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- Friendly community looking for more active members!
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Ladies and Gentlemen.........

We are introducing a new roleplay server to xbox one!
Xbox Department Of Justice

XDOJ Was founded by experienced roleplayers and created to fulfil all your roleplaying needs.

What we include:








Outer Server Features:

A full functioning CAD/MDT

A Youtube Channel

A Website

Several Instagram accounts


Special Response Unit



Senior Negotiator

Senior Marksman

Senior Assaulter



Marine Unit

Deep Sea Diver

Boat Driver

Armed Boat Technician

Night Vision Officer

Air One

Lead Pilot

Med Evac Trained

Armed Response Pilot


Location Tracker

Police Medic

Head MedCat

Defibrillator Cert

Firefighter Trained MedCat

IV Carrier

Advanced Injury Technician

Open Department head and staff positions

Realistic California Penal Codes

So with all this to offer why not try XDOJ?

Join today at:

Thankyou and have a good day!

-XDOJRP Staff Team
This is a Red Dead Redemption based server! We'd love to have you apart of our community!
-Server Owner
Looking for a new organized Role-play server, well come over to OCRC!

We can provide you with a multitude of departments such as...
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Fire Department/EMS
Communications Department
Civilian Operations

These are just the departments you can join, but we also have

Working CAD/MDT with realistic features
A working radio that we use to communicate
Are age limit 16+ so we can have nice organised and mature roleplays
Just click the link go #application-request and do the command %apply and you will get started!
When you are finished with your application a interviewer will review your application and then either accept or deny it. From there you will go trough and interview process and it will determine if you will join OCRC or not!
Welcome to UNITY RP our interview server.

Here at UNITY RP we are a Xbox one roleplay community we are a serous roleplay comunity but we still have fun, we have friendly staff and wonderful director.Once you are in the server please go ahead and fill in a application and a staff will get back to you as soon as possible we hope to see you soon.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire/EMS
Civilian Operations

So please don't you want to come and join us.
We Are Many We Are One
This is A Recruitment Server For BrotherHood RP. We Have Different Departments Like Highway Patrol And Fire Department. You have to be over the age of 13. And be Mature. Follow All the Rules and you will rank up. Thank you. :)
California Department of Justice is a Roleplay community based on Xbox One Grand Theft Auto. If interested in joining please click the link nearby!
we are a gaming server trying to expand we are only xbox 1 right now we will shortly expand to ps4 and pc so if your from another console/device just join and stick around till it gets released
A server to find other people with Xbox 1's and join them in games. As well as a kind gamining continuity
Hey, I am Kai, the Owner of POSA. This may be a small server at the moment but we are trying to grow fast and we would appreciate it if you could join us.
We require
We offer
A working CAD
Experienced admins
Friendly staff
Fair rules
Thank you for helping us and we hope you have a great time.
1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade is recruiting active and loyal members, feel free to join the server.
Looking for NCOs and future Officers for when we are larger.
You wondering what we have, Huh? Well..
⛏ Clean rules!
⛏ Amazing and Helpful Staff!
⛏ A Looking to Play Channel where you can send your names,
and If you want to play with someone!
⛏ Channel Directory, Partnerships available!
⛏ General and Fortnite Chats!
⛏ Other Channels like; Pics/Gifs/Vids/Links, Bots 1, Bots 2,
SFW & NSFW Memes!
⛏ Rythm, Groovy, Solo, Duo, Squad VCs!
Hello there, I would like to invite you to join my RolePlay community SAJDRP. SAJDRP is a multi-platform community meaning we operate on xbox one, PS4 and we will also have a FiveM division soon. So what do we have to offer well we have:
A custom MDT/CAD system
A full penal code
And so much more
So what are you waiting for click the link below to join the recruitment server. Hope to see you soon
Wolf Inc. is a brand new server as of May 22, 2019

We are a GTA v Roleplay Community and a company in the process of selling some products as cad's and servers. In the mean time we are running on Xbox 1 and soon to be on FiveM too. We all the departments below:
BCSO(Blaine County Sherriff's Office)
LSPD(Los Santos Police Department)
SASP(San Andreas State Police)
SAHP(San Andreas Highway Patrol)
PBPD(Paleto Bay Police Department)
Civillian Department
Communications Department

We are hiring for staff and up so feel free to join and help in the making of a new amazing server
We are a brand new GTA V Roleplay Server as of May 23, 2019.

We are on Xbox 1 and soon to be on FiveM.
We are hiring for staff and we have all the available positions open:
•Almedia County Sheriff’s Office
•Los Santos Police Department
•Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
•San Andreas State Police
•Communications Department
•Civillian Department
•Fire/Ems Department

We have a CAD/MDT in the process and hoping to get it soon. This server is California based with a different county as you can see but the rest are regular.

Our goal is to make this server a family loving strong growing server that is helping all day and is there for others.
So come on in and join the Wolf Inc. Roleplay Server!!!!

Join here: