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Celtic Polytheism is a server focused on both the revivalism and reconstructive aspects of Celtic Polytheist traditions, alongside being a welcoming environment for the Neodruidic practice and reconstructing Druidic practices of the past, alongside the revival of extinct Celtic languages. Nazis can fuck off.

Under the watchful eyes of the Tuatha, new families rise up, and old ones try to retain their power. The Abhartach and his daughter now lead the Fangtooth Legion, a family of vampires who split away from the bloodied hands of the Cult of Saplings. The Order of the Heron try to regain their foothold over Ireland after the death of one of their leaders, Edward Lancaster. Under the sea, Nodens tells of frequent earthquakes. Morrigan rebuilds her relationship among the gods, as Foxus and the human Kali marry. Could a new golden age be on the horizon, or will this fragile peace come to prophecy something much darker?

Heathens are not defined by a certain religion or path you follow, Heathens are outcasts and outlaws.
We are family, this is a safe space for all -
this is a place of no judgment, acceptance, and love.
We are a focused path based server but also have channels for witchcraft.

We offer many things
Clubs, such as book club
25+ social chats
15+ path and craft chats
Self assign roles

we would LOVE to see you join us , become our family. 💖

18+ server
Legend has it that the island continent of Galdoa first rose form the waters of Talamh at the dawn of time. You have arrived at the Capital of Suthainn, eager to start your adventure and travel in the footsteps of the fabled Tuath De'Diathar. Creatues and mortals from all walks of life seem to end up visiting this very place. Most even tend to stay here to find a better life for themselves and help the prospering community. Others however feel wanderlust calling out to them, to brave the Galdoan wilderness and tell tales of their adventurous exploration, their cunning deeds, or valiant heroics.

A second, much darker moon has appeared above the skies of Talamh, it's arrival hailed with a meteor shower. The debris from the second moon is causing much of nature around to become possessed. Scrambling for an answer, the Apostles of the Tuath De'Diathar call out to any able bodied warriors to fend of this surmounting threat, and uncover the mystery behind the second moon.

We are a young community that needs help growing and spreading the word. What makes this server stand out from others is that you can choose almost any type of OC you want, just as long as it's not OP. We hope you enjoy your stay here.


>Brand New!
>Original lore based upon Gaelic Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Christianity.
>Reaction Roles to choose from! Create your protagonist!
>Friendly staff and non-toxic community.
>Diverse open-world environment to explore.

Enjoy your stay!
We are trying to build a community of Celtic people, we are not focused on pagan stuff (like most servers with Celtic tags) we are about history, culture, folklore and building a community.

I hope you join!
Welcome to Camp Awen, a camp for the Celtic Demigods! Here you are free to be yourself and play as the child of whatever Celtic God you wish! Join us and experience the thrill of awesome powers, combat, and plot!

Please join us and help our community grow, enjoying yourself as you do so!

The canon of this server is based in the demigod lore from the Riordan book series such as Percy Jackson, Kane chronicles and of course Magnus chase. However we have expanded this to create a brand new place with a brand new mythos. 

Will you be a great Celtic barbarian child of Bran?

Will you be an intelligent spell throwing wizard child of Myrrdin?

Will you be a Powerful nature sorcerer who uses the powers of nature to their advantage? 

With 34 and growing Godly parents to choose from you can be any of these and whatever else your mind can think of!
Welcome to Cingeto's Well, this discord is a Celtic Pagan research and community hub. All traditions are welcome but the server is mainly focused on research on Celtic Reconstructionism. We stan against folkism and other forms of extremism.
The Isle Garden is a home for those of us practicing and worshiping the various forms of Celtic Paganism. Whether it be a religious dedication, a scholarly interest, or anywhere in between we welcome you.

