Kitty’s Haven, the very center of all the is OwO in the universe. If you enjoy cute things, anime, cats, nekos, cat girls/boys, more cute things, and even cuter things come join us! We offer a very warm and welcoming staff that’ll make you feel right at home! All are welcome (ages 14 and up) and we are trying to create a very welcoming and safe atmosphere. To that effect we age roles and even a private chat for minors, of course all are welcome in our main chat room! We have your standard bots which provide:

* Self-Assignable Role's
* Color-Role's
* Bots
* Suggestion Channel /W Voting
* Media Channel's
* Booster Private Channels
* & More/Open to Suggestions
Bots Currently Present:
Senpai - For Fun Commands.
Rythm 1/2 - For Music.
Amari - For Leveling System.
Carl Bot - For Mild Moderation/Reaction Roles.
Owo Bot - For owo Game and owo Commands.
Yggdrasil - For User phone and potentially other commands.
~ More will potentially be Added.
Also included is places for media, memes, pictures, gaming, videos, technology and more! Need to get something off your chest? We also have rooms for confessions and venting! [LVL 5+] There is honestly almost too much to list here but if you’re looking for someplace to call home on discord come check us out! Nya!

~Note.. Advertising here is forbidden.