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Hi there! if you're interested in discussing or learning about Islam in a civilized, fun and beneficial environment. Look no further than the Ask-Muslims Discord Server! We warmly welcome people of all faiths, curious or educated.

💬 Knowledgeable Members well educated on dealing with questions from both the Muslim & Non-Muslim side.

📚 Daily Educational Posts in Multiple Channels, Lectures, Voice Discussions, Debates, Wisdoms, Refutations, Books.

🌙 Activities and Custom Bots.
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mohammed abderrahmane mohammed abderrahmane
Best of the best
Nice people
we can ask any questions (not problem )
I learn a lot I don’t want to leave it
they are nice and respectful admin
It’s Funny sometimes and serious sometime like when someone of members have questions or problem they become serious and supportive
1 dag sen
Illyria Illyria
Great server
This server has a channel for islamic resources, a Q&A channel for muslims and non-muslims. The people are fantastic to talk to, and the resources are brilliant! May Allah reward everyone who strive to gain knowledge for His sake.
1 dag sen
nedimco nedimco
Epic and active and amazing
lol i love it been here for a year or two

disboard wants 80 characters so i will waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle
28 dagar sen
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10/10 very nice
As skeptical as I was joining I ended up meeting a ton of cool people and learning a lot about Islam, I honestly can’t say anything bad about the server. If I had to pick a best part it would be the Mods, all of them are friendly and helpful especially when you have an urgent question
29 dagar sen