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Sonic Club has been around for 17 years in this community with over 12k artists on deviantART and 800+ members on discord!
We are a semi-busy server, where everyone always gets acknowledged.

This chill community offers:
• friendly and helpful Staff
• a massive gallery section with art events every 2 weeks
• art feedback and tutorials
• crispy memes
• games and group voice chats
...and much more!

Who's in the server?
The server ranges from hobbyists to professionals: Illustrators, Animators, Gamers, Game Devs and Programmers, Writers, Roleplayers, Voice Actors, Merch Collectors, Musicians.
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Cream the Rabbit Cream the Rabbit
5 Stars <---
So, i actually like this server.
it should be on discovery or something..
You mind if you can do this discovery's wish?
Also keep up the good work! see ya.
41 dagar sen
༄ 𝘾𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢 ༄ 𝘾𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢
Amazing Server!
Well, Since i joined this this is amazing work they did, I hope they get more members in the future! Also they're nearly to 1K members I hope they keep up the good work!
101 dagar sen
DannyNova DannyNova
Awesome server!
This is one of my favorite Sonic The Hedgehog servers on Discord. Great staff and great community, loads of events and channels and cool bots.
109 dagar sen
✨PreciousKitty48🌊|Boom Sonic🌴💕✨ ✨PreciousKitty48🌊|Boom Sonic🌴💕✨
This Is An Amazing Sonic Server!!!
So I was kinda anxious joining a 900+ member Sonic server, but when I joined and verified- everyone was welcoming me in open arms! It's very calm and I love dropping in there everyday!💙 I know it make seem like a big place, but it's full of people with big hearts, all sharing our love for the Blue Blur himself! I love the server and the members, mods, and admin are very friendly and I feel amazing being there!
115 dagar sen