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Long ago, the four main Clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, Shadow and RiverClan left the lake after an unknown attack forced them to leave, but a few cats called the Ancient Medicine Cats (AMCs) known why they left but have never spoken about it to anyone.

Now, after a long trekk across the world, they ended up in a hot vast desert with some palm trees. The four Clans split up into two big groups, one group lived in a giant cave with stalactites and stalagmites hang from and out the cave and small bats to eat, then they named themselves DuneClan.
The other group walked far from DuneClan's borders and lived in an oasis, rivers and hotsprings were present and they love to relax, so they named themselves after their home, OasisClan.

Now, present day clans, the AMCs struggle to stay together after two of them broke the code, being accused by the other clans, however, a new danger arises from the forest, a prophecy states from the Clans' afterlife Clan, StarClan, that three cats will have the power of the skies to dispel the darkness away, but what will happen if this darkness evolves into an even greater monster and destroy the clans once and for all?

Join "Warrior Cats - The Desert" to find out what will happen next.....
This is a literate discord roleplay server based on the Warrior books by Erin Hunter, however we have our own twist. We have our own plot lines and characters to differentiate from the books however we have kept the same iconic clan names. We are a new community looking for kind, active members interested in roleplay and/or furthering their roleplay skills. Please join us if you are interested in what warriors would be like without the guidance of starclan, oops I have already said to much ;)
Welcome to the Story of the Lake
A warrior cats roleplay server
The time of the legendary Firestar has long gone.
The clans are thriving.
After seasons of peace, tensions between the clans rise
Each clan must fight again for its survival

Which clan will you choose?
Or will you choose to stay out of a clan as a rogue or kittypet?
Where will your story take you?

What we offer
A great place to chill and chat with others
A safe place to roleplay
Friendly staff
Question of the day
Weekly Quiz Night
And more!
Love to roleplay? Love warrior cats? Then come join this server! You can roleplay within the Clans from Erin Hunter's series, Warriors.
✨ Here you can... ✨

🌊 Join RiverClan! Elegant and graceful, RiverClan cats are known for their deep connection to water. 🌊

⚡ Join ThunderClan! Courageous and fiercely loyal, ThunderClan cats are not afraid to speak out for what they think is right. ⚡

༄ Join WindClan! Tough, but easily offended cats, WindClan are known for their swift feet and take pride in being the closest Clan to the Moonstone and StarClan. ༄

☾ Join ShadowClan! Aggressive, ambitious, and greedy, ShadowClan cats will always be the dark shadow over the forest. ☽

🌳 Join SkyClan! Powerful cats, SkyClan cats have the ability to jump great heights. They are known for spending most of their time in trees. 🌳

Well, what are you waiting for? Come join this server today! Can't wait to see you there.
Server Description

Welcome to “The Islands Shrines”! Here four groups of cats reside in the islands natural environments.

Waveclan, along the beach

Lavaclan, in the mountains

Nectarclan, in the dense Jungle

Caveclan, in the crystal shining caves

Far off on a large island, resides a group of cats. Though their cousins off in the world may worship StarClan and tell of the Dark Forest, these cats pray to their own Angel Gods. For years this has been a prosperous place, the Angel Gods of each clan providing safety to the clan cats. But then the Gods stopped answering their prayers. Darkness spread throughout the island and the Demon Gods appeared, clashing with the Angel Gods and causing the clans to pit against one another.

Will there ever be safety and peace again or will the clans sink into darkness with the Island?


We offer a friendly community that is big on LGBTQ+ and with several different chats to talk in including

* GreyMists Writing den
* FoxDusts Art den
* Meme Chat (Cause who doesn’t love memes)
* Littleclouds den
* Silverhearts shop

With also offer
-Custom world and territories
-Custom plots
-Several different choices to make your cat unique
-Friendly staff
-An active server where we’re almost always on

And more to come! We may be small but we hope to grow into something amazing!

May the Gods be with you!
Shattered Skies

This is a literate server based off the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter! Here’s what we have to offer!

