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Welcome to » ☆ 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀 ☆ «! We are a friendly, supporting server. Meet new friends here and help eachother get through tough times! ♡
If you remember souless, well..... yeah.....

We are a chill SFW server with a wholesome atmosphere and no toxicity for all ages

We have:
丨fun bots
丨wholesome people
丨greatly designed aesthetic
🔰 Hangout/ Chill Server!

🔰 Make Friends!

🔰 Memes!

🔰 Art!

🔰 14+

🔰 Fun Bots (with more to come)

🔰 New members everyday!

🔰 Suicide Prevention/ Mental Health Support!

🔰 LGBTQ Friendly!

🔰 Game Nights, Movie Nights, and Giveaways soon to come!

🌀 We're currently a new group, but with everyone's help we can make this server a success!

Hmm this winter seems really cold, maybe you should come join us for some warm coffee at the Arctic Cafe?
Now you might ask what we have to offer? Well we have
-Vent and support channels for tons of topics
-Self roles
-Active and engaging community
-Friendly staff team
-Non-toxic community
-Custom made bot
-A bunch of other bots including pluralkit, marriage bot, mee6 and more!
Everything else you should come find out yourself!
Now why dont you grab a cup of coffee and come join
a server where you can be yourself without judgement, a place where you can truly vent to people, share your thoughts and learn from others

This server is for people with mental illnesses, and Hikikomoris and NEETs, a space for all the outcasts.

This server does not encourage unhealthy behavior & and thoughts.

This server follows Discord's Terms of Service and any violation to it will result in a punishment and removal infamous ones
Terre Promise est un serveur communautaire d'entraide qui a pour but d'écouter, conseiller, accompagner des personnes voulant partager leurs problèmes et préoccupation et les guider vers le chemin du bien-être. Que vous soyez une personne ayant besoin d'aide ou une personne voulant aider, vous êtes les bienvenue.
Le staff s'engage à conserver une ambiance agréable afin que chacun se sente à l'aise et à sa place !
Lively is a server based on providing assistance related to mental health. It was earlier a community server but later converted into what is currently is. We strongly believe that the people who need someone to talk to definitely deserve to be treated better.
Here at Lively, we aim at listening to you and helping you out in every possible manner. However for urgent help, please refer to the hotlines specified in the #📌resources channel.
❋ Friendly and mature staff, including counsellors.
❋ Active community.
❋ One-to-one support via ticket system.
❋ Customized bot which sends reminders for food, water and medications!
❋ Multiple resources to work with, including a venting channel to rant.
❋ Partnerships.
Ce serveur est à porter de gens qui recherchent une aide psychologique, un soutiens morale ou simplement parler des problèmes qu'ils rencontrent dans la vie !
Tout cela avec un bon esprit et un coté un peu communautaire ;)
n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre !
Wir sind generell ein Anti Suizid Chat.

Der Server ist noch neu.
Hier kann über alles gesprochen und geschrieben werden.
Dieser Chat soll als Rückzugsraum für Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen gelten und oder Suizidgedanken.
Hier ist jede friedfertige Natur willkommen. Um sich auszutauschen, Freundschaften zu schließen oder seine Probleme einfach nur zu teilen...

Er soll als ein Discord Ableger eines anderen Chats verstanden werden, den es leider nicht mehr gibt.

In akuten Lagen bzw. einer Krise(u18): https://www.youth-life-line.de

Allgemein ist dieser Chat ab 18.
In Ausnahmefällen aber auch für jüngere, da das Angebot so spärlich ist. (nötige Reife vorausgesetzt)
The Haven is an 18+ general mental health peer support chat open to everyone, including friends and family. We are heavily modded and aim to maintain a safe space for everyone in the community. Volunteer members offer 1:1 support, we have off topic channels, and other mental health chats.

🕊️ Ataraxia 🕊️

Wouldn't it be great if there was a server where you could be at peace, seek support for your mental health **and** engage in a welcoming & friendly community? Well, ***here it is!***

Antaraxia, the Greek work for peace & tranquility, provides a safe environment for those suffering with mental illnesses.

We have a variety of tools, services, and safe spaces for everyone, including:

🌬️ Breathe Easy (Calming Bot)
🎟️ Support Tickets
🎶 Music
🗣️ Vent Channel
🎭 Events
🎨 Creativity Showcase
🎮 Entertainment
💤 ASMR Curation
📒 Journal
🎷 24/7 Relaxing Calm Music
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly, including a plurality bot!
🛡️Hobby Guilds (Art, Music + More)
💬 We're open to suggestions for more too ♥️
Rejoignez cette communauté, que ça soit pour apporter votre aide, ou pour en demander !
Le but est simplement de pouvoir conseiller, soutenir, et aider les personnes dans le besoin
Un staff à l'écoute et actif pour préserver une ambiance saine et agréable, afin que chacun se sente à l'aise ^^
N'ayez pas peur, ne restez pas seul dans votre mal-être et suivez le chemin de l'espoir et de la persévérance !
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a 13+ voluntary non-professional support server focused on depression. Peaceful and fun through respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement, a place where you can smile behind the screen! We speak english.
(We only allow profanity/triggers/controversy in help channels and 18+ ones that we offer so this server might not be for you).
In this server it’s a bunch of depressed losers who are depressed (no dur) and some like anime and we want fwiends OwO
🔮 Hey~ do you feel like a clown? Then become part of our circus! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ♡ Our server is an active and chill place that offers:

☁️ active & friendly staff
🔮 fun events & competitions
☁️ a custom currency-system
🔮 venting & support channels
☁️ non-toxic & chill vibes
🔮 a clean server theme

♡ So if you feel bored, want to meet new people and make friends, we’d be happy to welcome you in Your Personal Circus!🔮꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡
If you're looking for a judgment-free server, especially if you have a mental illness, this is the perfect place for you!

Growing every day, an active community full of support, plus we have memes! No matter how different you are in the real world, in this space, you're nothing but "normal" to us. Say hello!

This is a Pakistani/Indian server dedicated towards emotional support and making friends.
Lively PK/IN aims to be a healthy community where people can talk about their problems, vent without any judgment and make friends.

So lets hold hands and go through it together cause no matter how depressed you are and what you think about yourself, there is always a way out of it. ALWAYS.

We help each other out of depression. This server is not just for venting but finding practical solutions. We focus on improving our lifes and learning.
This is a support server for people suffering with mental health issues like Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression. It will aim to provide a safe and non-judgemental space to open about feelings and concerns and to share experiences with like minded understanding people.

Come and join and make our home your home
~> selectable roles
~> active server
~> find new friends
~> friendly therapists
~> goal to 70 members🎈
Last time updated 1/5 - 2020
Welcome to Sm:)e Support! We are a diverse and friendly community where you can expand your social group and create friends. We have different subject categories for SFW, TW and NSFW (NSFW IS only available to 18+). The purpose of this server is to create a safe environment where you can freely talk about your feelings and receive help with different mental health issues you may have. Here are some things we offer:
~ General channels for chat and social interaction
~ Interest and Hobby themed channels where you can discuss your favourite things to do
~ Regular COVID-19 updates from a reliable source
~ Support sessions to offer help to those in need
~ No-reply venting channels where you can vent freely
~ Private venting channels where your message will be automatically deleted
~ Different events and games to keep the community close
~ A safe space for all ages, genders, sexualities, races, and religions

Thank you for joining Sm:)e Support, we hope you find friends, fun and help in this server! <3