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Code Together is a coding server for people who like to help each other.

Like to code? Then join this server! It's a fun place for beginners to full-stack developers, there's a place for all major programming languages.

What we have to offer:
- Channels dedicated to a certain topic (front-end, hosting, etc).
- Channels dedicated to major programming languages.
- A special role for developers that really know how to code/have made a big thing.

*We only support white hat hacking, anything other than that will result in a punishment.*
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Uder world Uder world
awesome place to learn
the code server it a good place where to learn this server deserve 5 starts and i wish a good luck the members are also friendly and the staff team too
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Amazing place
I've been working on the server for quite some time now, and all I can tell is that the community that got created by many people joining is amazing. I've learned so many new things!