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Viper Vk's youtube community and online family!!! Check him out on youtube and come join the server!!!!!
Hello humans and non -humans my name is Apíkira Vampirí and welcome to my server! I’m a content greater on youtube and I thought I’d make a discord server for my audience and anyone else who is interested. Anyone is welcome (we are LGBT friendly and Otherkin friendly) so just read the rules and play nice. ☺️
Hey there! Let us introduce Flame Nation to you! 🤩
Flame Nation was created 10th of September 2017 for the YouTube creator “Zaki”.
It’s a place where his fanbase can interact.
Well, actually you get the cliché point of a Discord server for a creator.

We’re an underrated community looking’ for Memers, YouTubers, Artists,Gamers & all types of users and creators on the internet.
To gather around and get enthralled with lots of fun.

You’re very welcome to join in and see what enjoyable content Zaki has to offer.
With self-edited memey videos with good editing to whatever random videos and Live Streams you might enjoy.

We have a promotion channel for all you small creators looking to spread your works. Just like us.

I’m very cheerful to see my community grow larger each day.
I’m sure that once you visit. You’ll be willing to stay for a loong time.
Can’t wait to see y'all there!!


Ps: Subscribe & Watch my latest vid “🚬📯Smoke AirHorn Everyday🌿🌿 ”
You might aswell leave a thumbs up on the vid while you’re at it.
Feel free to check out any other videos my channel has to offer.

What’s up guys! Come and join the official lightningTATSU! server!
Want to meet new friends? Have some fun games? Enjoy a great community with active moderators?
Enjoy some music? Or maybe you just want to advertise? Well this is the place for you!

We have:

*Active Mods

*Partner Systen

*Free Advertisement

*Specific Chats

*A pet section


This is a server for my YouTube channel, though we're always looking for some fresh people to join in the fun.
The Madhouse server is a server created and ran by The Madhouse themselves (a small YouTube group).

We are a community of gamers and we do not discriminate anyone, but do be warned this server is also for memes so if you are prone to being offended this may not be the place for you.

All memes are accepted and we do have an NSFW chat! We do events within the server involving as many people as possible in games such as GTA, VRChat, SCP SL, and a lot more! Events also include art competitions of a certain theme decided by the mods (Madhouse) using a theme picker!

So please do come visit we hope to see you all soon!
A great friendly discord server to support Arthemis20 on youtube. Almost at 1000 subscribers and a great place to hang out! Come join us!

Gaming Clan or G Clan is a server community based on building not only our content but others content and channels aswell. We specialize on advice when it comes to content ideas but also if you want to collab or watch any tips or videos on our channels. If you just want to hangout with people and meet friends or any of the stuff I specified before, then this is the place for you. We accept all members with open arms and want to make this community comfortable for everyone. That is all pretty much as we're a small community but also want to help others, even if it's a small bit.

Enjoy everyone, love from the G Clan Management

~ AlterationsG & RampageG
Wanna know how to become a better YouTuber? Hop right in! Tips, leisure with cool people and so much more down here!
Hey, ben jij opzoek naar een leuke community? Join zeker! :)
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Do you want to learn a few tips to become better at being a YouTuber? Just hop in, pal! Here you'll find everything you may want to know!