteynian Administration of Security), the military arm of the server, who are responsible for dishing out attacks to any and all raiders, who seek to destroy our wonderful Federation.
- A dozen different bots, some which serve administrative purposes, some which are responsible for keeping the baddies out, and some for your enjoyment.
**Join the Kasteynian Federation Today!**
hello everyone join my server pls , it's about mapping , language , friendly , world's news and game , you can do everythings there , be friendly with your new friend in this server but make sure you read rules , roles and annoucement channel
This RP is built upon the US government and mirrors it's politics.There are states and cities to rp in and a easy to reach ranks for now.
**Merhaba Discord Türkiye'de Discord-Nationların Öncüsü Yüce OFC'ye Davetlisin!
Burada Ne mi var?**

🏅 Yüksek Prestij! 🏅

🔥 Ordu,TV,OCSHS,Siyaset,Bağlılık,Gang Sistemleri İle Discorddan Hat Safhada Keyif Alabilirsin! 🔥

🥨 OFC'li Olmanın Prestijinden Her Yerde Faydalanabilirsin! 🥨

🔥 Burası Coderleri,RP'cileri,Sövüşçüleri,Mapperleri,Discordianları,Oyuncuları İle Tam Bir Aile Tadında! 🔥

👑 Burası Overlords Federal Cumhuriyeti! 👑

Hep Beraber Güçlenip Eğlenebiliriz! 🤝 **

**🔗 Sınırsız Link: Gif: https://media.giphy.com/media/ck5DngOLRUXKKfJJK1/giphy.gif**
This is the official Doodlate server, here we have a nice non toxic community with strict rules and a functioning semi-democratic system
Welcome to Scenixia! Here is a mapping server where you can share mapping content as well as your art of Country balls/humans and pretty much anything.

This server is a Political party roleplay, where you can join political parties and support them. An election happens once every month in which party with the most members wins the election. Debates between party leaders happens twice a month. One before the election and one after. The winner of the election will do what they have promised to do whether they want to add a bot, create channels and will influence my decisions to issues of my nation in nationstates.

We have a bot made by two admins for our server! It is named "Sceni-Networks Helper" which allows you to send messages anonymously in the "🌐Scenixian Networks🌐" chat, you can type the command in any channel and it will redirect it to the anonymous message channel. The command is "+say" and you must leave a space before typing the anonymous message you want to send.

Here we also have 4 different language chats, these include English (main one), German, chinese (traditional) and Swedish.

With the use of the Unbelivaboat, we have our own currency and shop where you can buy items that you can use, or collect to unlock roles.

We're always welcome to new people and hope you enjoy your stay here, so come on in!