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HEGH...I want somewhere to play games and showcase my works and get help with my program, YOU DUMB. Wait who was that?
It was me, the owner of Nervous Code. What is Nervous Code?
HAHA, hegh you don't know it? no.
Well, it's a server that you can play games in it and showcase your work and the owner can help you with your codes and programs as well as other fun things you can do there.
WOW really?
Well imma join it now!
Altbet.io is a revolutionary online betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.
Syspoint is a friendly community with people interested in technology & ethical hacking (We will not hack someone for you). We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers
This Discord is mainly focused in hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
Discord on an anarchist model.

Everyone can assign themselves the roles to delete messages, make / assign roles, create channels, kick, have access to Audit Log.
No one has access to ban.

Based on mutual-trust and transparency
Open minded community, oriented CPU mining (cryptocurrencies) but mostly everything tech related.

NSFW channel, hentai, artwork, porn, self, discussions

✾ D E B A T I N G ➸ Chat. Discuss. Discover.
✾ P H I L O S O P H Y ➸ Likeminded Topics.
✾ M A N Y - R O L E S ➸ Great options to describe your ideology!
*“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something”* - Plato
Controversy is a debating Discord targeted towards intellectuals and people open to debate and have serious meaningful conversations.
Hello! The NAND Lords is a discord full of computer enthusiasts ready to help you with your tech needs. We are very active and have a decent amount of members, we are also a nitro emoji discord so if you have nitro, you can use our emojis! On top of that, we happen to have some of the smartest people of most discord communities. So, we hope you will join!
Welcome to the PC Enthusiast Hub! Pretty self explanatory, hang out, talk about PCs, share components, and brag about your build! You can also share software development / programming in this server!
Finnish server for VR gamers and enthusiasts.

Suomalainen palvelin VR-pelaajille ja aiheesta kiinnostuneille.
This server is a IT (Information Technology) and Developer server. You may talk about anything you please as long as it is SFW (safe for work). We encourage you to display your projects in the server, and we hope that you have a great time here! You are able to add your bots to the server for you and the community to test. There are many support features, and as the community grows, the more support that will be available will increase. There are multiple voice chats such as the classroom, a general one, and multiple music voice chats. Whether you are an experienced programmer or dont know anything at all, feel free to join, we have a lot more than just boring geek stuff :) We hope that we are able to help you out! Feel free to share the server with friends, and make sure to have fun! Thanks!
- Please be nice to everyone, show respect, and don't try to start drama. Any arguments or issues should be handled in PM. If someone is trying to cause trouble, please inform a moderator.
- No spamming of any kind.
- No advertising.
- No NSFW content.
- No abuse of Bots.
- Scammers will be banned

Poszukujesz może fajnego serwera związanego z tematyką IT? Jeżeli tak, to dobrze trafiłeś/aś!


» Dobrze zgraną Administracje!
» Działy, przeznaczone dla osób znających się na IT!
» Ekipę cs:go do które możesz dołączyć już niedługo!
» Ponadto, niedługo wystartuje rekrutacja na Helpera/Pomocnika naszego serwera!

Wejdź już teraz! Nie ma na co czekać!
(Serwer dopiero powstaje! Pewne rzeczy mogą być niedostępne na ten czas!)
Code Together is a coding server for people who like to help each other.

Like to code? Then join this server! It's a fun place for beginners to full-stack developers, there's a place for all major programming languages.

What we have to offer:
- Channels dedicated to a certain topic (front-end, hosting, etc).
- Channels dedicated to major programming languages.
- A special role for developers that really know how to code/have made a big thing.

*We only support white hat hacking, anything other than that will result in a punishment.*
🌐 [ SpicyX Development ] 🌐
> Buy fully custom programs!
> Get access to our FREE programs!
> Languages: C#, C++, LoliScript, Java, VB, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Python, etc.
> Giveaways! 🎉

Need a program for your business/personal use?
This server is the perfect place for that!
How it works:
1. You request a program for us to create.
2. Payment.
2. We will deliver depending on what your place is in the queue of orders and how long it takes us to make the program.
Our the server allows broad topics on Linux and Unix-based operating systems while encouraging constructive discussions! https://nixhub.io/
Share Arduino tutorials and projects, learn how to program microcontrollers, speak to other enthusiasts. A family friendly server. All ages welcome.
Hey Welcome, we are a hosting and service team. We provide people with custom coded plugins and we setup your server just as you want it to be. We also provide you with high performance servers. Come and join if you are interested.
Humanity, for a lack of better terms, went batshit crazy in 2100. Global warming started creating extremes from pole to pole. After lack of resources, the US threatened basically everyone with nukes to give up their resources. Outraged, they all refused and the nukes were launched. Retaliation occurred, and millions died. But the worst part was The Aftermath. Humanity was plunged into violence, everyone fighting for basic living needs like food and water. The only living humans now are lucky civilians and the military. Bandits set up camps and stole from other humans, and radiation has killed plants and kept farms from being developed. Fortunately, fallout suits were already developed and kept humans from experiencing the direct effects of the radiation. Will humanity ever recover?
Welcome to The Aftermath! We are a growing server with a dedicated owner, and anyone is allowed! We cover monsters and weapons, and everything in between. Your choices matter, and will affect the outcome and affect the main lore of the story.
>>> 🔎 Qu'est-ce que Sup'Dev ?
Sup'Dev est un projet de développement vous permettant de passer des commandes variées pour Minecraft et pour Discord : plugins, bots, mods, etc...

💡 Avantages :
» Nos bots Discord sont réalisés 100% sur mesure.
» Hébergement fourni avec les commandes Discord.
» Notre seule limite repose sur vos idées! 🎖️

📬 Qu'est-ce que le système d'invitations ?
Le système d'invitations vous permet de gagner des réductions ou même des produits chez nous en échange d'un certain nombres de personnes invitées chez nous. Les paliers facilement atteignables sont envoyés en MP par le bot à votre arrivée.

🎁 Giveaway Discord
Nous nous approchons à grands pas des 150 membres ! Afin de vous remercier, un giveway sera organisé où nous ferons gagner 2 bots Discord complètement réalisés sur mesure. Pour participer, il suffit de mettre une réaction sur le dernier message dans #annonces de Sup'Dev. Le tirage sera effectué lorsque les 150 membres seront atteins. 🎉