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cool server were you acn make friends,chill,or palygames,we vc alot aswell
we also have self roles\
have a good time
💠Hero's Bar

Olá pequena pessoa indecisa em que servidor entrar, vim falar um pouco do nosso recantinho, olha só. . .

🔰 Temos uma galerinha que vai te recepcionar bem;
🔰 Temos vários bots que você deva conhecer;
🔰 Games;
🔰 Eventos (Em breve);
🔰 Vagas para Staff.

Nosso recanto é novo, então não tem muitas pessoas, mas esperamos por você para fazer nosso lugar mais feliz!

Será muito bem vindo!
Come into the bar and have a drink! Or just meet new people to roleplay with your OCs! We're always friendly here and have a pint ready just for you. It's a chill server where you can come in to make friends or create stories with other writers.



At the very corners of your eye, sitting in a hole in the wall is a bar,
You’ve been down this street 100 times and you’ve never noticed
a bar down the end of an alley way, sitting in the doggiest and most suspicious
area. It’s not possible, it can’t exist surely?
Enter the Blue Moon, two very obscure characters greet you, neither
look quite human in the dazzling hues of Neon, as they both welcome you,
like a whisp of smoke, making you feel dizzy with fear or excitement,
as though you’ve been truly whisked off to another world in the bar’s shades
of purple and smoke covered barkeeps. There’s an air of danger and it is delightful.
Do you dare order a drink in the pale moonlight from this strange and mysterious bar?

-Yoho I’m Nishi one of the Owners just wanted to set a few things straight ya know.
This bar ain’t for the faint hearted. It’s gross, vulgar and rough. Expect bar fights and dark humor. If your sensitive it probably ain’t for ya.
-Also this is Semi-Lit so that’s what it is,
- Not to mention, with this much adult shit I don’t want any kids joining take this as a warning it really ain’t for the underaged and no turning 18 don’t count. Don’t join.
-If you’re someone that likes to chill. ERP and do weird shit, join. Heh it’s not like I can judge ya. Join if ya dare to ya damn punks.

Welcome to The Basement Lounge, a nice small bar themed server with simple rules. Chill, talk about games, shitpost with your fellow #drunks, or just hang around with your fellow barflies.
Welcome to the Twisted Tavern, an amazing community server with so many features! We have cool events happening all the time! (Feel free to also give suggestions!) You can share the dankest of memes, have civilized debates, bully the bots, help us improve the server with your input, play with many bot commands, games, and a brand new currency system (coming soon!), engage with amazing staff and community members, buy drinks at the bar, and so much more! So why not come on by for a pint or two? We hope to see you soon! Cheers!
Welcome To The Bar
The Bar Is Open 24/7 We Never Closed
Nitro Boosted (Lvl 1 Boost)
Custom Emojis And Gif Emojis
Fun Fun And More Fun
A Lot Of Activities
Weekly Giveaways
Movie Night
Music Night (And Radio)
And More Come On Down To The Bar And Have Some Fun
Welcome to alabama 2020 people, my server is like a free server so yall can just join it and talk to us, the owners are active like 24/7 if u got questions
And more memes

Join to be one of us and are alabama cult
Wanna raid servers? Get the precious booty?
Then this is the place for you! Chat in the tavern! Talk about raiding plans in the cabin!
Join The Bay now to enjoy the life of a discord pirate!

Salut toi qui lis ce merveilleux texte, je vais te présenter : ✖️ ~ LA BRASSERIE ~ ✖️

📌 | La brasserie est un serveur de détente, venez boire un verre avec nous chers français et chères françaises ! 🍻

🌸 | Un serveur clean, sécurisé & un staff sérieux et compétent.
🌼 | De nombreux concours de dessins et sûrement d’autres concours (vous pourrez proposez vos idées) !
🌸 | Partenariats OUVERTS sous conditions ! 🌼 | Salon animés et mangas pour tout les fan ainsi que des salons bot pour s’amuser a faire des commandes et pour gagner des waifuuu !
🌸 | Des événements où vous pouvez gagner des rôles utiles pour renforcer votre visibilité ou tout simplement pour le fun ou encore pour bénéficier de certaines fonctionnalités du serveur !
🌼 | Salon pour nous proposer vos créations ainsi que vos talents artistiques en tout genre !
> 🌸 | Salons de jeux vidéos + salon vocal (on est souvent très ACTIF dessus !) du même thème ainsi que des différents serveurs et un salon aides-aux-devoirs.
https://tenor.com/view/rainbow-line-line-colorful-gif-15187472 __
Servidor en Español y en inglés, BadWolves es un servidor social en el que puedes elegir en una gran variedad de roles con temáticas diferentes, personas locas y buena gente. El servidor también cuenta con minijuegos y canales para música, roleplays, juegos y demás.
Want to become drunk and mess with demons, we got you. Need a pace to eat and drink but dont want the hassle of hardcore roleplay? we fucking got you. join us and you can have a light roleplay with easy going but protective bartenders, trust me we fucking got your back.
Welcome to Coronacord! A bar that welcomes all. Based off the infamous coronavirus, we strive for the best quality for our fellow members! Choose whether you want to be infected or not and chat, gamble and play with other members! Here's what you need to know:

💉Toxic Rooms for NSFW

💉Events and Prizes

💉In server currency and economy.

