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Join my server where I sell nudes ;)
I have customs and cheap prices! I am also able to negotiate with my prices. <3
Need to relieve some stress? Dm Me<3
I also will be your personal companion!
What's that? It means I will be there to listen to your problems, give advice, as well as comfort.
It is not expensive and I also have customs and bundles!
Wir sind das Linke Forum, unser Server ist ein Server für alle Linken Strömungen und soll eine freie Diskussion unter linken ermöglichen. Links sein bedeutet für uns egalitäre, humanistische Werte + Antikapitalismus. Wenn du diesen Zielen zustimmst, dann komm auf unseren Server!
A secret. A mystery. A dream and a dreamer. People have called it many things, but you know it by the name of Cabeswater. In reality, it is the moment between here and there where you're going forward and forget your exact destination. It's the second where spring ends and summer begins burning its way into your bones. It's the feeling in your gut when you stand under a full moon and realize that you are both smaller and larger than everything around you. The faraway pulse of stardust in the fragile veins of the universe and a hidden forest in the backwoods of Henrietta, Virginia. It is both known and unknowable, something and nothing. Cabeswater.

A world based off Maggie Stiefvaters book series The Raven Cycle, where you enter a magical and adventurous dreamland full of endless possibilities!

What the Server is about/for and what it offers:
↪LGBTQ friendly!
↪Allows roleplay in various channels
↪Book discussions, fanart sharing and much more!

We are currently a still growing Server and would love more TRC Fans to come hang out with us!
welcome babies !! 🍼

this little pet nursery is a safe space for all of you cute babies out there !! with kawaii emotes n active members >< each channel is a cute lil play space for u all including nsfw ~~ pls enjoy ur stay with us , baby cakes !! ♡ 🐾🧺
This server is still under development but you can join. This server is focused on minecraft education edition but we also host on other versions like minecraft playstation 3 edition and soon also java edition and bedrock edition

If you would like to help me with this server just ping or dm me

Hope you join
**_ _ ˏ ⁀➷
_ _ ❝ bunny ❞

・soft themed server
・kind + sfw community
・lots of color roles
・lgbtq+ accepting
come join us! ෆ ⁾⁾ ɞ
︵ . ︵ .. ︵ . ︵ .. ︵ . ︵ .. ︵ . ︵
+Jupiter Eclipse Academy...+

You have been attending this school for some time. Only the best of the best can get in, and you're one of those people. You possess something called an "Ultimate Talent". That's what everyone in the school had in common, at least. Though there were rumors of... No... We don't talk about that incident. Not anymore.

Anyways, you have been invited to a "special program" by a big figure associated with the school. You received a letter the other day, saying that you've been invited to this "special program", and cannot tell anyone. I wonder what's it all about...

From the creator of Danganronpa 86: False Heaven, we bring to you Danganronpa XV: Shattering Unity! Shattering Unity is an interactive horror based and lore filled killing game roleplay. We hope you can join us in this ghostly game! :)
Many, many thousands of years ago, animals were starved, craved and lived out in the cold weather..they barely survived, and lost many of their kind.

The king and queens didn't know what to do, they couldn't have done anything that matched their situation.

«—» A few months later «—»

After many times of torture from the rocky life, there was a king named 'Fea', a tiger that liked to go on adventures around the place. He never believed ancestors would give them hope, even didn't have faith in them! Almost all creatures, big cats and prey, didn't have any wishes anymore.

Fea eventually found a place! Muddy spots..water..the forests, and so much more. The king got too excited, and went to announce that he found a new place for the animals to live. That did not end well.

They wanted to claim it, for one, and then started war between all kind. Snow leopards, cheetahs, lions, they all tried taking over places and didn't get along too well, you can call them enemies.

Fea stood up for them all and threatened the territory, saying that them hunters and prey should claim each kind of place, one for one if it meant for them to stop destroying mother nature. And they all made their own groups, but they did not recover from the past; all animals now hunt on eachother's territory, and became enemies.

There is a chance of being friends but once they grew up learning the past, it might not be too pleasing..and also, that's rare. They fight over herbs, small food, water..

Now, there is no war, but perhaps there may be threats somehow. Where will your paws lead you?

Panthers, the shadows of the jungle, lions, the king of the savannah, cheetas, the proud blurs, tigers, the intimadators, snow leopards, the ghosts of the mountains, leopards, the invisible ghosts..Servals and caracals, the small hunters and high jumpers, cougars, the "spookiest" big cats
Join Leebear153's Den

We offer:
Gaming based server
Epic giveaways
Good moderation
Special commands
Working music lobby
Hiring Mods

accepting partnerships!

Road to 100 members:
This is a fun server where members could talk and get notifications from all of their favourite kpop groups.We also have a channel just for weebs.🥰💜
Alex’s artists server of pain, cringe, fun times and ART. Share your projects, OCs, pictures, anything creative really.
A place for sexfighters, wrestlers, boxers, and overall horny and lustful fighters everywhere! Join and fuck for your chance to be the best fighter on the server!
You're invited to the Hideaway

The perfect place to start or continue a hypnosis journey.

。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : + . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : + . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .

- Some of What We Offer -

- Active VCs
- Supportive and compassionate staff team
- Detailed age separation system to keep everyone together where they should be, and divide ages where they need to be.

。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : + . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : + . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .

~ Come on by, we'd love to have you ~
。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * https://discord.gg/m5zr6b6 + . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ .
that one art server is a server for people who like art, want art but cant buy it with real money and for people that want to make art!
We have a in server currency so you dont have to worry about not having money.
We are a friendly community and are looking for artists to come and make friends and make some art!
We are a Monsterverse crossover server of many characters and daikaiju to be used in roleplay! Featuring every single godzilla universe in one server with every single character that exists in the multiverse is up for grabs!
We are the 2nd biggest Godzilla roleplay server, right below Metal Earth!
In the wake of Ghidorah’s defeat in 2019, humanity moves on. However, a dimensional collision happens and brings all the daikaiju and mechas to this plane of reality! With many threats and cosmic destroyers, will you destroy our new multiversal planet or protect it?
- Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Pacific Rim, Evangelion, and more combine in this ultimate crossover!
- Based off of every single piece of Godzilla media! The monsterverse is the base of this server: You might even see popular locations there!
- 200+ channels to talk and roleplay in!
- Over 100+ characters, kaiju, and mechs to claim!
- Friendly Staff and hardworking!
- A massive piece of lore that gets bigger and bigger!
This is a server for disease researches, community to help each other for the right medical approach
This is a roleplay discord server. We do undertale / glitchtale discord. If you join please follow the rules. We're a small chill community looking to be a bit bigger