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heya broski pls join we have that sauce and bread uwu. join or else ur gay lolol fucking faggot i love you <3
Yeeeehaw! Any of y'all par'dners need a server to just hang out in. Over here in the Yeehaw realm we got some of Dem fancy bots and some good ol members that'll welcome you into our community! So hop on in, YEEEEHAWWW!
hey fucker just join if you wanna make some dank friends
A forgotten land in America during the 1800s where the Wild West is this lands whole world; enter a place where all things go, and riding horses while shooting guns is an everyday occurrence
Hey come join Kool Kids- you don't really have to be cool because you already are.

Make new friends and people, who tend to be quite interesting (as most people on Discord are).

Oki now if you'll excuse me I have a server to attend to.
if you have any questions, DM one of the server staff with any questions and/or concerns.
I literally don't know why I made this server but join if you want,, idk how to work discord at all
Come join this server guys. We dont have a lot but with your help and those three wacky numbers and exp date on your credit cards, we can build this server.
Hey, are you a girl and want to make new friends? Well join this server.
It is relatively new so there might not be a lot of people in it but yee that haw why not join.
Any age can join but preferably 17 and under.
No creepers allowed.
I play a lot games and am open to suggestions to new ones.
There some bots. You are welcome to recommend bots to add!
Guys are welcomed too!

~Have fun and enjoy!
Hi we are a chill server where you can hangout with other Discord users we are strict with enforcing our rules
Come here to chill, have fun, and meet new people. YEE HAW
hi join because im lonely and have nothing better to do
This town is big enough for just about everyone. Spanish speakers, too! Smol server, ~40 members waiting for you. You can submit your own emojis, we have truth or dare, finish that vine, memes, active chats, karaoke, music recommendations, anything. Nothing bad will happen if you join, so why don't you?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Class 1-Gay is a small LGBT-centric server for My Hero Academia! We'd love to be your friends, and we're pretty active as of late. There are roleplaying channels (both canon and fanon), if you're interested, but they are not the main focus of the server. Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA
Finally reuniting all of the confederates of discord! Come join the buckaroos today! We also have no rules, other than don't be cancerous.
If you like JJBA and Roleplaying then you should check out this new server!