•Helpful and Welcoming Community
•We are starting off with one clan but more are going to come!
•There are many planned out plots as well as chances to make your own plot!
•Plenty of high ranks including Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat!
•Also in need of staff!
•We also rotate through our high ranks so everyone gets a chance to participate.
__Here is the Shattered Skies’ lore:__


The cats of Scorchclan have learned that it’s every cat for themselves in the dry forest. However as more time passes by, they will soon discover that an evil force lurks in their darkened skies. A force that soon may destroy their clan.

—The sky grows darker as time goes on, less and less cats are believing in their ancestors. During the night the cats of Scorchclan hear crackling and hissing. However there is no sign of activity nearby.
What caused the noise the cats hear every night... Will they find out and protect their clan? Or will the darkness consume all they know?

A fire erupted through Scorchclan’s territory. Leaving it all to ruins, causing the clan to split into two. However, this fire has awoken a dark spirit. This spirit now lurks around the new territories. Capturing souls of those who are lost and seeking revenge... Will this Nightmare engulf what is left of the clans? Or will the clans come out stronger and defeat the Nightmare?

More to be added soon...
If the lore intrigued you feel free to join (: We’d be happy to have you in our small community and help expand the plot!
This server is based on the book series “Warriors” by Erin Hunter

Hey and welcome to this server, this server is a (currently) small server that started when I found some other people who liked warriors on an unrelated server, and we decided to get together and make a server. There are plenty rooms to chat, you can even chose a clan to live in. We have a diverse role system with roles like leaders/deputies/medicine cats/border patrol/etc. You can also grab the spoiler role to get access to the spoiler channels. So come on and join and remember to have fun!!
Hello! Warriors: Rise of the Clans (ROTC) is a new clan that roleplays the book clans many many years before the books take place. We offer high ranks and officer positions.

We offer activity in roleplay and a wide range of interesting things between border attacks active patrols and possible wars!

We hold an aging system of 4 moons per month aging on the 1st 10th 20th and 25th with medicine cat meetings every 5th and 15th.

We are a open family with a huge heart! Create your own story and your own path, will you join?

[ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan are playable. Leaders will rise and fall everyone will have their own fair chance to become a leader]
~A Land Divided~
*We are a New Server*

This Rp is based off of Erin Hunter's book series 'Bravelands'. You can Roleplay as ANY animal in Africa, including hyenas, lions, leopards, etc.

~There are three main prides. Rigorous Pride, Brave Pride, and Dauntless Pride.
~There are three main baboon troops. Molalatrees Troop, Jackalberry Troop, and Marulaforest Troop.
~There are two main elephant herds. The Walker Family and the Dawn Family.

All animals follow one code, "Only Kill to Survive". Will you follow this code and follow the Great Parent? Or will you betray your pride and despise the Great Spirit?
(Server is just starting out)
-Roleplay server

For the first 5-8 people who join, you can start as a warrior instead of starting as a kit!

Start as a kit in a clan, or become a rouge! High positions open such as clan leader!

"Warrior Cats- Forgotten Prophecy," is a fan-made roleplay server based on the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter. If you want to make friends with fellow Warriors lovers, this is the place for you! While this server is currently still in its early stages, we look forward to developing it with new friends, and we hope that you will enjoy your stay!

While roleplaying is the main focus of this server, we also allow non-roleplayers, who just want to relax, meet friends, and chat about the books, or other things related.

After reading the #rules-and-guidelines , make sure to check out the #allegancies and #territories. After take a look at #submission-templates to see how you can submit an oc for roleplaying purposes.

If you have any questions be sure to check out #faq. If your question isn't answered there, you can ask it in #general. Understand that staff may not always be online so please be respectful and patient.

Before you start participating in the server, please check the #rules-and-guidelines! You might also want to check out the #announcements channel as well, to make sure you aren’t missing anything new. After joining, make sure you check out the rest of the channels under the Important! category, as it has a lot of vital information there. We look forward to seeing you around the server!
Generations RP server:

A new server that takes ideas from Erin Hunters work, and many other animal based stories, and expands on them with a tale that you can change! Primarily inclusive of dogs, though other animals are entirely accepted.

