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Discord francophone regroupant des passionés de la licence Animal Crossing !
Venez discuter, échanger, et partager sur les différents opus d'Animal Crossing, dont: New Leaf, Pocket Camp et New Horizons. Notre communauté sera heureuse de vous accueillir, alors n'attendez plus et rejoignez-nous !

🍃 Registres de codes amis automatisés
🍃 Possibilité de s'assigner des rôles soi-même
🍃 Bot Animal Crossing fait maison
🍃 ~40 Emoji Animal Crossing
🍃 Salon d'annonces pour les nouveautés concernant Animal Crossing
🍃 Communauté accueillante et chaleureuse

Actif depuis le 19 Avril 2017
Добро пожаловать в альтернативное средневековье. Здесь вы сможете найти кое-что интересное - мир Grandheim, который отличается своей уникальностью - здесь вы можете найти неизведанную ранее магию.

Различные расы: Эльфы, Гномы, Ангелы и Демоны. Уровни Магии, различные её виды и Некромантия!.. Каждый любитель ролевых игр найдет здесь что-нибудь для себя.

И не забывайте, Grandheim всегда ждёт вас!
Tu connais Pets Simulator ?
Laisse moi t’expliquer ce que c’est: Tout d’abord c’est un RPG créer et développer en continu par mon équipe et moi...

Le but est de collectionner le plus de pets en les achetant dans des eggs qui sont à différents prix, les pets eux même vous payent régulièrement..


• Serveur communautaire RPG
• Système monétaire lié à des animaux
• De nombreux eggs disponible et d’autres sont développés en continu
• Aperçu des pets en photo
• Des Events faites régulièrement
• Recherche de staff
• UPDATE 1.5

Voila tu sais ce qui t’attend et ce qui te reste à faire ! Alors viens, rejoins nous !
By Blækœm Studios
Hi! This server is a car and gaming server, freshly made at 26/10/2019.
We love memes, Cars, and Games, We live together as a family. There's no such thing as friends. We live 1/4 mile at a time. We go fast. We take care.

There's so much features and fun in the server! such as:

-Car Quizes! Guess the car or car parts! You can also make other people guess it!

-Daily Facts! Guaranteed Daily Facts and History about the car Industry and the car itself down to the atom!

-Rice, or Nice? rank other people's or someone's car as Rice, or Nice!

-Daily Polls! You can vote which one is better in your opinion! Example 2.5 i4 or 2.5 i6?

-Competitions! Guaranteed weekly competitions you or other people to host, We also host Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game competitions! Prove us that you are the best! 😉

-Auto Responder! Mess with dyno for laughs! One funny command... "Prius is best"

-A Counting Channel! Leveling up has never been easier! Currently, We're at 1,300!!

So... What are you waiting for? Join right in! make sure to invite your friends too!
We've created a game called “Virtual Congress” (VC) on Discord. You start out as a member of Congress that can create and vote on legislation and nominations to the cabinet. You could also be attorney general, solicitor general or in the supreme court.

You also can run for president or try to become a leader in Congress. It’s a fun way to debate policy or create policy and see how other members think about it.
One of the best Discord UK politcial simulations around; get into politics and change the course of British history, form a news station and report on events around the world or write to the BBC and pitch your own TV show and join and experience so much more from our own wiki to game and debate nights to having two different sister servers based in America and Russia respectively. Become apart of our close, tight knit, friendly community today and join UKPS!

Hope to see you soon.

- UKPS Admin Team
Are you tired of Light RP servers? Your tired of your RP here and want to find another server? There we go, because Site-33 is offering you better content. SD equipment, site dossier, medium RP and etc. you can find all this here!
You cannot play EC, MTF, MaD, Logistics department, IA, DEA, Class-D and O5 for some reasons. Most time a stated above departments need events (ex: for ISD traitor). And usually RP as them is boring.
Site document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C8QeR_lBJFsoxLR1g0IQ8PeWJvSgWYccEidFkpzYcQQ/edit?usp=sharing
Thanks for choosing the getaway package!
A friendly Animal Crossing New Horizons community
awaits your arrival!
Here at The Getaway Package, We provide you with:
- Shop/trading channels
- ID card system with our custom bot
- Level role system
- Game chats and off topic chats
- Many events
- Giveaways
- Nitro Emoji Server
- A custom bot with fun commands
- And much more!
So why not atleast check it out? :Villager_Eugene:
The-Getaway-Package = https://discord.gg/7PkFufa
The-Emoji-Roost = https://discord.gg/4ak4SSk
We are ERP, an Xbox and Newly PS4 server open for one week. We where built to give a fair and equal change for people to RolePlaY. You should join, we are very nice.
Greenville Realism is a Roleplay Group, with fewer limitations and rules than other groups. There are no civilian applications, no banned vehicles, etc.