🌻 Self assignable roles for different deities

🌻 LGBT friendly

🌻 Welcome to all experience levels

Delightful it is,
The deep-red ocean where the sea-gulls cry, As I come from Derry afar, It is peaceful and it is delightful.
Colum Cille - Greeting to Ireland
for the languages, cultures politics and religions of the celtic nations, with a focus on being a safe and welcome space for marginalised sexuality, gender and ethnic groups. allies and non-celts very welcome.
Non-PC, though not too toxic, casual sever for the bants. Channels for the six celtic countries, their respective celtic languages, politics, and craic. Members from all across the globe and the political spectrum. English, French, Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Gaelg, Cymraeg, Breizh, and Scots languages all welcome.
・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.

age requirement is 15 and above!

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.

Celtic Knots is a religious server for anyone who follows Celtic Polytheism or is a Celtic pagan in any form, is interested in following, or is just interested in the general mythology! whilst this is a religious space, we do welcome any and all religions, along with being welcoming to anyone no matter what gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity or culture!

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.

we have:
☀️ self assignable roles about religion, deities, witchcraft, languages, and more!
☾ specific channels relating to mythos from all the Celtic countries!
☀️ language channels for all Celtic languages!
☾ specific witchcraft channels, along with bots for all your divination needs!
☀️ easy to use suggestion system!
☾ pluralkit for systems!

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.
Welcome to the Celtic Demigod Camp Caim, for your protection! Don't know a lot about Celtic Mythology? Don't worry, we have a whole category for you to explore. Here you will make friends, become a fierce warrior, and travel on many adventures to the land of mortals and the land of the Good People (the Fae. Do becareful not to say the word fairy or fae.) The whole camp is protected by a ring of mushrooms, take notice as a whisp guides you to camp here in Boston, Ma.

This is a new server, just starting out, so there is a lot of opportunities to take on leadership, and have time to learn and research. The owners are very active, it is rare they aren't chatting about! Feel free to stop in, ask questions, and see a different pantheon than that of PJO.
The Longhouse is a mixed Polytheist community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that seek to revive or draw inspiration from Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic, and Uralic cultures.
Welcome to Brighid's Flame! We are a Brighidine server, and we cater to followers of the Celtic goddess, Brighid. All ages and beliefs are welcome!
a small server for pagans to make friends with other pagans in a safe space, we have fun member perks and games.
a brand new server for the Pagans of New Zealand, all are welcome here as long as they only have good intentions.
Camp Tuagh puts a Celtic twist on the demigod camp idea, tying in ideas from the tales of King Arthur with the use of Avalon as a setting. The roots for this server hark back to the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series, though this server is not based directly off of any work by Rick Riordan.

In the forests of Glastonbury there lies a place for those with nowhere else to go. A place for those hunted by creatures the majority of the world cannot see or comprehend. A place for people who aren’t all human. A place for demigods, that is wondered into or searched for. This place, located in what is know as Avalon, is called Camp Tuagh.
''Welcome to Camp Edenbrugh! Haven to children of the Celtics an faye a like. This will be the camps 70th year in service. Although it is not seen to the mear human eye. We welcome all walks of life, no child is sorted out of their brethren here at camp. We do hope you enjoy you're stay here in this small camp in the Rockies.

Sincerely the camp's Director and Co-Director.''
This is a future rp server but not quite yet. I will be adding characters from time to time then I will begin auditions for them. Feel free to come in and chat during the wait and 18+ only.
Long ago, the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Celtic gods and goddesses had children.. Descendants if you will. They decided the children would be more safe on earth. But they knew that they would soon discover their true purpose and true identities... Now its modern day, these children have grown up, some being around sixteen or fifteen. Others being around eighteen or nineteen. These kids families and the kids themselves has noticed some... changes in them.. Weird unexplainable changes.. But they don't want to jump to conclusions. The gods and goddesses have been waiting. They've been expecting it.. Soon, these teens will find their true meaning. But they must not let the public know, if they did.. Who knows what would happen... Most people don't believe in gods and goddesses, but, Theres only one way to find out.