We have kind staff that are ready to answer questions and help you grow accustomed to our homebrewed story and server rules!

Semi Literate roleplay server, though we are accepting of anyone.

Create your own character and have it officially labeled on a Character tab for all to see!

Try out for Main Characters, who will influence the story through occasional serverwide events!

The server tells the story of a Pack of disorganized, domestic canines that have been abandoned or treated poorly. They live in the forest beside a small human civilization. They are led by Chester, their alpha. The pack struggles to survive in a harsh environment, yet they all have reasons for staying, for the strength of the pack is what binds them together as a family.

One woman in particular, Jessie, resides in a large mansion alone, with a myriad of pets to keep her company. These pets often interact with the pack, and undoubtedly feel a loyalty to one another as well.

Will Chester's pack die out in bloodshed? Will the pack grow in numbers and split up? Will Jessie die, and leave her animal companions to fend for themselves? Who will show the courage to take up the mantle of Alpha when Chester is gone? Come create your own story in Generations!

We now accept: Dogs, Cats, Humans, Bunnies, Ferrets, Deer, Snakes, Wolves, Dog mixes, Cat mixes, Foxes, and Farm animals!
Its a server based off Two friends who choose different paths,when there leader goes crazy,currently in the server the clan has already split and stuff.A semi-literate to literate roleplay server based on the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter,This story in the server is a sad one and has a very interesting backstory and plot,we hope to be a more long-term server.
"The Fate of the Clans is in your paws, choose well."

Based on the hit series, Warrior Cats, by Erin Hunter, our original RP is based on Dawn of the Clans arc.
~It has been two generations since the original five leaders, Thunderstar, Riverstar, Shadowstar, Windstar and Skystar brought their tribemates to the Forest Territories. Tensions grow as the tribal bonds that kept harmony fade away with each generation. Blood is on the horizon, how long will this fragile peace be maintained?~

We're an active community of members that are on daily, chatting and roleplaying together. With people from all timezones, there is never a quiet moment on our server. As we are still relatively new, we're hoping to gain more members to grow!

Please note, the actual roleplaying is reserved for our forum, http://fateofthewarriors.forumotion.com/forum, the discord is only for OOC talk and RP planning. But the site has no minimum word limits, and we are welcoming of all ages. Don't be intimidated, everyone is super welcoming!

Are you interested in book discussions? Warrior cats fanart? Funny videos? Pop culture? We have special channels dedicated to all this, and more. Our goal ultimately is to make friends and roleplay!

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, join us!
Welcome to DiscordClan Reborn! If you were in the old DiscordClan, just know that it was deleted. So, I took it upon myself to make a Reborn server!
We have:
✨A tiny community
✨Fun channels
✨Non-RP server
✨A welcoming community!
This Server is about the Book series created by Erin Hunter

This Roleplay server takes place in the Old Territory (the forest) in an alternate universe, where the twolegs have not harmed the wildlife there.


These clans still lack deputys and medicine cats! you may be able to snag this position for yourself! you can have up to 6 characters on this server!

Speak to the owner if you are interested in this position! We hope that you enjoy your time on this server!

If you need to contact the owner Here is their info:

Role-Play Server based on the world in the children's book series, Warriors by Erin Hunter.

5 clans: Shadowclan, Skyclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Thunderclan follow their Warrior Ancestors called Starclan in hopes of maintaining peace and prosperity for all the clans. But personal prejudice and hard times threaten even the best of cross-clan friendships/

* This server is rated PG-13, for violence, gore, death, and the occasional themes of manipulation or emotional abuse. We ask all known triggers to be marked clearly.

** The felines, their knowledge, and their abilities, are not exactly like the series. Adjustments have been made to make the cats themselves more realistic than they are in the children's book series.

*** LGBTQA+ cats and members welcome. Cats may not always be allowed to be RPed exactly the same as a human would be however as cats have different biases and ways of thinking in their society
Greetings and salutations! Cats of the Clans is a warrior cat server with three fan-made clans: WaveClan, MudClan, and CinderClan!

You can make as many characters as you want!

