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Server dedicated to the late rapper XXX. We're a laid back community. We talk about news of hip-hop and serious topics of everyday life. Help create a community of positivity with us!
Server dedicated to Revenge, XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Bad Vibes Forever.
It's a discord server. Have a great fucking time in it.
This is just our fun and random server, we did it all for fun!
lol pirates cove we wit da gang 100 keep dem boy deya away 3JHUS. aye pull up and uon regret it
Were a Jah and Gustav lovers aka XXXTentacion and Lil peep lovers
We love them so much we miss em alot. Were a really fun server and a new server. Sometimes were active and if were not you can make it active 😄😀. XXXTentacion and Lil peep Will always be in our hearts locked in. :)
Come back when your sober pt 1
Come back when your sober pt 2
3 minutes in falling down
2 legends
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0 alive
This is a server in dedication to Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy in honor of dedicating his life to save children around the world. XXXTENTACION is a American rapper, singer and songwriter born on January 23, 1998. He was assassinated on June 18, 2018 and was only twenty years old. His goal in life was to make children happy and grateful for who they are. He helped spread awareness that we shouldn’t end our lives and we need to live it out to the fullest and appreciate who we are because life is only as short as we make it. XXXTENTACION turned lots of negative energy upside down into nothing but positive. His powerful words and actions changed our lives forever and we are willing to server him back with respect and finish off what he started.
A safe Haven for XXXTENTACION fans to chill and not be judged. Come chill and listen to some music ;)
Reaper Realm is a cool community where you can group up with other gamer's and play video games (our main game is ROBLOX around here but we do other things too). You could group up with members and listen to awesome music (We all love xxxtentacion around here, LLJ).You could also text/chat with other members and make friends! Have fun.😉
Im not using x or lil peep for server joins.
Here in this server we love lil peep and x. We can make music and partner up with other servers. X and peep will forever be in our hearts. If you just come to say we use x and peep for joins we dont use him for server joins or anything like that.

Drake sucks
People suck
Lil peep
Rip peep
Falling down
A friendly XXXTENTACION discord that is all about community!!
We are dating server find your partner we also are a fun community help us expand our server and make it better by giving us suggestions.
This server is about xxxtentacion and gekyume, you can post anything regardless, if you're disrespecting x or his family mods won't care, this is a shitpost server. You can post whatever you want here, you're free.
Mainground is a brand new music discussion server (more centered on rap/hiphop)

Although our main focus is music discussion,
we do discuss other topics as well in general.
Whether your into lil peep to Kanye West,
There is probably someone there to talk about it
We also offer a wide variety of other topics to talk about
From sports, gaming, movies/tv, etc.
So if that seems like something you're interested in
Go ahead and join :)
We are seeking for peaceful non-toxic behavior. We are music creators.
A place where X and peep fans (and whoever else) can come chat, make friends.
This Server Is About People Who Chill and are Cool To talk to may you join this server If you want to And Have a Happy Day
We're just a bunch of crazy emo kids, come talk with us, all ages are welcome but we recommend you'd be at least 13+, and no nsfw shit, keep that stuff in a different server or something