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We are a new server for xbox gta roleplay with all departments!


Come along and join us on this journey!
We pretty chill 😳
Kinda dead so help us revive :3
Come and game with us :)
WE ARE A GTA 5 ROLEPLAY Community! For xbox one

We're a British roleplaying server
Roleplaying community based in the UK.

We play on XBOX 1, GTA 5

We allow anybody and everybody to join, just give us a message on the server and we will respond as soon as we can!

We always support each other, whether

Thats in game or in real life, we aren't a community but a family.

Members are always doing heists, missions to better themselves in game and everybody jumps on to help out.

The required age will be 16+ to join give us a message and come play as:





And a working economy for buying petrol, food, and more.

Always open for suggestions
Instagram/Facebook: uk emergency roleplay

100+ members hope to see you there
🌇 San Andreas California Daily Life 🌇

(About us)

🚔 We are a Roleplay Community on Xbox One and strive to be the best and to make your roleplay experience the best, so come take a ride on the wild side and be who you weren't before and show us your creativity. We are one big family, the more the merrier

🏢Departments We Offer🏢

📢 Dispatch - Needed 📢
🚔 S.W.A.T - Open 🚔
👫 Civilian - Open 👫
🚑 Fire - Open 🚑
🚒 EMS - Open 🚒
🚔 BCSO - Open 🚔
🚔 SAHP - Open 🚔
🚔 SAFW - Open 🚔
🚔 SAST - Open 🚔
🚔 CTSFO - Open 🚔
🚔 NPDF - Open 🚔


-Legal copy of GTA V (5)-
-Xbox One-
-Basic Knowledge of Discord (We can help)-
-Ability to Follow Commands and basic rules-
-13 years old and older-

🙌What We Offer🙌

🖥A Unique CAD/MDT 🖥
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Active and Friendly Staff Team 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
⚜Department Ranks ⚜
✅Active Sessions ✅
🏡Somewhere to call home 🏡

**California Department of Justice Roleplay Community**


`Advanced Technology`
- In Detail 2020 Sonoran CAD/MDT Unlimited Pro Monthly Subscription (PAID BY FOUNDERS) (App Available on Mobile, Free for members of CDOJ on Browser)
- Cell Phone, PC, Xbox One, PS4... We have opportunities for all consoles!!
- Full Boosted Discord Server to provide our members with excellent image and audio quality.
- Auto-Generated Ticket Log/Pay Economy linked with Discord and Sonoran CAD.
- Realistic Economic System with realistic jobs, stores, and items.
- Lots more also!


**California State Police Department**
`Police Commissioner Alex`
`Deputy Police Commissioner Satchell`
- Community Foot/Bike/Vehicle Patrols
- Firearm Handling/Instructions Training
- Pursuit Awareness Trainings
`Communications Director Daveon`
**Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department **
`Sheriff Nick`
`Deputy Sheriff Matt`
- Warrant Services
- Major Criminal Investigations
- High Priority Prisoner Transports
**US Department of Justice: Court and Legal Division**
`Division Judge In-Charge King`
- Criminal and Civil Court Cases
- Warrant Services
- Crime Data Statistics
- Much Much More....
**Los Angeles Fire Department**
`Fire Commissioner Rich`
`Medical Director Tyreek`
- Emergency Medical/Fire Assistance
- Traffic Incident Management Training
- Collision Awareness Training
**Civilian Operations Department**
`Civilian Director Tim`
- Civilian Support Team
-California State Hall
**Government Services for members:**
- Unemployment Benefits
- Disability Benefits
- Paid Work Leave
- Food SNAP (EBT)
- Permits and Licenses
- Medicaid Insurance
- Much Much more!
`Many of these come with jobs that offer sign on bonuses!`
**Once again if you find any of this interesting please join our discord link below and start off in applicant chat and we will get you on the road to success!**
Welcome to San Andreas Government Service(xbox one)
We are a very new community that play on xbox one, we are looking for members and staff! We are very experienced in Rolepay!
Departments we have:
Fire and EMS
Things we provide:
Hardworking Staff Team
Economy System.
I hope too see all of you there
The discord link is:
This Roleplay server was made for Fair, Fun, and Amazing Roleplay. We strive to grow our server everyday, as members help us. We appreciate all the members that join the server and treat them very well as we will with you. We have fair, yet strict punishments for rule breakers. Lastly, if you join we'd like to welcome you to the next GEN Roleplay. Were we will help and do everything right.
We are a good Roleplay server and we have really good staff and have great departments options we would love it if you join our community and we now have rewards if you invite your friends to the recruitment server
Welcome to the S.W.A.T. server community we have up to 8 ranks 6 you can get, and if you are higher then police join our other server police+ only were all units hang out and have fun, come to S.W.A.T. server, this was brought to you by the owner of the server Ghostythe117#7887, but remember stay frosty.
- Friendly community looking for more active members!
- Dankmemer bot, nsfw section
- taking emote requests for any emote you need

