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Hacking School est un serveur informatique créé pour tous les passionnés d'informatique , débutant comme expert, seront les bienvenues dans notre équipe ! Nous avons pour but de vous instruire au maximum le plus facilement possible les vidéos sauront principalement baser sur vos demandes dans notre serveur, nous parlerons principalement de ( développement, programmation, cybersécurité et bien d'autres choses concernant l'informatique... ! ) dans notre serveur nous vous proposerons un maximum d'outil et de tutoriel, de nombreux cadeaux sont à gagner en particulier pour les booster de serveur.Je vous souhaite d'agréable moment sur notre serveur !
What is the Future Gadget Lab, you may ask? Well, the Future Gadget Lab is comprised of an elite team of individuals who spend their time hanging out together and coming up with new ideas for futuristic gadgets used to help stop the Organization, a shadow government, from gaining power! We spend our time reading books, watching anime, playing chess and coming up with funny ideas!
Designation is a brand new server, which offers a great environment for buyers to purchase the best GFX

What we offer:
•Finest work: logos, banners, mascots and even more!
•Great staff
•Good Response time
•Fast Delivery within 48 hours

Join now!
Hey! We're offering free custom bots for your server. Just join our server to request one.

Hey! Wir bieten kostenlose Custom Bots für deinen Server an. Joine unserem Server, um einen zu beantragen.
We are a discord Tech Community for people who needs help with anything related to PCs, tech, programming and more.

Also for you that already know about any of these or want to learn and just want a place to hang out, talk and even help others!

We’re always looking for people to help.
This server welcomes people of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome here! You as a member have access to;
The Hacking category - has many channels for various different topics. Ranging from beginners to advanced.
The Programming category - Upload your scripts or ask for help!
The Server category - consists of your normal server to server channels
We just created this server so we will be adding more functionality when more members are available!
Cyberites is a community for developers. Discord Development, game development, desktop app development etc. are promoted here.
Are you also a developer?? Then you are welcome to be a part of Instant Devs.
⛏-Crypto Mining Australia-⛏

Named after the Facebook page, we have created a Discord server for everyone to communicate in real time. A place to talk about all areas of crypto mining from hardware, software and selling.
Feel free to join in the conversation.

Hello traveler, welcome to Northbridge Café. We are are a new and growing community that, at its core, is focused on helping others with their various tech problems. Need help choosing parts for a new build? We got you covered. Like talking about all things tech? You're at the right place. All in all this server is a place that techies both new & old, can come together, talk about tech, and potentially learn something at the same time. We hope to see you around!
Server about the 2nd ammendment, gun rights, firearms and information sharing
You cannot stop the signal
Venha conhecer o quarto do Gunter, um server de suporte do Gunter um bot diverso, com sistema de econômia
Comandos de intreterimento e muito mais. Venha conhecer o Gunter
GWA TECH is a Computer Science and Science related server. Our main focus is to make awesome bots.
We love to chill-out here and have fun.
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╗
- Daily debate and discussion with smart individuals
- Improve your intellectual ability
- Fight Conspiracy Theorists on topics such as: Flat Earth, Anti-Vaxx, Fake Moon-landing, ect
- Discuss religious topics
- Discuss government related topics
- Discuss scientific related topics
- Join guilds with individual chats and roles
- Make friends
- Grow as a person

Conspiracy Theorist? Bachelors Degree? WE DON'T DON'T CARE! All are welcome!

╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝
Tornado Solutions©

🚨 Selling CADs/MDTs, Discord servers, and various other web systems. Our systems are very cheap, affordable, and most importantly, well-made! We have great ratings from customers! 🚨

▫️ Partnerships
▫️ Network Branches
▫️ Custom Made Websites!
▫️ Penal Codes
▫️ Paid Advertisements
▫️ Logos
▫️ 10 Codes
▫️ Discord servers like RP Servers and Company Servers
▫️ FTO System, Blacklist System, Report System, Twotter System, Web Application System
▫️ Company Deals
▫️ Custom CADs
▫️ Now hiring for all positions on Staff Team

We have extremely good CADs, at good prices.
CADs as cheap as $2.00 USD!!!

We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs and other cool products!

Looking for a furry community that seriously discusses theoretical and practical science, philosophy, and political science?

Then Furry Gadget Lab is for you! We are looking for aspiring scientists, philosophers, and theorists of all kinds! We are a furry community catered towards individuals interested in science, philosophy, and other fields, alongside art and video gaming. We work as a team to accomplish monthly goals, and at the end of every month we reward the top researchers with various rewards! We're also open to those just looking for an enjoyable experience, and offer many opportunities to meet new people.

So what are you waiting for? Join and see what you're able to do!
Our FamousCommunity is here to help you grow on social media. Promote your Tiktok, I Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube channel or twitch! Join us and grow! Add my Tiktok @LeonLoyal 👻LeonLoyal
JavaScript Universe

JavaScript Universe is a new and growing
JavaScript server. We provide support for JS
Related questions, such as with Discord.js


→ JavaScript Libraries Support
→ Our own Custom Bot.
→ Nitro/Bot/Hosting Giveaways
→ Awesome staff team.
→ Contests to win stuff like Nitro

We are a tech and gaming server, if u want to be a part of a non toxic tech and gaming community then join our server :D
An aviation server to chat on. We have friendly hand-picked staff, and active members. We also have frequent competitions
en este discord podrás informarte sobre pc, hardware, software o programación, tambien hay un casino para comprar JUEGOS GRATIS
Reality is an illusion. How does it feel to be superpositioned with an infinite versions of yourself and yet stay imprisoned in some worldly deterministic set of rules? Burn the firewall. Merge with your infinite selves.
Join us.
- HQ tools, Exploit marketplace
- Learn hacking from scratch
- Cybersecurity research, malware dev/analysis, AI/ML
- CTFs, exploitation techniques, coding, public projects
- IRL recon/lockpicking/social engineering
:fire: NxFury :fire:
The official community of ( www.nxfury.com )

We are a Programming and IT server focused on learning and innovation- especially Open Source ones. Being connected to a blog, we have our own custom posts getting shared 2-3 times a week. On top of this, we provide a space to showcase your own projects, have listings for actual jobs, and plan to host hackathons on open source projects for cash prizes.

Check us out at -
:desktop: Website - https://nxfury.com/
:desktop: Discord - https://discord.gg/yEmqfBc
:desktop: Banner - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/720225480594423878/721233051262124072/350kb_2.gif