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A huge war took the world by surprise, and when the powerhouse of a nation that was the United States wiped out everything East of Iceland, many thought it was the end of the world. However, as time would show, this was not the case. Over the next few years, many immigrated to the US and other areas in the Americas. No countries survived, and soon, most people in what was deemed as the deadlands fell to either gangs or became part of them. Once more, Europe, Asia and Africa became tribal areas.

In all the chaos, the US took charge, signing deals that would see them annex Canada and Mexico. This trend would continue until every remaining government was absorbed, forming the New World Order, or as most know it, the NWO. This p[process was complete in 2078.

Over the next few years, the NWO would become vastly authoritarian, a state ran by people who wanted far more control than they deserved. A military the likes of which had never been seen before was developed to defend the NWO's home territory, and deathsquads were made to take out any tribal fishing boats that got further away from shore than they liked. Soon, the NWO was on expeditions into the likes of Africa and Europe, in this time, they discovered something. People had gained inhuman abilities, all ranging in variety and power.

Though originally thought to have stemmed from radiation, the NWO soon found these people on their own soil, and were quick to set up the Utopia program. A vicious prison system for those with abilities. Though originally a research facility on a quiet pacific island, Utopia-14 was transformed into a prison in hopes that the prisoners would be able to figure out what a giant building was.


You may choose between playing a person with abilities or a guard / soldier character
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Good story driven rp.
People are friendly and the roleplay is flexible and open. Nice community, though it is a little small for now. The lore is good and it helps gives the roleplay life.