Fire & Rescue applications are open!
The Struggling World
A nation roleplay server starting at the year 2020. Roleplay as a country and lead your nation to the top in this Struggling World. Unite the world as one peacefully or by force, It's your decision. We do not use dice rolls for war.
Ever dreamt of leading a nation of orcs, goblins or just plain humans? Want to have dragon riders and destroy forts with warmachines? Want to travel the world looking for thrilling adventure, riches or more? Want to create marvels of technology that are sure to earn you a pretty penny?
Then come right this way!
Erindale offers all of this and more!
A few of our features include:
●A global economy
●Calculated distances and travel times.
● An interactive society
● The lore is made by none other than the players!
●Complete freedom of creativity of your OCs
Join us today!
Nous travaillons dans l'ombre de la société pour que cette dernière ne sombre pas dans le chaos.... nous Sécurisons, Contenons et nous protégeons des anomalies qui défient la physique humaine. Nous sommes de la tailles d'un régiment, mieux armées, mieux équipées pour faire fasse à toute attaque ou brèche. Nous sommes la Fondation.
Hello. We are brand new cargo airline from Switzerland. We operate in X-Plane 11, GeoFs and selected ROBLOX games. We are looking for pilots!
Hello, I'm the Founder Of CARP(California State Role-Play). Everyone here would love to see you join this awesome community! Here's some information about us:

Which console is this community on?
- Xbox 1!!! AND

What we have to offer?

Departments :
- California Highway Patrol
- Los Angeles County Sheriffs
- CHP Motorcycle Unit
-Strategic Response Unit
- Warrant Services
- Los Angeles County Fire/EMS
- California Emergency Call Center
-Civilian Operations

Subdivisions (Coming Soon!!) :
- K9 Unit
- Drug Unit
- Undercover Unit
- Detective
- Stringer
- Community Services Unit
- Bails Bonds Officer
-Park Ranger


- Our professional and realistic CAD/MDT system allows for a truly amazing and an above the top realistic experience!

Friendly Staff

- We don't just issue punishments all over the place, we are very careful with our moderation! - We are open to you asking us questions, feel free to talk to us! - We train each of our staff members to be friendly in all cases, that even includes disputes against us! Built around YOU - Our server is completely built around, and for you; the user! - We are always looking to improve the server, so we accept all suggestions! Questions? Feel free to talk to us! Just join CARP Interview server, you will be interviewed ASAP!!
Zapraszamy serdecznie na nasz serwer RolePlay! Jest on dla wszelkiego rodzaju potteromaniaków, potterheadów i potterfanów!

Nadszedł Turniej Trójmagiczny; reprezentanci niedługo zostaną wybrani przez Czarę Ognia. Jednak mimo że nauczyciele planują także Turniej Pojedynków dla pocieszenia, to Turniej niedługo zawróci w dziejach historii...

→ RolePlay rozgrywające się na rozbudowanym terenie Hogwartu i okolic
→ Test decydujący o przydziale do domu
→ Innowacyjno–losowy system pojedynków czarodziejskich
→ Ekscytującą grę w Quiddicha w czterech drużynach domów
→ Pouczające lekcje magii
→ Bezpośredni wpływ na fabułę RolePlay’a
→ Wakacje z dostępnymi wieloma lokacjami
→ Własny kalendarz z uwzględnionymi świętami
→ Waluta serwerowa przekładająca się na pieniądze w RolePlay
→ Możliwość współpracy
→ Wypady do Hogsmeade (wymagana zgoda!)
→ Sporadyczne wycieczki do Ministerstwa Magii
→ Łatwy kontakt z aktywną niemal 24/7h administracją
→ Ciągle rozwijający się serwer, coraz bardziej zmechanizowany
→ Wiele nowych znajomości i zabawy!

Serwer rozwija się w zawrotnym tempie, a chociaż liczy sobie ledwie pół roku, już szczyci się niezłym rozbudowaniem oraz ciekawą historią. W dodatku jesteśmy otwarci na nowych graczy i znajomości!
we are a very realistic rp server with allot of experience we are a freindly server with lots of staff to help if anyone is confused or stuck on something we do rp 4 times a week and we are open to all time zones.
Avant tout, Nicodu75 est un Youtubeur publiant du contenu Minecraft. Il a créé
ce serveur pour réunir toute sa communauté sous forme de giveaways, de jeu,
de discussion...
Texas Flashing Lights RP
• Rank system
• Fire, EMS Police, and Highway Patrol
• 10 Codes and more
• Dispatchers
• Fire
We are an unofficial bank for the roblox to game called BloxRP.

Is to create a bank where you can easily gain access to your account and have reasonable interest rates.

We strive to make your RP life the best it can.
We even have spots open on our staff if you are interested in becoming a staff member just DM a HR member.

Love Animal Crossing? Want more friends to play with? The Animal Crossing Community allows you to make new friends all while building your island up!
If you are, then you will be delighted to know about ACC. The Animal Crossing Community provides not only a safe environment for others but a new experience in which you can communicate with other gamers and enjoy server perks and events!