In this server you will be able to play PvP, Roplay, and Heists.
And request a money drop, and rank
STORMZ RP is a kind, Xbox 1 community who like to take role-plays to an interesting fun level. We don't worry about all your info or why we should pick you. We are here to teach new members and treat everyone the same. We do not tolerate fail role-play and enjoy teaching new members. We are a small group, but love to grow everyday!
Hi this server is one of our most advanced servers on discord due to our previous server getting raided we have to start from scratch but our trainers are very good at what they do and wont take shortcuts we are fast and simple to understand you wont get punished if your inactive or cant play whatever reason you have we will understand
Would you like to join a growing gta 5 community for Xbox 1? Well, this is the server for you! We have a command that will let you as the user choose if you would like to request a ssu! An admin would start a rp when available. We make sure that none of our members fail Roleplay by going through training! Training is only necessary if an admin sees that they need it. We are just starting out and would be very pleased to see YOU as a member of LARP or Los Angeles Roleplay!
This is A Recruitment Server For BrotherHood RP. We Have Different Departments Like Highway Patrol And Fire Department. You have to be over the age of 13. And be Mature. Follow All the Rules and you will rank up. Thank you. :)
DRPS is an Xbox GTA 5 roleplay discord server. It's easy and fast to join. It should take you about 1-3 days to get into the main server. All you need to do is fill out an application, get interviewed, then get trained and then you are in the main discord server.
《Xbox's Department of Justice Roleplay 》

- Open to Merge Offers into us
- 10-99 CAD
- Roleplays almost everyday
- 70+ Members

Our LEO Departments:
SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol
LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
LSCSO - Los Santos County Sheriffs Office

- Civilian/Criminal
Our Civ Department is ran by a trusted and experienced Head Of Civs.
Some Key Areas Of Civ:
Security (Gruppe Sechs), Uber and Taxi, Store Clerk, Farmer; etc.

- Los Santos Fire Department
This teams aim is to bring safety and wellness to all people of San Andreas.
A Subdivision they have:
Search and Rescue

- Subdivisions
Some Subdivisions Include:
Bike Unit
Wildlife Rangers

Come on down to XDOJ where the fun comes first and so does the experience!
Looking for a new organized Role-play server, well come over to OCRC!

We can provide you with a multitude of departments such as...
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Fire Department/EMS
Communications Department
Civilian Operations

These are just the departments you can join, but we also have

Working CAD/MDT with realistic features
A working radio that we use to communicate
Are age limit 16+ so we can have nice organised and mature roleplays
Just click the link go #application-request and do the command %apply and you will get started!
When you are finished with your application a interviewer will review your application and then either accept or deny it. From there you will go trough and interview process and it will determine if you will join OCRC or not!
Welcome to UNITY RP our interview server.

Here at UNITY RP we are a Xbox one roleplay community we are a serous roleplay comunity but we still have fun, we have friendly staff and wonderful director.Once you are in the server please go ahead and fill in a application and a staff will get back to you as soon as possible we hope to see you soon.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire/EMS
Civilian Operations

So please don't you want to come and join us.
We Are Many We Are One
California Department of Justice is a Roleplay community based on Xbox One Grand Theft Auto. If interested in joining please click the link nearby!