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Hello there new Twister. If you like old school gaming and old music or just having fun as a community or family then feel free to join the crew. We have a lot of fun here so enjoy and take your time.

Gaming Clan or G Clan is a server community based on building not only our content but others content and channels aswell. We specialize on advice when it comes to content ideas but also if you want to collab or watch any tips or videos on our channels. If you just want to hangout with people and meet friends or any of the stuff I specified before, then this is the place for you. We accept all members with open arms and want to make this community comfortable for everyone. That is all pretty much as we're a small community but also want to help others, even if it's a small bit.

Enjoy everyone, love from the G Clan Management

~ AlterationsG & RampageG
Wanna know how to become a better YouTuber? Hop right in! Tips, leisure with cool people and so much more down here!