Burning bloody scars,
Moonlit stars.
What could be the odds,
For these lost gods?

In this server it's a roleplaying server, you can be a rogue or a loner. Most people are clan cats though!
A detailed oc-forum, a channel for prefixes and suffixes. The Prefixes and suffix's channel is used for people who cannot think of names or don't know how to make one. We also teach others about warriors. You may see a role named "Learner" Meaning they are in the process of getting into the fandom.
We accept any type of LGBTQ+ and N-B's!

Now Please Join To Make This Server Better!
Have Fun!

A fresh semi-literate warrior cats RP based off the Warrior Cat books by Erin Hunter. We have all the high ranks open except one, and are looking for staff members. Our major plot point could be shattering to the cats, a broken moonstone.
Generations after the clans had been graced by the likes of Bramblestar, a massive wildfire broke out in the territories by the lake. No clan’s home was spared, and those that survived the calamity were forced to escape to the Gathering Island. Hours later when the rain finally quenched the last flame, the damage was irreparable. Camps were burned beyond use, trees bare and dead, herbs and prey so plentiful before now a precious, sparse resource. Tensions rose with each passing day, building and building to a fever pitch that finally broke into war. A long, strenuous battle raged on the Island, and StarClan turned their backs on what was left of the clans. When the battle was over, only a few remained. Those few put an end to the fights and made a critical decision; to leave their devastated homes and lives behind forever in search of a new one. Casting aside their old names, the travelers made four new clans. FinchClan, PineClan, MoorClan, and TroutClan settled into their new territories where the prey was plentiful and the vegetation lush, and it didn’t take long for the mysterious StoneClan to join them. StarClan returned once again, continuing to keep an ever watchful eye on the future generations.
[Child-Friendly] [Casual]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Oak Forest! This server is a fun twist on the original Warriors servers, with all new clans and lore!

•Different Clans
•Different Lore
•Based on Erin Hunter's Warriors series

Join for more information!
Hi! Welcome to our server! We're an adequate sized server and we'd appreciate it if you'd join! We have friendly staff and we enjoy having new people! I look forward to seeing you! ♡

We have;
- A fun and friendly staff
- Unique clans and characters
- Lots of RP options to pick from, including different animals (other than cats)
- Plenty of places to meet new people
- And more!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our server is themed around cats and other animals, but not any other ordinary cats.

There are 5 clans, BurrowClan, CaveClan, TorrentClan, FeatherClan, and ForestClan. Each clan is different in its own special way.

BurrowClan, a clan that is spread out underground, in burrows and tunnels. Born with unusually long ears, incredible speed, and stumpy tails.

CaveClan, a clan that dwells in the darkness of caves and ravines, with glowing markings and eyes. Gifted with night vision, great stealth, and the power to use echolocation.

TorrentClan, a clan that lives within the raging rapids, with fishtails and gills to help them along the way.

FeatherClan, a clan that soars above the clouds. Bestowed with flight, through feathered wings. And,

ForestClan, a clan that thrives in the rainforest. Sadly, they do not have a gift, but they do excel in combat and have certain tools to assist them.

Do you want to learn more? Jump right on in!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Do you love Warrior Cats? Do you love roleplaying? If you do then the Warrior Cat Lovers server is for you!
Here you can talk about Warrior Cats and more all day long. You can roleplay as your own character in the 4 clans.

You can share your own stories and OCs! Talk about your personal life, share Warrior memes, and more. Everyone here is friendly. Be sure to check us out because everyday is a fun day here. So be sure to join and go crazy with Warrior Cats!

The five clans: ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadownClan, and SkyClan, live in peace in the forest, for now...
The truce between them is growing unstable and the clans are all on the brink of war.

Become a clan leader or deputy, and lead your clan to victory
Be a warrior, and protect your clan to the end
Become a Medicine Cat, and heal your clan

Join StarClan to help the clans back to peace
Or join the Dark Forest and destroy the truce

What will you decide?

Art channels!
Spoiler Channel!
LGBT+ Friendly!
An interesting plot coming soon
A few high ranks still open!
Moderator/Admin applications open