💉In server shop

💉Buy perks and drinks and the coronavirus!

💉Beers, Wine, Liquor

💉Get drunk and gamble.

💉Play slots and play your favorite tunes in our voice channels!
Welcome to Tuckers Tavern, I’m your host, Tucker Vigils! I hope you enjoy my server and have a great time!
Club Duchess is set in modern day times and is located in Los Angeles. Club Duchess is a nightclub within a penthouse owned by millionaire Lux Malstar. This club is full of party-goers and entertainers that live for the night. So with that, go party on and enjoy the night!
Welcome To The Bar
The Bar Is Open 24/7 We Never Closed
Custom Emojis And Gif Emojis
Fun Fun And More Fun
A Lot Of Activities
Weekly Giveaways
Movie Night
Music Night (And Radio)
And More Come On Down To The Bar And Have Some Fun

Welcome esteemed guests
To your lap of luxury, situated in the
very back-lanes of this large bustling and
grimy city sits the five star establishment
run as the epitome of grace and elegance.
The SpeakEazy, a fast talking, jazzy vibe,
bar. Let the smooth jazz entice you, knock
shoulders with the strange and vibrant array
of people as this is a hub for an
Underbelly of thugs and white suits drinking side
by side elbow to elbow in this entrancing
bar. Do you dare sample their unique list of drinks like
the blue moon Aviator, or talk leisurely with the
Oddities than inhabit such a place at the strike of
midnight? Then come on through gals and dolls
as the night has only just begun.

This is an erp server, the content here is on the erotic or lewd side from time to time if you’re not prepared for that content please be aware.
As it’s also a very unpredictable place. Bar fights break out. Things can get heated. For the most part.
Not for the faint hearted, if you’re offended by such lewd content.

Okay boss at the bar we are pretty easygoing there’s only a few must follow rules.
1- No underaged characters (Shota), this is an ERP bar. This also
applies in real life as there’s adult content. Should you be discovered to be underage you will be banned without hesitation. No excuses. Turning 18 is not 18. If you enter the bar you’re entering knowingly accepting this rule.

2- No one lines, this is a semi-lit roleplay place

3- Don’t be a dickwad, don’t be that guy.

1-Making a bio is optional (We won’t force you to) you can roleplay straight away without one.
2- There’s still an option to create character bios if you want we have a template
3- Limitless character making with no roleplay locks.

Other then that join, have a drink, enjoy your stay my gorgeous patrons.
Aceasta este combinatia dintre un bar si un server de Discord. Am luat elementele unui bar si elementele unui server de Discord, le-am indesat intr-un blender si a iesit asta.
Hi stray wanderers it is I your Shepard to lead lost little sheep like you. Where is here? Haha why do you have to know that, oh fine I guess I will tell you this is the limbo for the damned and lost souls. Souls that never got the chance to reach a higher or lower purpose. Those that never came to be to their full potential. Sit have a drink, in this little slice of limbo paradise, think of it like a vacation you don't want to leave ...or can't. What I didn't say anything. Have a drink talk to our strange residents, enjoy your stay in the void of confusion. May you never stray from the "Black Sheep Bar.

This is a adult bar, where most of anything goes so don't be a lamb.
-Overly sensitive
-Offended by adult content.

Welcome to The Comos Bar

Hello there reader, the main idea for the bar is that it is a space for Villains and Heroes drink in the same place.

The cosmos bar is a bar that is a Superhero and a Super Villain neutral space, that means that it allows both Superheroes and Villains to be able to work there without worry and also drink there without any amount of stress. Founded in Cosmos City which had been created after a giant meteorite hit the earth causing a giant hole and giving off limitless power. The Cosmos Bar would be at least a symbol that Villains and Heroes could at the very least be able to drink in the company of each other even after they had fought each other. It was a space that all can come and drink their wryness away, where Villains are free to relax without the threat of being arrested and where Heroes can drink without worry. whether you're on the side of evil or whether you're on the side of good, you're very welcome to come to the Cosmos Bar, I invite you to come to the bar have a drink and relax, even find some good company to drink with along the way.

[ Warning: This is an adult server, so you have to be over eighteen to join, anyone underage will be kicked as this server includes violence, erp ect. ]